Tournament Eldar List 1750pts

Hello everyone. Severus mentioned that our local group will be having a small tournament in about two weeks. Details can be found at Critical Hit’s Facebook page.

This will be my first tournament in several months, and I have decided to compete as Eldar. Severus and I had a test game, which we will get into in a later post. For now though, here is my army and my philosophy behind it:

Farseer (jetbike, runes of Witnessing, & Stone of Anath’lan)
Autarch (jetbike, fusion gun, laser lance & banshee mask)
Warlock (jetbike and spear)

6x Guardian Jetbikes (2x cannons)
5x Avengers (SL/SC Wave Serpent)
5x Avengers (SL/SC Wave Serpent)

5x Warp Spiders (FS/TL Exarch)
5x Warp Spiders (FS/TL Exarch)

3x War-walkers (Scatter Lasers)
Wraithknight (Sun-cannon & Shield)

All of this totals to 1747. The general plan was to have a highly mobile and flexible army. Ideally my Autarch would have the Shard of Anaris, to make the jetbikes fearless, but with the limited points available I would have to do without. I chose him mostly for the crucial +/- 1 to reserves, seeing as I will probably have at least 3 units in reserve in each match. A fusion gun never hurts either, and he can provide very good MEQ close combat support. Meanwhile, the Farseer provides a guaranteed Guide/Prescience & other powers depending on rolls. Finally, the warlock guarantees the ability for the jetbikes to obtain a 2+ cover save.

I think jetbikes in some form are always a good idea. In this case I opted for a large unit of 8, so that my characters could not easily be sniped. This way I have a solid, fast unit that can split into 3 should it need to grab objectives end-game. Wave Serpents are also a great choice, so really the question is how many. I think two is reasonable at this points level. I am not convinced that spamming them is a good idea, and I only have three anyway. They may have lost some shooting reliability, but I think being a pretty tough and fast Objective Secured Vehicle makes up for it in spades.

My flyer of choice is the Nightwing. It has two bright lances and two Shuriken Cannons. It only has Armor 10 and two hull points, but benefits from shrouded and vector dancer. At 145 points I think it is very cost effective. With the Crimson Hunter becoming more survivable, I may revisit that opinion, but I don’t have the model, and having a Guardian pilot fits my Ulthwé army much more nicely!

Warp spiders are also a great option in my book. Their mobility is excellent, and they can be very good anti-tank options, with 11 Str 7 shots. They are also great against MC with low initiative, not only because of their high strength, but also the Monofilament rule allowing the wounds caused on a roll of 6 to be AP1. I gave the exarchs twin-linked rifles so that my spiders could double as anti-air if needed.

War Walkers are another must have. They are extremely fragile, and quite expensive at 210pts for three, but the ability to put out 24 Str 6 shots at 36″ and benefit from Battle-Focus is well worth it. Meanwhile the Wraithknight is a good source if AP2, and is mostly there to deal with Centurions, Broadsides and Obliterators. Of course, it is also exceptionally mobile and very good in combat as well.

As always, I think that flyer heavy lists will be a challenge for me, as will high armor vehicles, but otherwise I think that this is a pretty balanced list, with every unit having either a high volume of fire or the possibility to ignore armor (or both). We shall see how it plays out though!


20140802-013057 pm-48657103.jpg

Hello everyone! The time has come to unveil my Space Marine: Minotaur collection. I chose this chapter mostly because I love the color scheme. Ideally I would have chosen an army with a Roman, rather than Greek background, but Ultramarines, who have the most clear Roman roots, do not have the gold/bronze and red that I was looking for. As for the specific paints to use, those were recommended by the Primarch, and I believe turned out to be a great combination.

I also wanted to use this opportunity to showcase Critical Hit’s new imperial sector scenery, made using the new GW tiles and existing building kits. All of the pictures you see here are taken with it as the backdrop.

Drop Pods
Let us begin with my Space Marine transport of choice. I wanted to build a Drop Pod army, because it is the most unique and powerful feature that this army has. As an opponent, I had felt the shock and awe of this tactic, and definitely wanted a piece for myself:

20140802-013923 pm-49163313.jpg

Besides the color scheme, I used both etched brass and transfers to make my minotaurs look unique. Both come with five greek letters, and it just so happens that there are 5 squads in my 2,000 point list. Therefore, each squad is assigned a letter, and matching drop pod.

Tactical Marines

20140803-044709 pm-60429282.jpg

This is my army’s basic color scheme, using Forgeworld transfers for the shoulder pads:

20140803-045359 pm-60839577.jpg

20140803-045359 pm-60839824.jpg


20140803-045510 pm-60910752.jpg

I really love the look of these models. The special weapons, unique shoulder-pads and tabards definitely make them unique. I decided not to use the Forgeworld shoulder pads on tactical marines, because I really liked how the transfers looked. Therefore, I kept the pads for my veteran units, starting with the Sternguard:

20140803-051339 pm-62019121.jpg

20140803-051339 pm-62019309.jpg

That’s it for now, see you next time for flyers and HQ!