The Myth of Old One Eye – Results

I lost. I lost bad. The Lord Primarch tabled me by turn three in my scenario with Old One Eye, but it was a lot of fun. I knew going into the game that the list I was taking was probably going to lose bad. Those who know the Tyranids will see a gaping whole in my list, but I wrote it only for fluff purposes. The list I brought consisted of:

Old One Eye
Venomthrope brood of 3
30 Termagants
30 Termagants
30 Hormagaunts w/ Toxin sacs
14 Genestealers w/ Talons
13 Genestealers w/ Talons
9 Ripper Swarm Bases
6 Raveners w/ Rending Claws
30 Gargoyles
1 Carnifex w/ Adrenal Glands

Old One Eye 5

The Primarch took Sgt Telion, a Culexus Assassin, Tyrannic War Veterans, three units in drop pods, a Bike Squad, a command squad, a psyker, a Stormtalon, and a Thunderfire Cannon. I am probably wrong on exactly what was in his list, but you get the idea.

Now, any Tyranid player will tell you that there is a serious lack of units with a synapse range. There is a reason for this. I thought that since Hive Fleet Behemoth was already defeated, only smaller creatures (except One Eye) would be left on the planets. I admit, I added one more Carnifex into the list, but I felt that lack of synapse creatures just added to the fluff of the game. This was a cleanup action for the Ultramarines. And boy did they clean up.


I had first turn, and it went bad right off the bat. Since I had no Synapse creatures, I had to take instinctive behavior tests on all my units except the genestealers. The gargoyles failed, and fled to the nearest terrain. The Raveners failed, but caused no unsaved wounds to themselves. The Venomthropes failed, using Old One Eye’s leadership, and fled off the board. That’s right, before the game really started, I gave up first blood and three additional kill points since they are an elite unit.

By the end of the game, I killed the Primarch’s bike unit, his assassin, and one tactical marine. He killed everything. I made him finish the game. I forced him to actually table me.

Not that it mattered, that was accomplished by turn two.

I already knew that I needed synapse creatures, but this proved how badly they are needed. But at least it was a fun game.

Seldom Used Units

In my last post I mentioned how I was challenged to make a list using units I own but hardly ever use. I thought that it would make a great blog to go through the list and why I hardly ever use those units. Some of my reasons I am sure are valid reasons, but even I know that other reasons are just lame.

First, the two HQ units I am adding to the list. I am going to use Old One Eye and a Tryanid Prime in my list. Old One Eye is a recent addition to my collection and that is why he has actually never seen the tabletop. However, even if that were not true, even if he was a model I had for a while, I do not believe he would be played all that often. For 220 points, I am basically fielding a Carnifex. Not that I am complaining, as I do use Carnifexes often, but not in his format. He does bring with him the ability for units within 12 inches of him to use his leadership value for morale or leadership tests. However, he is only leadership 8, and a synapse would be better. He does have the ability to generate extra attacks in close combat, and his warlord trait does give him feel no pain after the first wound, and he does come with regeneration, so maybe he isn’t terrible.

As for the Tyranid Prime, I have used one of them before, and I have to say that it isn’t a bad unit. Dropping a Prime into a unit of warriors makes the warriors WS6 and BS4, making them slightly better. And with a toughness of 5, he is a little harder to cause instant death to. The rest of the warriors, however, they will struggle since they are much easier to kill. I rarely use the prime because I feel the other HQ options are just better.

The troop options I decided to take are 30 Hormagaunts, a full unit of ripper swarms, and 6 Tyranid warriors. I never take the Hormagaunts and rarely take the Warriors for the same reason. I feel like there are better troop options. They are not bad, and I have had success with the Warriors, but I just feel there are better troop options. Like 30 Termagants and a Tervigon for example. As for the Ripper Swarms, I just don’t like taking them. Sure, they bring a lot of close combat attacks to the table, but at WS2 and S3, they are easy to kill and remove from the board. I will say that if they do get into close combat, they are good for tying up a unit for a turn or two.

My three Elite choices are the Haruspex, the Maleceptor, and a full unit of Hive Guard. Starting with the Guard, I have no good reason for never taking these. They are really good at what they do. S8 weapons that ignore cover and do not need line of sight are nothing to sneeze at. Sure, odds are that I will hit with 3 of the 6 shots, but it is still a solid weapon. The Haruspex and the Maleceptor I have used in some games, and I just do not feel that they are worth the points cost. To get the Haruspex anywhere, you have to give it adrenal glands, making it a 175-point close combat unit that isn’t all that good in close combat. And the Maleceptor is terrible. It’s a psyker unit that costs way too much for what it does. In the one game I used it, I would have been happier with nearly anything else in the codex.

I have three fast choices in this list. I decided on 25 Gargoyles, the Harpy (it’s a good thing I am facing an army with no flyers since the Harpy is Anti-troop) and a spore mine cluster. My reason for never using the Gargoyles is admittedly lame. I am lazy, and I hate moving that unit. They are not a bad unit at all. They are fantastic for getting in the way of your opponent and tying up a unit in close combat. Sure, they are weak, but they are cheap and have a 6+ poison attack, meaning they can wound anything. The Harpy is just the worse of the two flyers. The Crone is so much more useable, so I tend to take one or two of them in every game. The Harpy does one thing ok, and that is shoot at troops, preferably troops with low armour values. As for the Spore Mine cluster, I just do not think taking them as a unit brings any value to the game.

Finally, I have the two heavy units I decided to field. I decided on the Mawloc (I hate Moloc) and the Tyrannofex. The Mawloc is a unit that I do not believe I gave a fair chance to. Is has an interesting subterranean attack and it a tough monstrous creature. I have used it in a game or two, but it just doesn’t fit in my normal list. As for the Tyrannofex, it is a relatively new model to my collection, but that is not why I haven’t used it yet. Honestly, I am not sure how to use it. Basically being forced to take gives me a chance to try it out and maybe learn some things.

So, that’s my rarely used unit list. I couldn’t actually add the Biovore or Pyrovore, since I do not actually own those models (yet). I do see some serious issues with this list. Just thinking about the lack of synapse units means I may be falling back a lot. I do, however, rather like the idea of taking units I never use.