List Building: Black Templars/7th Edition Principles




Greetings interwebs, Ralshenik back to talk a little Black Templars, my favorite Space Marine chapter!  Having finally purchased almost all the models I needed for the army I plan to start play testing them very shortly.  Since I’m currently in the stages of building a Templar Army I figured I’d share the theory behind my army and list building principles.

What I need:

Objective Secured- Its the name of the game now, and Templars can play this as well as anybody.  5 Initiates with a Missile Launcher and a LasRazor cost about 170pts and basically count as 2 units with OS.  They can also perform practically any function I need them to throughout the course of the game.  I’ll take 4.  My army’s theme will be a Templar/Steel Legion team up during Armageddon so I’ll be taking IG/AM allies.  Vet Squads in Chimera’s are still a solid choice and with flamers offers a good response unit for deepstriking/drop podding enemies.

Anti-Tank-  Now that transport vehicles are going to become prevalent again I need to be able to open up the cans/shoot them off objectives.  The Razorbacks & Crusader Squads cover some of this, but 4 missile launchers and 4 lascannons aren’t quite enough.  I’m not a huge fan of drop podding in with melta as it tends to be inconsistent and i’m building this to be more of an armored gun line.  Lascannon/Missile Launcher Dreads will work nicely and at a hair under 140 they put out good fire power without breaking the bank.  Throw in two Typhoon Missile Launcher Land Speeders and a Vendetta on the Steel Legion side of things and we’re cooking with gas. That’s 9 Lascannons (all twin linked) and 8 Missile Launchers (two Typhoons).  Should be able to deal with most vehicles.

Anti-Troop-  Once the cans are open I need to be able to kill the stuff inside!  Missile launchers are a nice dual weapon but frags aren’t going to solve all my problems here.  A CCS with 3 Flamers and a Heavy Flamer to go inside the Vendetta would be a good quick strike force to burn fire warriors, guardians, orks, ‘nids out of their Aegis.  They are also cheap enough that it won’t matter when they get shot to pieces the turn after they grav insert.  If I don’t need to use them in that manner I can always fly them around in the gunship and jump them out for linebreaker on turn 5!  The Wyvern also offers AMAZINGLY good troop killing ability at a bargain bin price (seriously these things are ludicrously cheap for what they do), I’ll take 2!

Now that I got my needs down and units selected here’s what my list looks like….


Templar Detachment:

  • Captain
  • Crusader Squad w/ Missile Launcher & LasRazor (Dozer Blades) x4
  • Dreadnought w/ Las & ML x2
  • Land Speeder Squadron w/ Typhoon Missile Launchers (2 Land Speeders)

Steel Legion Detachment:

  • CCS w/ Hvy Flamer & 3 Flamers
  • Veteran Squad w/ Hvy Flamer, 2 Flamers, & Chimera x2
  • Wyvern Squadron  (2x Wyvern)
  • Vendetta


I like this list a lot, I feel like it will offer flexibility which is key in the Maelstrom of War missions and 7th edition in general.  I’m sure it will change as I haven’t had the chance to test anything yet and will probably end up moving a unit or 2 here and there.  I’ll post updates when I’ve had the chance to run a few games with it!  Till then I have the Daemon Summoning Conga Line booked up for a few more games.