Four Units of Sharks

As I have repeatedly stated, one of my many armies is the Carcharodon chapter of the space marines. This army, while not played much, has a special place in my heart. I was introduced to this chapter thanks my good friend, the Lord Primarch, and while it doesn’t see the tabletop time it used to, I still enjoy playing it. I usually field a very elite list when I play the sharks for fluff reasons. While I may change my list up almost every time I play them, there are four units that are almost always in my lists. In this blog I will briefly cover each and introduce you to a character of my own creation.


First, of course, is Tyberos, the Red Wake, Chapter Master of the Carcharodons. Tyberos is not really all that special. Sure, he brings some interesting tweaks to a Space Marine chapter, but he is not all that different from a regular Chapter Master from the space marine codex. He comes in at 190 points and is basically armed with a powerfist, a lightning claw, and terminator armour. I did a much more in-depth coverage in an earlier blog, so I will not get into all of his abilities here. And while I say that he is not all that special, I use him all the time, and usually he dies in my game. But he is a fun character, and he brings the second unit that I almost always bring.


Tyberos makes a terminator assault squad with lightning claws available as a troop choice. In the fluff, this is his bodyguard, and I cannot leave home without them. I usually take a unit of seven with a land raider as a dedicated transport. The downside to all of this is that one unit is taking up 545 points, or just over a quarter of my total points in my 2K point army. Not that I want to sell terminators short, they are a solid unit, but they are an expensive unit. This unit, being a troop choice, also gives me access to an objective secured landraider, which has not come into play all that often, but it is nice to know I have. A vehicle with armour values of 14 all around is still a tough nut to crack.

The third unit I tend to field is Isurus, Captain of the Second Company, and here we have the character of my own creation. While I do not have a back-story to him yet, I am working on it. He is standard captain on a bike, so I do not need to go through his stat line, but I have equipped him with the “Might of the Lamniforms” which is a melee weapon that hits at +2 Strength, is AP 3, and has rampage and strikedown. This is a version of the Teeth of Terra, meaning it is just as restricted as that weapon. This captain has actually been the hero of many games. Even when the unit he has joined has been eliminated, he has managed to pull out a win for me. Maybe it’s the artificer armour.


Isurus, being a Captain on a bike, frees up the final unit that is almost always in my lists. I love taking a full unit of bikes (if not two) in my Marine list as a troop choice. The speed and variety of weapon options that a full unit brings to the table is usually worth it to me. And again, having objective secured, while not always necessary, is nice to have in your back pocket.

So, there you go, the standard four units in my 2K-point army lists. And those 4 units take up just over half of my points. Like I said earlier, I run a fairly elite army, but it is a fun army for me, even if I do not win with them as often as I win with my Tyranids.

Shorereaper, signing off….

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