Weekend in Review – Shorereaper

A “massive” snowstorm hit on Saturday, but before it did, I managed to get my first game in with my Dark Eldar. It wasn’t a large game, only 1300 points, but it was a good place to start. My list, basically everything I have assembled, consisted of an Archon, a Succubus, Bloodbrides in a Raider, Warriors in a Raider, Warriors in a Venom, 16 warriors on foot, 6 reavers, and 2 Ravengers with dark lances. Of course, I had upgrades with these each of these units as well.

I ended up facing a lot of Chimeras. And I mean a lot of them. Of course, there were some troops in them as well, but all I can remember were the tanks. And even though I had a lot of Dark Lances, I had a very hard time dealing with these tanks thanks to some unfortunate rolling. It didn’t help that he kept me jinking (just good tactics on my opponents part) or that he seemed to have no issues bringing down my Raveners.

In the end, I won the game. My opponent had First Blood (destroyed the Venom in turn 1), Slay the Warlord, and Line breaker while I had Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker, and all three objectives. I honestly believe that if the game went one more turn, or if my opponent played slightly differently, he would have easily taken the game. Still, with this being my first outing with the Dark Eldar, it was a success. And I don’t only mean that I won the game, I also learned some stuff. I may shift my 2K list from what I planned, but I may not. One game is not enough to judge.

I got a second game in this weekend with my Tyranids against Severus and his green tide. I changed my list up a little bit, adding in the Trygon Prime and a full Hive Guard brood while taking out the Swarmlord and his Guard. Of course, my favorite unit of Raveners made another appearance, this time without their rending claws and fully painted for a change.

To say this game went bad for Severus would be an understatement. He conceded in turn three. On my side, I lost a unit of Genestealers, the Raveners, a Carnifex, some Termagants (including some that I spawned), the Tervigon (which killed off some of those Termagants), and the Venomthrope. So, while I did lose a lot, nearly everything on his list was off the board except a painboy and the remains of his unit, some boys, and one ork with a claw that did a lot of damage to my MCs. His Flashgits (with his Warlord) failed a leadership test in turn two and ran right off the board. That gave me slay the warlord.

So, while the game went very well for me, I hate winning like that. I hate crushing wins. I would prefer to lose a close competitive game than have my opponent concede that early. Hell, I would almost prefer a crushing loss to a crushing win.

So, while I did have two successful games this weekend (with the latest snowstorm of the century sandwiched in between), I didn’t enjoy the bigger victory. And while I believe that my Nid list was less competitive than my usual list, I think I may need to tone it down even more for certain games.

Dark Eldar – Initial list

When the Dark Eldar was released last year, I decided that I wanted to add them to my ever-growing collection of armies. I wrote a few 2000-points lists, trying to find one that was a little fluffy and seemed to be a lot of fun for me to play. Now, this is probably not the most competitive that I could have written, and I did drop some units based on dollar cost (the Bomber), but I believe I hit on something that I will enjoy playing.

HQ –
Archon w/Huskblade and the Armour of Misery as my Warlord.
Succubus w/Archite Glaive, Haywire Grenades, and a Webway Portal.

Troops –
5 Kabalite Warriors in a Venom with a Splinter Cannon
5 Kabalite Warriors in a Venom with a Splinter Cannon
9 Kabalite Warriors w/1 blaster) in a Raider w/Dark Lance, Night Shields, and splinter racks
10 Kabalite Warriors w/1 blaster) in a Raider w/Dark Lance, Night Shields, and Splinter Racks

Elites –
8 Bloodbrides and a Syren w/Shardnet & Impaler in a Raider w/Dark Lance and Night Shields
9 Bloodbrides and a Syren w/Shardnet & Impaler in a Raider w/Dark Lance and Night Shields

Fast –
Razorwing w/2 Dark Lances and 1 Splinter Cannon, 4 Necrotoxin Missiles, and Night Shields
9 Reavers w/3 Heat Lances

Heavy –
Ravager w/3 Dark Lances and Night Shields
Ravager w/3 Dark Lances and Night Shields
Ravager w/3 Dark Lances and Night Shields

I will place the Archon in the unit of 9 Warriors, and the Succubus in the unit with 8 Bloodbrides, deep striking them where they are most needed with that Webway Portal. This seems like what one would expect on a raiding list. Maybe after it is complete, painted, and played I will expand on the army, slowly adding other units.

I didn’t want to play Venom spam, and while I know the bloodbrides are not the greatest unit, I like their fluff. Everything else, I admit, is very basic.

Not the Blog I wanted

Ok, my intention while I was on my vacation was to read and wrote a blog about the “new” Dark Eldar codex during my travel days. In this, I epically failed. I only got as far as reading half of it during my flights to San Diego. Sadly though, meeting new people, meeting new sharks, and a small bout of seasickness distracted me.

Having finally finished the codex, I wanted to add a quick review about the new Voidraven Bomber. I preface this with the fact that I am not a Dark Eldar player (yet), but I have faced them frequently.I also want to add that I really did enjoy the codex. I liked the fluff. It almost makes me want to break out my friends models and give them ago. Heck, it almost makes me want to but my own DE army. I did notice that the Harlequins are no longer an option for the Dark Eldar and they do not have a Lord of War choice in the codex, unlike the Orks. So while I do believe the codex is good, I also know it has its faults.

Now, finally onto the Voidraven Bomber. When I first saw the model, I was impressed. Games Workshop really does know how to design their models. But at a cost of $80, I thought they really needed to make it worth the money. After I read the first battle report in White Dwarf, I had high hopes, but now that I have read the codex and put some actual thought into it, I am not sure that the model is worth the purchase.

The bomber comes in at a cost of 160 points. With this you get a BS4 flyer with armour of 10 and 3 hull points. It is armed with 2 void lances and the void mine. The Void Lance is S9 and AP2 with… well, lance and a 36-inch range. The Void Mine is also a S9 AP2 weapon with lance, but it is also a large blast. This bomb will wreck a unit of terminators, providing it doesn’t scatter too far. Again, I am impressed, but there are some serious issues. While the mine is very powerful, it is also one use only. And with this being a flyer, once it jinks, the player will not be able to use the mine that turn.

The Bomber can also take 4 Shatterfield missiles, 4 implosion missiles, or 2 of each option. The Shatterfields are S7, AP-, Large blast missiles with shred and a range of 48 inches. The Implosion Missiles are S6, AP2 blast missiles also with a 48 inch range. Of course, all are one use only, and again, if the opponent can get this vehicle to jink it cannot use the missiles. The Void Lances can be exchanged for Dark Scythes, which are S8 AP2 blast weapons and a 24-inch range at zero additional cost. The Voidraven can also be upgraded with Night Shields to give it Stealth for an additional 15 points. So it’s jink save could be really impressive.

So, if you take this bomber, you do get a somewhat cheap and powerful bomber, but with armour values of 10, you may never get to use it to its full advantage. For example, if Tau pathfinders markerlight it, and takes away its cover saves, this vehicles is coming down in a fiery ball of destruction. It won’t take much to cause a penetrating hit. Now, the light armour does fit with the Dark Eldar fluff, but at 160 points and $80 dollars for a model that doesn’t even have any options, I think I will pass.

For now at least.