Do the Rhino Rush


Because fuck fuel efficiency


Hello again interwebs!  Last time we talked about the return of the mechanized space marine army, specifically the Rhino Rush (check it out here).  This time we’ll get down and dirty with some hot list building action!  Today I’m going to be making lists that try to capitalize on mass objective secured, I’ll make a Rhino Rush with Chaos Space Marines and regular Space Marines.

chaos rhino

Why is your Rino yelling at me?

Chaos Space Marines

Huron Blackheart is basically an auto include for this style of list so he is going to be my HQ.   CSM can’t combat squad but by purchasing just 5 man troop units you’re basically buying a combat squad anyway.  While you’ll never be able to field as much OS scoring as your vanilla brethren, you still can do quite well for yourself.

  • Huron
  • 5 Man CSM Squad w/ Plasmagun, Combi-Plasma, in a Rhino w/ Warpflame Gargoyles, Havoc Launcher, and Dozerblades x4
  • 5 Man CSM Squad w/ Meltagun, Combi-Melta, and Melta Bombs in a Land Raider w/ Dozerblades x2
  • Helldrake w/ Baleflamer x2


This list gives me 10 units with OS, the Landraiders will have it so long as the 5 man squads stay in them and most of the time I can infiltrate/outflank 2 units.  LR’s are no easy out either and I have 2 of them backed up by 2 Helldrakes.  It’s mobile enough that I can get to where a need to be and its killy enough that I have the firepower to deal with most types of enemies.  A friend of mine has been running something similar since the start of 7th and had success.  He takes Oblits and Chosen as opposed to the hellturkeys which I’m not opposed to trying, I’m just not ready to give up on my beloved dragons yet!


SM Rhino

Relics of an ancient time.

 Space Marines

Space Marines play the objective game a bit better than their spiky evil brethren, Reecius over at Frontline Gaming has a Ravenguard list that demonstrates this point perfectly. Tactical Squads who combat squad in a Rhino are 3 different units with OS for all intents and purpose, this offers an insane amount of scoring potential as it is more than most armies can kill in a game.  I’m going to go with Ravenguard and White Scars for this list as I want as much outflanking options as possible.

Ravenguard Detachment

  • Shrike
  • 6 man Scout Squad with Camo Cloaks and Sniper Rifles
  • 10 Man Tactical Squad w/ Multi Melta and Plasma Gun in a Rhino with Dozerblades x5

White Scars Detachment

  • Khan w/ Moondrakken
  • 5 Man bike Squad w/ 2 Grav guns, Attack Bike w/ Multi-melta


This list can field a whopping 20 units with OS, most of which are quick or can outflank.  It completely crushes the CSM list with regards to scoring and maneuverability at a cost of (somewhat) reduced firepower.  I’d be lying if I said I was cool with no Centurions but the point of this list is mass scoring.  If it turns out I need the fire power boost I suppose I could add them, though I don’t see myself using this list much as I’m already busy with buying Templars and have a full CSM army available.  None the less I’d like to see it in action, FLG has a couple of battle reports featuring their version of it in action (find them here), though they’re all from 6th when the army was much weaker.  I look forward to seeing them post a new one and gauge how it performs now, cause in theory it seems very solid!

Thats all for today folks, I’m supposed to be getting a game against some Necrons this week, if so I will try to post a batrep.  Until next time!


Chaos Space Marines: Black Mace, Burning Brand, and You

Hello again friends!  Before starting on my review of the troop choices in the CSM codex I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about some of my favorite units in the previous section, as well as a discussion on the Artifact choices available in the book.

Now as you may have noticed I omitted the artifacts from the previous section, “why?” you may ask.  Well it’s simple really, while these artifact choices ARE available to any standard HQ choice, no one in their right mind would ever take them on anything outside of a Lord or DP.  You just wouldn’t; I don’t care if you want the fluffiest, most narrative forging game in history.  A warpsmith/dark apostle/sorcerer with Black Mace, Burning Brand, etc would just be silly, don’t do it.  Below each artifact i’ll list an example build of Lord’s and DP’s using said artifact, i’m only going to talk in detail about the three that are actually worth considering.  No one cares about the Murder Sword, Dimensional Key, or Magnus Scroll (and shame on you if you do)

Lets take a look….


He paid his 45pts, will you?

Axe of Blind Fury: Models with Daemon/Mark of Khorne only.  A monster power axe that is also a Daemon Weapon, drawback being a slight negative modifier to you WS and BS. Fun Factor: B (Daemon Weapons are always awesome, will let you spill much blood for the blood god).  Competitiveness: B (Solid weapon that is a must have if you’re a Khorne army given the overall weak state of the god currently)

Lord Build-  Khorne Lord on a Juggernaut w/ Axe, Sigil, Melta Bombs, Bolt Pistol, VotLW. Thats 7+D6 Str 6 Ap 2 attacks on the charge O.o even with the drop to WS 5 he’ll average 5 hits.  Not to mention, he has hatred against half the armies in the game.  Stick this mofo in a big squad of Khorn Bikers and dash forward.

DP Build-  Khorn DP w/ Axe, Wings, and Gift of Mutation.  Nothing fancy, just load him up and beat stuff, the WS debuff effects him wayyyy less than it does a Lord so swing away!

The Black Mace: One of the best melee weapons in the game.  An Ap 4 Daemon Weapon with Fleshbane and the Cursed rule.  Cursed forces any model who suffers an unsaved wound to take a toughness check, that removes them from the game if they fail it. You read that right, REMOVES THEM FROM THE GAME. Eternal Warrior?  Doesn’t matter.  Toughness 9? Sorry you rolled a 6.   The only weakness the weapon has is it’s Ap 4…..but oh look a Daemon Prince can take it, oh look a Daemon Prince with Biomancy can take it, oh look that Daemon Prince with Biomancy got Enfeeble.  Pardon me for a second…..



Fun Factor: A (Removing stuff from the game with a cursed mace?  If that’s not cool to you then you shouldn’t be playing Chaos) Competitiveness: A+ (Ok Phil, if i’m going to bash you for your fails I have to applaud your successes, good job Mr. Kelly!  An absolutely outstanding weapon.)

Lord Build-  Nurgle Lord in Terminator Armor w/ Mace, Sigil, Power Axe, Melta Bombs, Blight Grenades, Gift of Mutation.   Meh, not sure how I feel about this build, probably better on a bike lord but most stuff is.  Well I suppose if you stick him in a termie squad with a Land Raider they would hurt whatever they hit.

DP Build- ML 3 Nurgle Prince Prince w/ Mace, Wings, and Gift of Mutation.  Take 2 biomancy and hope for Iron Arm.

Burning Brand of Skalanthrax: “I can be a Helldrake!” shouted Kharn with blissful glee as he lifted the legendary flamer.  Woe to his dismay upon slaying hundreds of the Astra Millitarium’s Tempestus Stormumus Copyrightable Namekus did he discover that it merely made him sort of a Helldrake   Not one to ever be sort of anything he said “EF THAT $H!T!!!” and threw it away.  Now it is available to all you up and coming Chaos characters for a low flat rate!  On a serious note this weapon is really good for pretty cheap, the Helldrake’s existing seems to nullify the point in it somewhat, but who’s going to complain about more Ap3 flamers?  An overall solid weapon, especially great if you plan on fielding CSM as an allied army (gotta squeeze in all the torrent flamers you can!).  Fun Factor: C (You’re like a Helldrake, but less epic and stuff, not trying to talk it down.  A daemon robot dragon is just a smidgen cooler than this IMO.)  Competitiveness:  B (More ignores cover Ap3 goodness for your power armor trolling pleasure!)

Lord Build-  Slaneesh Lord on Steed w/ Brand, Power Fist, Sigil, and Melta Bombs.  The old outflanking lord trick, bring this guy and a biker unit onto your opponents weak side and watch everything burn!

DP Build-  ML3 Tzeentch Prince w/ Brand, Wings, and Gift of Mutation.  Take two rolls on the Tzeentch table to try and get Breath of Chaos (which you will most of the time). Now you can fire two flame templates of destruction each turn, Helldrake who?        


Overall the big three artifacts from the codex share one common them, they are assault oriented.  No matter how you build your character, just remember if you take one of these weapons you will eventually have to get up in your opponents face to make the worth the investment.  We’ll be back next time with a review of the CSM troop choices!

Chaos Space Marines: HQ’s

Apologies for putting these articles out at the pace of a disabled snail, I am hoping to be more prompt in the future as I finally have more time to write.  Anyways, finally we continue our look into the CSM codex, here we take a look at the non-special character HQ choices as well as the powers and abilities they may choose from.  For those of you who haven’t read the first part, you can find it here .  This time around we’re going to take a look at the non-special character HQ choices and some of the options available to them.


Chaos Lord:  The book’s flagship HQ choice is a great deal for an insanely customizable character, in true Space Marine fashion, they can be built to take on pretty much any job you assign them.  Want them in the backfield to reinforce a scoring unit?  No problem.  Need them to break the enemy line and absorb fire for the rest of your army?  Sure thing!   Seriously, I could sit here and go on for days about various ways to build a CSM Lord.  A topic I will discuss in a follow up article sometime.   For now as far as this review goes, they find themselves toward the top of the heap in the HQ section IMO.  Fun Factor: C (Unlocks any cult troop you wish outside of Thousand Sons)  Competitiveness: A (Cheap, versatile, customizable, everything a good HQ should be)


Sorcerer:   MAGIC!  As with the Lord, these guys are super customizable, having one less wound however makes them a little bit more fragile than their less magical comrade.  Having access to the BRB powers (the exceptions being Divination and Telekinesis) more than makes up for it however.  The one issue I have with them doesn’t lie with the unit so much as it does the overall bleh powers that are available in the god specific disciplines… Fun Factor: B (Magic and Thousand Sons)  Competitiveness: B (Versatile HQ who can potentially make several units in your army better).


Tzeentch: Primaris: Tzeentch’s Firestorm (A 24″, AP – blast that can be anywhere from Str 2 to Str 7 and causes extra hits when you kill models with it) Bleh.  Boon of Mutation (Hits a character, most likely the caster,  with a Str 4 AP- hit then grants them a roll on the boon table if they survive) Eww.  Doombolt (A Str 8 Ap 1 24″ beam that makes explosions go an extra D6) More Bleh.  Breath of Chaos (An Ap 2 flame template that wounds/glances a vehicle on a 4+) Not bad, but shouldn’t cost two warp charges.  Fun Factor: D (Spend a warp charge to punch yourself in the face for being Chaos, cause Phil Kelly hates you) Competitiveness: E (Soooo give Tzeentch the worst psychic powers in the entire game?  The only usable one is crippled by having to pay 2 warp charges to use it, what an awful awful power set)  

Nurgle: Primaris: Nurgle’s Rot (A 6″ nova spell that causes D6+1 Ap 5 poison 4+ hits) Too short of range to ever really be useful.  Weapon Virus (A 24″ Malediction that causes all ranged weapons in an enemy unit to have the Gets Hot rule) Now this spell can be pretty handy, I don’t ever see it worth taking over Biomancy but it’s very much usable. Gift of Contagion (A 48″ range Malediction that gives an enemy either; -1 Atk/Shrouded, -1 Str/Unit cannot Run, and -1 Str/-1 Tgh)  Ok this is pretty good, again nothing on Biomancy, but pretty good considering it’s MASSIVE range.  Plague Wind (A 12″ Ap 2 Poisoned 4+ Large Blast) Crappy Range makes it not as good as it could be, if they had made it 24″ we’d be cooking with gas.  Fun Factor: B (All the powers are pretty fun mechanically).  Competitiveness: B (Easily the best power set of the three, while nothing stands out as incredible almost everything is usable, primaris power being the only exception IMO.)

Slaneesh: Primaris:  Sensory Overload (A 24″ range, 4 shot, ap4 whitchfire that causes Blind, Concussive, and Pinning).  Has potential but not enough shots to be a threat.  Hysterical Frenzy (A 12″ range blessing that gives a friendly unit either; +1 initiative, +1 Str, or +1 Atk).  Not a bad power but why only 12″ range?  Another almost good power. Symphony of Pain (A 24″ range malediction that subtracts 1 from the WS and BS of an enemy unit.  It also gives sonic weapons fired at that unit a +1 Str bonus).  Again with the crappy range, so Nurgle can have a 48″ range malediction but the power that buffs guys with 48″ range weapons can only have 24″?  Ecstatic Seizures AKA the imperial’s reaction when they read this suckfest of a power set (A 24″ range witchfire that makes all models in a unit take a single Ap – hit at their own Str.  Oh for 2 warp charges)  I guess Phil wasn’t happy with simply making the psychic powers terrible, it’s important we get you to use up all those pesky warp charges you may win with!  Please don’t ever let Kelly touch Chaos again GW, keep him as far away from the design team as possible.  Fun Factor: D (The crazy mechanics are just annoying when you realize how ineffective they are).  Competitiveness: D (Don’t even think about it, the only thing making these powers even remotely appealing is they have the Tzeentch powers to compare themselves too)  


Daemon Prince: Won’t go into too much detail on this fella as I am planning an article solely on DP’s in the future (CSM and Daemon variety).  Versatile though not necessarily the cheapest things on the rack, in fact, they can get down right expensive with certain load outs.  Setting these bad boys up right can be the difference between a flagship unit and a 360 pt sink.  Fun Factor: A (These guys look cool and can do a lot of different things).  Competitiveness: B (While they have some minor durability issues when compare to other MC’s.  They do more than enough to hold their weight and to justify having one.) 

Warpsmith:  An odd HQ choice who was intended to represent a chaotic version of the Techmarine.  His Shatter Defenses rule allows you to make the cover save of any one piece of terrain in an opponents deployment zone one worse. Sounds great, but the kick in the balls is this cannot be done to a fortification.  Once again, it seems like Phil almost wrote something nice then went “Ohhh crap, I almost gave Chaos something good!  Silly me!”  After which he folds the good idea up and throws it in the draft bin for the Eldar codex…..sorry i’m ranting.  Fun Factor: D (It’s an evil Techmarine…..who is not as good as a regular Techmarine)  Competitiveness: C (Well he’s useful in a Land Raider list I suppose, by why would you use the HQ slot on him?)


“I’ll get you Spiderman!!!”

Dark Apostles:  Now i’m just getting angry, an ENTIRE character whose gimmick is based around the boon table.  Now I’ve stated before on here i’m not as big a hater of the boon table as many others.  That being said, I have to sit here and wonder did he ACTUALLY think this codex would survive the edition based on just that table?!?  It seems like much in the book is built around you getting to roll on the table, did he really understand how rarely that was going to actually happen when he was writing this?  Combat is dead this edition unless you use Flying Monstrous Creatures or a Deathstar, did he honestly believe “Marine Charachters winning challenges and becoming awesome!”  was a formula for long term viability?  I’m ranting again, sorry.  Fun Factor: D (You’re a crappier, spikier Chaplain….AND YOUZ GETZ DA BOON TABLE!!!!!!!!!!! ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!)  Competitiveness: D (If anyone has ever even bothered to field one i’d like to meet them) 


The closest he’ll ever get to combat.

That’s all for today folks!  I’ll be back in a few days to cover the Troops section and do a little more Phil Kelly bashing!  Have a good day reader peoples!


Chaos Space Marines: Characters

Greetings again my good readers!  The herb keeper returns to continue his miniseries review of the Chaos Space Marine codex!  Last time we touched on some of the special rules that could be found in the book as well as glossing over some of the general points of the ‘dex (in case you missed it This time we’re going to roll up our sleeves and dive right into each special character and grade them based off of; A. Fun Factor (how cool is this guy?) and B. Competitiveness (if I put him in a tournament list will it be worth it?).  Hopefully once we’re done you will feel the need to expel the false emperor from your life and stray down the path of glory and darkness!  (Kidding, don’t tell anyone I said that, the other writers on here may exterminatus my house).  While reading these reviews also consider every one of these characters has the Fearless and Veteran of the Long War special rules. Without further ado…..



  • Abbadon the Despoiler:  The O.G. baddie of the Chaos Space Marine codex returns as big and terrifying as ever!  With all 4 marks of chaos, terminator armor, and 2 different close combat weapons that allow him to have a solution for practically everything if he assaults it. One being the Talon of Horus; which is best described as a claw of pure face f@*# for any and all with a 3+ armor save (good day Wraithknights and Hive Tyrants), oh yeah it has a combi-bolter!  The other being Drachnyen, which is an Ap 2 Daemon Weapon (good day everything else). Mr. Abbadon is quite simply one of the most powerful single models in the game.  Though slightly expensive, he packs more than enough of a punch to justify his points.  The critical thing is to make sure you get him in those situations for him to shine.

Fun Factor: A (he’s Abbadon and you’re playing Chaos Space Marines.  ‘Nuff said) Competitiveness: C+ (a huge point sink for someone who may not even be able to earn his points, god help your opponent if he makes it there however.)  

  • Huron Blackheart:  The fearless leader of the Red Corsairs pops up as one of the most cost efficient, reliable HQ’s in the codex.  Seriously, I heart this dude hard, touting the best Warlord trait in the book (which allows you to infiltrate/outflank up to 3 units potentially!) and a lightning claw with a built in heavy flamer that gives him +2 str and Armourbane.  All this along with combat familiar that gives him access to a random psychic power each turn and a 4++ save.  With all these features this guy is practically guaranteed to make his points back before the game even starts!

Fun Factor: B (Random powers each turn and infiltrate whoever you want basically, frickin awesome) Competitiveness:  A (His price, potential grab bag of powers, and infiltrate trick make him one of the books best HQ choices if you’re thinking “WIN!”)

  • Kharn the Betrayer:  Another classic Chaos Space Marine character returns as angry and hateful as ever.  Mr. Kharn is reincarnated every bit the combat monster he once was.   Easily capable of cleaving through infantry and tanks effortlessly, Kharn’s only drawback is a slight durability issue when having to go toe to toe with some of the better characters in the game.  If you keep him away from Hive Tyrants, Warbosses, etc he will dispose of most other things with little issue.  Unlocks Khorne Berserkers as troop choices.

Fun Factor: C (he’s red, angry, and chops stuff….occasionally his own people…that’s cool right?) Competitiveness: C (Kharn is very meh competitively; he won’t make or break your list)

  • Ahriman:  Ohhh Ahirman, what you could have been.  Ok let’s start with the positives here (cause there are some); the guy is a psychic boss with ML4 and a staff that allows him to fire up to 3 witch fires at once.  Access to every discipline in the BRB outside of Divination and Telekinesis, his Warlord trait is the best one in the book (see Huron), and he has a 4++.   Apart from that, he unlocks Thousands Sons as troop choices and has a bolt pistol with inferno bolts.  So what’s the bad news you ask?  Well for starters he’s HORRENDOUSLY overpriced, a psyker who costs 65 pts more than Tigerius should just be better than this IMO.  The ML4 is good but because he is Mark of Tzeentch he is forced to take one of their less desirable powers.  Thousands Sons are also a bit of a meh troop choice (which we’ll get to in another article) so this hurts his chances as well.  Finally it doesn’t help that his best trick (his warlord trait) is already available on a much cheaper character (see Huron).  Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but he simply just doesn’t stack up to the other high lvl psyker characters (Eldrad, Fateweaver, Tigerius, etc)

Fun Factor: C (He has a lot of powers he can potentially take and unlocks thousand sons as troops) Competitiveness: D (Too expensive and underwhelming to ever be seriously used in this type of game setting)   

  • Typhus:  The big stink himself returns and what a great HQ choice!  Clocking in at the same points as Ahirman, Typhus packs quite a few tricks that make him worth the point sink.  For starters, he is pretty damn tough; with terminator armor, toughness 5, and the feel no pain USR.  He is by no means an easily disposed of fellow, once more he carries a daemon/force weapon that’s capable of cleaving through enemy troops like a hot knife through butter.  If that doesn’t work you can pull his trump card; a giant destroyer hive on his back explodes, covering all those nearby in Nurgle’s pestilence for some AP2 goodness!  Unlike Kharn, Typus can potentially hold his own against monstrous creatures, needing to only cause one wound for a chance at destroying them completely (be wary of smash attacks however).  He unlocks Plague Marines as troops and that’s not all!  He can also take those boring old Cultists of yours and turn them into scoring zombies! (granting them Feel no Pain at the cost of mobility)  That’s right folks, you can have FREAKIN ZOMBIES!

Fun Factor:  B (Zombies bro….zombies….) Competitiveness: B (Being a beefy hitstick who can give an already ridiculously cheap troop choice Feel No Pain.  Couple that with him unlocking one of the better cult troops and Typhus has himself a good case for being one of the stronger HQ choices in a competitive setting)

  • Lucuis the Eternal:  Lucuis can be best described by a word that follows everything Slaneesh quite frequently…..strange.  Seriously, this guy is one of the oddest HQ choices in the entire game.  He has the thin durability of Kharn, yet rules and a background that almost demand you try and get him in challenge (accent on the ‘demand’ in Veteran of the Long War’s case).  In his defense, he is a serious troll when you get him in combat, for starters, his ATK characteristic is equal to his opponent’s WS (hello Captains).   Dude’s gear is also really nifty; power armor that gives him a 5++ and during combat it causes a str 4 ap 2 hit to the opposing unit for each armor save he passes (with ignores cover?).  His weapons are a lash that reduces the ATK characteristic of an opposing model in base with him by 1 and gives all his close combat attacks the rending special rule.  A power sword for some Ap3 action, a Doom Siren for some Ap3 Flamer action (Lucuis doesn’t like power armor).  Finally he unlocks Noise Marines as troops and that is just awesome!

Fun Factor: A (He’s a unique dude, with some crazy cool abilities.  Fielding him should always provide some fun to be had!)  Competitiveness : C (The inherit problem with Lucuis is he just isn’t durable enough to be the challenge monster his rules encourage him to be, he’s cheap enough that it doesn’t kill you taking him, but there are wayyy more cost efficient ways to get Noise Marine troops )

  • Fabious Bile:  Full disclosure, I love Fabious, there doesn’t seem to be much excitement for him on the interwebs or in the 40k community in general.   Me thinks this has a lot to do with the cold treatment standard chaos space marines have received from these same groups.  Now I will preempt this by stating I like the regular marines just fine,  I will have a Troop Section review coming soon and I will discuss this point more in detail but there you have it.  Anyways Big Daddy Bile has some cool tricks up his sleeve!  For starters, he can grant any unit of normal chaos marines +1 Str and the Fearless special rule for the rest of the game.  His wargear is a buffet of nastiness; his spidery harness, The Chirugeon, that grants him +2 Atks, +1 Str, and the Feel no Pain special rule.  The Rod of Torment (insert joke here), which makes his close combat attacks cause instant death and of course, his Xyclos Needler, which is a poisoned (2+), assault 3 18” range pistol.

 Fun Factor: C (cool rules, just nothing that gets you and your opponent terribly excited about the game)  Competitiveness:  B+ (SUPER underrated, reliable HQ choice)    Well that’s it for today folks!  Next part will be up shortly and we’ll go over the non-special character HQ’s!  Until then, Ralshenik out!  

Chaos Space Marines: Opening Thoughts


       Hello folks, Rob here to reviewilate the very first codex of 6th edition for your reading pleasure!  Codex: Chaos Space Marines!  That’s right people; the much less resplendent, much spikier marines of the 41st millennium were also the first ones to get the 6th edition treatment.  This will be the first part of a comprehensive series where we’ll go over the book itself, the unit selections in the codex, and some general thoughts on list building with the army.

      Given that this book was following up the highly controversial 4th edition ‘dex,  in addition to being the first book of 6th, it would be an understatement from the warp to say people were waiting on the edge of their seat for this bad boy.   Phil Kelly being penciled in as the author only served to raise the anticipation level for the book (before the creation of the fabled GW design team).  When it finally dropped in November of 2012, Chaos players across the globe crammed into their FLGS for a copy.

       As stated above we will be going over each section and units contained in those sections during future parts of this review, for now let’s take a look at some of the rules the codex added to the army.

  • Veteran of the Long War– An upgrade option for mostly everything in the book,           varying in cost and intended to represent the fact this model was a veteran of  the storied Horus Heresy, this rule gives every model in the unit the “Hatred:Space Marines” special rule.  By Space Marines, they quite literally mean every single space marine that is not one of your spiky brethren; everything from Grey Knights to Dark Angels will feel your wrath!   I feel like this is a very cool  USR that can add a lot of personality to your army, got a squad of Chosen you thought of a unique background story for?  What better way to expand their background then by making them a survivor of the greatest war in 40k history? On top of which you get hatred against over half the armies in the game, not too shabby a deal in this writer’s opinion.
  • Champion of Chaos– Nothing drives the warriors of the Chaos legions more in battle than the idea of gaining favor in the eye of one of the gods and receiving their demonic gifts in return.   To gain this favor a champion of chaos will always issue a challenge in combat whenever possible, even at times where the task seems insurmountable.  This has proven to be one of the release’s more polarizing rules, with some going so far as to call it the worst USR in the game. Nay I say!  This is a very sensible rule within the context of the army lore, admittedly, it is frustrating when you a forced to issue a challenge against a Hive Tyrant or Greater Daemon.  Though remember we are at a point in 40k where we lovingly refer to our Sgts and such as “challenge meat”, if that’s what they’re already there for what harm is it in simply forcing the decision?  Especially when we’re talking about an army full of power hungry super soldiers!  Besides, it’s not like they don’t offer some kind of benefit for having to do this……
  • The Boon Table– Hey man, you gotta issue a challenge anyway right?  If you win it you get to take a roll on the wheel of hell!  This sucker is a MASSIVE random table that is rolled on every time a model with the Champion of Chaos rule (see above) wins a challenge!  With over 25 different options that offer everything from the Adamantium Will USR, to a straight transformation into a Daemon Prince!  As with the Champion of Chaos rule, this has become one of the more polarizing features among the community, with opinions ranging from amazingly fun to god awful mess.  Being the optimist that I am, I’m more inclined to go with the first opinion. I mean, how do you beat a chance at getting an (almost) free Daemon Prince!?  With that said, I can see some areas of frustration, my friend had is Kharn turned into a Spawn the very first time he ever rolled on the table, trust me it was as horrible as it sounds!  They probably should have given a safeguard for named characters to avoid that kind of thing (well they SORT OF did, but more on that when we get to the HQ’s!).  For a regular Chaos Marine Aspiring Champion, however, even becoming a Spawn is a pretty good upgrade!  Not to mention most of the table really isn’t THAT helpful or hurtful (seriously becoming a spawn is like the WORST case scenario), just some very cool, but very mild powers.
  • Mark of Tzeentch– +1 to the model’s invulnerable save (max 3+), pretty nifty and can get pretty powerful when combined with the right items.
  • Mark of Nurgle– +1 to the models toughness, more durability, is that ever not good?
  • Mark of Khorne– Model gains Rage and Counter Attack special rules.  Yeesh, someone needs a hug.  I love this mark to be honest, not a popular choice but if used on the right models it can get mean.
  • Mark of Slaneesh– +1 to the models initiative; not bad, you hit faster so they no get to hit you too!

Next article we will dive into each section and discuss the units available in them, as well as more specific special rules for these units.  Until next time friends, Ralshenik out!