Nurse Sharks

OK, It’s been a long time since we posted, and the post will probably remain inconsistent, but I have a short story I thought would be fun to share. I entered a tournament today, and one of the requirements was that the army have a story. This is what I entered, a short fluffy story about my Carcharodon/Sisters of Battle list.

Inquisitor Legate read the note again. Having no idea who left it, he did not know how reliable it was. But if it was true, he was greatly concerned. The fact that Inquisitor Aedile wanted to send the Minotaurs to investigate the Carcharodon Astartes based off of complaints from other chapters after the Badab war was a serious issue for Legate. He knew that the Carcharodons were loyal to the Imperium, and he knew that an investigation by the Minotaurs would only end in violence. Legate also had to admit that if the Minotaurs and the Carcharodons went to war with each other, the Minotaurs would probably wipe the Carcharodons from existence.

Inquisitor Legate got up from his chair and started pacing the office. His brow creased with concern. He knew the Carcharodons were loyal. OK, they were a little bit on the violent side, but they were loyal to the Emperor. He had the fact to back him up. Legate also knew that if he went up against Inquisitor Aedile, he would lose. He did not have enough support to go against Aedile’s wishes. But maybe he could pull just enough support to alter them.

Yes, alter them. Maybe if it looked like he was willing to have the Carcharodons investigated it would satisfy Aedile‘s allies in the Inquisition. He knew the Minotaurs would go in and attack. Even sending in the Grey Knights made him uncomfortable. Going in himself would be considered a conflict of interest, no other inquisitor would support him on that decision. Not even his allies…


Canoness Cirratu entered the room, leaving her guard outside the door with the two space marines that escorted them. She did not let her disdain at being ordered here show on her face. A few weeks ago she would not have recognized the icon adorning the shoulder pads of the Space Marines. Now she understood that these are Carcharodon Astartes. She walked up to the only marine in the darken room, stopping barley a foot away from him. Looking right into his black eyes, she handed over the documents she was carrying.

The pale marine didn’t say a word as he reached out to grab them. Cirratu felt the need to break the silence. Silence that has been eating at her since she and her squad landed on this ship. “I come with orders from Terra and documents from Lord Tyberos himself. My orders are to observe you and your men and report back with my findings.”

When she was done speaking, the pale space marine stood there in silence for what seems like an hour, but was probably only a few minutes. When he did finally speak, it was with a very quiet voice.

“What did you bring with you?”
“My personal command squad, a squad of my sisters, a Rhino, my personal command tank, and supplies for both you and me. These supplies include some new armour sent directly from Mars.”
“What do you need from us?”
“Billets, a place to train, and I need access to you and you men.”

And with that, she knew this meeting was over. She spun on her heels and walked out of the office. As soon as she steeped through the marine on her left spoke.

“Canoness Cirratu, Captain Isurus told me to show you around the ship. We will pick up the rest of your troops and I will show you your billets, our training facilities, and where you can feast. Please follow me.”

While she walked next to these towering behemoths, she thought about how quickly Captain Isurus granted her access. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad assignment. She did begin to wonder why she was observing this chapter for the Inquisition. Such a small squad wouldn’t stop them if they fell to chaos, but even being sent showed that someone on Terra didn’t trust them. She would have her troops keep their eyes on these Space Marines…


After Canoness Cirratu left is office, he turned to the marine that was hiding in the shadows.

“She didn’t notice you.”
“Not that I can tell.”
“What is your opinion?”
“She comes with orders from Terra and from Lord Tyberos.”
“And I still don’t trust her.”
“Have the men keep a watchful eye on her and her team. They may just be here to observe, but Lord Tyberos left a hidden message to keep our eyes out as well. We are not the only ones that are feeling uneasy with these Adepta Soroitas.”

Weekend in Review

Well, this was a rough week for my Warhammer record and me. My Carcharodons faced my Tyranids (not played by me) and lost. My Alpha Legion faced the Sisters of Silence…. I mean, Sisters of Battle… and lost. It was a fun and productive weekend though, so I count that as a win.

In the first game, I loaned my Tyranids to my opponent since he flew out from California (for some sort of training) and didn’t bring his Army. Since I hardly ever face the Nids, I asked him if I could be the Sharks. I wrote a pair of lists that were moderately competitive, but I hindered my side by not taking drop pods or Grav-centurions. Ok, I admit he didn’t have the toughest list either, so I would say it was a fair match.

I forgot how fast those Nids could move. It was a blood bath. I thought a good tactic would be to wait for him to come to me as I shot at him. And it might have worked if the sharks could actually hit something. Before I knew it, Raveners were in close combat shredding my army. I felt brave and charged the Swarmlord with my Captain and his command squad. They did tie the swarmlord up for a while, but in the end they just couldn’t stand up to that many attacks (11, right?). Sorry, inside joke.

In the end, I just couldn’t score enough Tactical Supremacy cards to be competitive… which leads us to game two.

Sister of Battle or an Alpha Legion Saboteur?

Sister of Battle or an Alpha Legion Saboteur?

Sisters of Battle vs. the Alpha Legion. 40K vs 30K… but it is the Sisters, right? Well, maybe not. While the Alpha Legion did have some good moments, they just didn’t hold up. The Saboteur destroyed an organ grinder (Exorcist) on the turn it came in. Headhunters did work with their AP3 (semi-rending?) shots. Dynat slayed Celestine twice in close combat thanks to his Thunder Hammer. But I was using the Tactical Supremacy again (damn those are tough to score) and while I had an amazing turn one (scored 8 points), the rest of the turns were a struggle to score anything. In the end I had 13 points while my opponent had over twenty (using the regular tactical cards). In the end I had about 5 headhunters left, Dynat, and an Apothecary left on the board.

On the hobby side of things, I managed to build 9 of my 10 Headhunters for my Alpha Legion. I even managed to paint one almost to finish. So, again, with the fun that was had, and the painting and building that was done, I would declare this a successful weekend.

Heavy Bolter Headhunter

Heavy Bolter Headhunter

I caved

That’s right, I caved. This past weekend I bought A devastator squad so that I can build some new marines with Grav-Cannons. But that is not what I really mean when I say I caved. I also bought a Command Squad and a box of bikers. I was doing so well on not spending money, but no, I had to cave. Why do I think I caved when I mention these?

Well, for the past couple of weeks I wanted to play test a command squad for Isurus and the second Company of Carcharodons. However, I was never actually able to get that game in. Every time I would come close, something would come up. Either I would play the Tyranids, or need to play a more competitive game, or just not even get a game in. So I caved, bought the two boxes, and began my conversions. Am I 100% happy with the conversions? No. But I am happy over all.

First, we have the Chapter Champion. I like his pose and that I was able to add the shield. The final goal, after some sanding, is to add the Carcharodon emblem to the shield.

Champion 2Champion 1

Second we have an Apothecary on a bike. Thanks to someone pointing it out to be, this unit will be 3+ Armour save, 4+ cover save, and now have a 5+ Feel No Pain, all with a toughness 5. I don’t like where the left arm ended up, but it could have been worse.

Apoth 1

Speaking of worse, now we come to the banner bearer. I really wanted my command squad to have one. But none of the banners looked correct. They all looked static. So I just tried to make it look like this one guy was carrying it off to the side. The final goal may be to get a banner from a Raven Wing bike squad and convert that into a Carcharodon Banner. But for now, this banner will have to do.

Banner 1

Banner 2

All that is left is for me to build a few more bikers, armed with power swords. Then, I will be happy with my command squad… well, maybe after they are painted.

Nurse Sharks vs. Tau

Today I got my first game in with my Carcharodon and Sisters allies lists. I did have to borrow the sisters from my opponent (I did have the Rhino and Immolater). This was my fluffy list, with the Sisters being sent by the Imperium to spy on the Carcharodons after the Badab War. My list consisted of the following (2000 points):

HQ –
Captain Isurus w/ Bike, Teeth of Terra, Artifcer Armour

Troops –
8 Bikers w/ 2 Grav-guns
Tactical Squad w/ Melta, Rhino
Tactical Squad w/ Melta, Rhino

Fast –
Stormtalon w/ Skyhammer Missiles

Elite –
Honorguard w/ 8 marines, Chapter Banner, Land Raider (w/ Multi-melta)

HQ (Allies) –
Canoness w/ Rosarius, Powersword, Book of St. Lucius
Sisters Command Squad w/ 4 Sisters, one Hospitaler, 4 flamers, Immolator (Multi-Melta)

Troops (Allies) –
Battle Sister Squad w/ Melta, Rhino

Our mission was Deadlock from the Malestrom mission set with the Vanguard Strike deployment map. I deployed first, and went first.

Since I didn’t take notes, I am going to have to go off memory here. Turn one consisted of my moving everything forward, getting off a few shots, killing a few models, and scoring a grand total of zero objectives. My opponent, however, was able to destroy two of my Rhinos, gaining first blood, shot up some other units, and scored four objectives. However, this is where the weird rolling started. The bike squad took a lot of firepower in turn one, but only lost one bike thanks to a combination of low hits, low wounds, and a lot of Armour saves. It was very much above average rolling for me and below for my opponent.

In Turn two, I was not able to draw any objective cards. Again, I moved the bike squad up and got them into range of the Riptide. In the shooting phase, I knocked the Riptide down 3 wounds (and knocked off the drones), killed the sniper unit, and took off a hull point off of the Hammerhead. This time, I was able to score 4 objectives. My opponent got one of his two drone units, his skyshark flyer, and a unit of Crisis Suits out of reserve this turn. I forgot about the sheer amount of firepower that the Tau can bring to bear. I lost a hull point on the flyer, took more hits to my bike squad (but thanks to some insane rolling, not that many wounds), lost a few more troops, and lost a large chunk of my Honor Guard.

From here, things get a little fuzzy with my memory. I know that my sisters charged the crisis suits. The Immolator was glanced out, but the Sisters Command Squad inside wrecked the drones that did it. Isurus and his bike squad caused the Riptide to flee off the table, but were finally put down by the Tau.

By the end of the game Tybers, the Land Raider, 5 Marines, the Canoness, and some sister will still on the board. My opponent still had the Broadsides, a lot of Firewarriors, and his HQ was still among the living. Even the Land Raider shows the luck of my opponent. In one turn he hit it with three rail guns from the Broadsides, but rolled three 1’s when rolling for armour pen.

The final tally was 9 (including line breaker) for me, and 7 (Including first blood) for my opponent. It was a close game, and a lot of fun.

Last Stand of the *Insert Imperial Army Here*

Quite a few weeks ago, when I found out that our brother Severus was leaving the state of Maryland to move to the state of insanity, I mean… Alabama, I challenged him to a mission I dubbed “The Last Stand of the Iron Hands”. I thought that this would be a fun and final way for our two armies to meet. Thinking we had more time, he challenged me to have my army fully painted. Now that he is leaving a month early, I fear that my part of the agreement will not be fulfilled.

It also happened that I described this mission to another player from our group, and he liked the idea. So I challenged him as well, except now it is the Sisters of Battles and the Carcharodons (which happen to be mine) facing my Tyranids. I decided to run this game earlier, before facing off against Severus, thinking it would be a great test for the scenario. I wrote up a list, with two CADs, and one I though would be able to put us a fight against my Tyranid list.

Now, why do I bring this up? Well, it looks like I will be getting both games in this coming weekend (the one against Severus may take place the following week). I would like opinions on this mission. Both opponents know what they will be facing, at least in the basic terms. And the Sisters have troops that I believe can fight what I have planned.

The mission has Hammer and Anvil deployment, meaning my bugs will have to march across the table while taking fire from the Imperials. There will be a “no man’s land” in the middle of the table, with no terrain for me to take cover in. Cover in my deployment zone will be sparse. On the imperial side, there will be some Walls of Martyrs Imperial Defence Lines, some Emplacements, and a Redoubt or two. And the Imperial player gets these at no additional cost. My army will have the Scythed Hierodule in it, which will only come onto the table on turn three. Also, any unit that has been completely destroyed by my opponent goes into ongoing reserves, and enters the board from my table edge.

Not to make it look like I am giving myself too easy of a mission, I have put a limit on the amount of flyers I can take. As in, I am not taking any. Both sides are taking 2500 points in their lists.

Now, what is my goal? I have to table my opponent, of course. I have to march across the table, taking fire, and hoping that I can get close enough to kill every last one of those tasty imperials. If I can table them by Turn 5, it is a win for me. If I table them in Turn 6, the result is a tie. If they last till turn 7, it is a win for them. This part of the game may require some changes

Of course, the main goal will be to have fun. I have the Scythed Hierodule, they have all of the cover. Hopefully it will balance out in the end. There can even be some fluff, the Sisters, protecting the Emperor’s faithful, called for help. While trying to save the citizens and the wounded, and giving them time to evacuate, the Sharks show up to give them aid. There alliance can even be called “Nurse Sharks”…

I know that I am probably the only one who laughed at that.


Four Units of Sharks

As I have repeatedly stated, one of my many armies is the Carcharodon chapter of the space marines. This army, while not played much, has a special place in my heart. I was introduced to this chapter thanks my good friend, the Lord Primarch, and while it doesn’t see the tabletop time it used to, I still enjoy playing it. I usually field a very elite list when I play the sharks for fluff reasons. While I may change my list up almost every time I play them, there are four units that are almost always in my lists. In this blog I will briefly cover each and introduce you to a character of my own creation.


First, of course, is Tyberos, the Red Wake, Chapter Master of the Carcharodons. Tyberos is not really all that special. Sure, he brings some interesting tweaks to a Space Marine chapter, but he is not all that different from a regular Chapter Master from the space marine codex. He comes in at 190 points and is basically armed with a powerfist, a lightning claw, and terminator armour. I did a much more in-depth coverage in an earlier blog, so I will not get into all of his abilities here. And while I say that he is not all that special, I use him all the time, and usually he dies in my game. But he is a fun character, and he brings the second unit that I almost always bring.


Tyberos makes a terminator assault squad with lightning claws available as a troop choice. In the fluff, this is his bodyguard, and I cannot leave home without them. I usually take a unit of seven with a land raider as a dedicated transport. The downside to all of this is that one unit is taking up 545 points, or just over a quarter of my total points in my 2K point army. Not that I want to sell terminators short, they are a solid unit, but they are an expensive unit. This unit, being a troop choice, also gives me access to an objective secured landraider, which has not come into play all that often, but it is nice to know I have. A vehicle with armour values of 14 all around is still a tough nut to crack.

The third unit I tend to field is Isurus, Captain of the Second Company, and here we have the character of my own creation. While I do not have a back-story to him yet, I am working on it. He is standard captain on a bike, so I do not need to go through his stat line, but I have equipped him with the “Might of the Lamniforms” which is a melee weapon that hits at +2 Strength, is AP 3, and has rampage and strikedown. This is a version of the Teeth of Terra, meaning it is just as restricted as that weapon. This captain has actually been the hero of many games. Even when the unit he has joined has been eliminated, he has managed to pull out a win for me. Maybe it’s the artificer armour.


Isurus, being a Captain on a bike, frees up the final unit that is almost always in my lists. I love taking a full unit of bikes (if not two) in my Marine list as a troop choice. The speed and variety of weapon options that a full unit brings to the table is usually worth it to me. And again, having objective secured, while not always necessary, is nice to have in your back pocket.

So, there you go, the standard four units in my 2K-point army lists. And those 4 units take up just over half of my points. Like I said earlier, I run a fairly elite army, but it is a fun army for me, even if I do not win with them as often as I win with my Tyranids.

Shorereaper, signing off….

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