First Game of KoW

This past Friday I got my first game in of Kings of War. I player the Dark Elves… I mean the Twilight Kin against the owner of Critical Hit Games and his army (which I have since forgotten what they were). The game would have gone a lot faster if I had any idea of what I was doing (and yes, I glanced at the rule book) but this was meant to be a teaching game. I can’t say that I played with any strategy, or any thought at all other than learning the game. It was relatively quick, fairly easy, and a decent substitute for Warhammer Fantasy. It’s a closer substitute than Age of Sigmar is in my opinion.

I enjoyed the game, so much so that I have already started gluing models to their movement trays for ease of transport and fielding.

Getting there

I also got to use the Kharibdyss for the first time, although in this game it was just a Hydra that didn’t last all that long. And since I used the Kharibdyss, I decided that maybe I should think about painting him.


I would recommend people looking for a Fantasy alternative to give KoW a try. It’s not a perfect replacement, but if you are not a fan of AoS, KoW isn’t bad at all. Sorry for the short post for today.

This is Shorereaper, signing off.

Weekend in Review

Well, this was a rough week for my Warhammer record and me. My Carcharodons faced my Tyranids (not played by me) and lost. My Alpha Legion faced the Sisters of Silence…. I mean, Sisters of Battle… and lost. It was a fun and productive weekend though, so I count that as a win.

In the first game, I loaned my Tyranids to my opponent since he flew out from California (for some sort of training) and didn’t bring his Army. Since I hardly ever face the Nids, I asked him if I could be the Sharks. I wrote a pair of lists that were moderately competitive, but I hindered my side by not taking drop pods or Grav-centurions. Ok, I admit he didn’t have the toughest list either, so I would say it was a fair match.

I forgot how fast those Nids could move. It was a blood bath. I thought a good tactic would be to wait for him to come to me as I shot at him. And it might have worked if the sharks could actually hit something. Before I knew it, Raveners were in close combat shredding my army. I felt brave and charged the Swarmlord with my Captain and his command squad. They did tie the swarmlord up for a while, but in the end they just couldn’t stand up to that many attacks (11, right?). Sorry, inside joke.

In the end, I just couldn’t score enough Tactical Supremacy cards to be competitive… which leads us to game two.

Sister of Battle or an Alpha Legion Saboteur?

Sister of Battle or an Alpha Legion Saboteur?

Sisters of Battle vs. the Alpha Legion. 40K vs 30K… but it is the Sisters, right? Well, maybe not. While the Alpha Legion did have some good moments, they just didn’t hold up. The Saboteur destroyed an organ grinder (Exorcist) on the turn it came in. Headhunters did work with their AP3 (semi-rending?) shots. Dynat slayed Celestine twice in close combat thanks to his Thunder Hammer. But I was using the Tactical Supremacy again (damn those are tough to score) and while I had an amazing turn one (scored 8 points), the rest of the turns were a struggle to score anything. In the end I had 13 points while my opponent had over twenty (using the regular tactical cards). In the end I had about 5 headhunters left, Dynat, and an Apothecary left on the board.

On the hobby side of things, I managed to build 9 of my 10 Headhunters for my Alpha Legion. I even managed to paint one almost to finish. So, again, with the fun that was had, and the painting and building that was done, I would declare this a successful weekend.

Heavy Bolter Headhunter

Heavy Bolter Headhunter

Professor Severus 2016 Hobby Goals

Howdy everyone, Professor Severus here.  Yes, I changed the title after seeing Shorereapers last article.  It fits my current job, so why not?  Anyway, I know I have been slacking about working on the blog lately.  I actually have been slacking with the whole hobby, but such is life.

Proof that I actually do some cool stuff at the new job

Proof that I actually do some cool stuff at the new job

So, to motivate myself, I have decided to set some hobby goals.  I actually made these like a week ago, and decided to turn it into an article at Shorereaper’s prompting.  Basically, I have two main focuses this coming year.  30k Iron Hands and a bad Tau list.

First up, the bad Tau.  There is a tournament at the store that I play at, Moxie Games.  One of the members of the community has organized a bad list tournament.  Essential, you write the worst list you can (with some restrictions).  Then when you are paired with an opponent, you trade lists and play.  Shorereaper and I have done this once and it was a blast.  So when I saw that tournament format, I jumped at the opportunity.

I settled on the following Tau list.  It is about as bad as I can make Tau, and it should be fun to play against.  Lots of tools for a crafty opponent to use to good effect, but some epic points wasting in the list.  It is a 1500 point list using the farsight enclave rules.

Say hello to the new commander useless!

Say hello to the new commander useless!

  • Darkstrider (Warlord)
  • Commander with Advanced Targeting System, Counterfire Defence System, Early Warning Override, Velocity Tracker, and The Microcodex
  • Crisis Suit Bodygaurds – 1 shield drone and 9 man team, all with Counterfire Defence Systems, Drone Controllers, and Velocity Trackers
  • Kroot Carnivore Squad – 10 man and 4 Kroot Hounds
  • Kroot Carnivore Squad – 10 man and 4 Kroot Hounds
  • Drone Squad – 8 Gun Drones and 4 Shield Drones
  • Vespid Stingwings – 8 man
  • Vespid Stingwings – 8 man

All and all, a great bad list in my opinion.  I am working on fully painting it.  I just need to finish the crisis suits (5 left), the drones, and darkstrider.  I actually picked up some of the new crisis suits.  They are awesome, so I am excited to paint them up.  When I have this group painted up in a few weeks it will be time to look onto the next project.

I don't think I have ever seen this many painted vespid...

I don’t think I have ever seen this many painted vespid…

Speaking of, the next project is going to be completing the two base lists I have for my 30k Iron Hands.  I have a decent start on these lists, but have a lot of units left to buy and paint.  I settled on two lists.  One featuring Ferrus Manus and one without him.  I wanted to be able to represent the legion pre and post Istvaan V.  I also didn’t want the lists to be to different from each other (to minimize purchasing, forgeworld can get expensive).

Pre-Istavaan V

  • Damocles Command Rhino
  • Legion Tactical Squad – 10 man in a rhino
  • Legion Tactical Squad – 10 man in a rhino
  • Legion Tactical Squad – 10 man in a rhino
  • Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought – Two Twin-linked Autocannons
  • Gorgon Terminators – 8 man total with Hammerbearer
  • Legion Weapon Battery – Quad Mortar
  • Medusan Immortals – 10 man, all with Volkite Chargers in a Land Raider Phobos
  • Storm Eagle – Two Twin-linked Lascannons, Twin-Linked Multi-melta, Armored Ceramite
  • Ferrus Manus

Post-Istavaan V

  • Damocles Command Rhino
  • Legion Praetor – Cataphractii Terminator Armor, Cyber Familiar, Iron Father
  • Legion Tactical Squad – 10 man in a rhino
  • Legion Tactical Squad – 10 man in a rhino
  • Legion Tactical Squad – 10 man in a rhino
  • Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought – Two Twin-linked Autocannons
  • Gorgon Terminators – 9 man total with Hammerbearer
  • Legion Weapon Battery – Quad Mortar
  • Medusan Immortals – 10 man, all with Volkite Chargers in a Land Raider Phobos
  • Storm Eagle – Two Twin-linked Lascannons, Twin-Linked Multi-melta, Armored Ceramite
  • Sicaran Venator Tank Destroyer – Armored Ceramite and Lascannon Sponsons
The primarch awaits his legion to assemble

The primarch awaits his legion to assemble

When you boil this list down, I basically have the three tac squads with rhinos, the contemptor, and ferrus manus already bought and painted. I have 5 gorgon terminators, but they need to be painted. The rest are things I need to pick up, assemble, and paint. It should be a fun project. Not a lot of 30k players around here, so I plan to play against some 40k opponents.

Now, compared to Shorereaper, this is a pretty short list of things to work on over the next 10 months.  I don’t have much of a hobby budget anymore, so I wanted to keep the list limited purchase wise.  Outside of these commitments, I have plenty to work on.  I have probably over 7000 points of orks that I need to paint yet and at least another 2000 points of tau.  I figure I can use those to help keep the hobby varied.  Plus there are some new ork rules coming…we all know who shows up whenever the Orks come around.

So until next time everyone, this is Professor Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

Status update and future plans

So, blog #2 will be a quick update on where I am with my armies, and what my future plans on with them.


My army of choice, which I will admit has not been chosen much this year. I have played them a couple times, but nowhere near as much as I did last year. I have painted a large portion of my army, but I still have a long way to go. The Malenthrope has been finished, but I haven’t even truly started with the sky-slashers. I’ve partially built one. They are a pain in the ass, all those tiny legs having to be glued on individually.

The Sky-slashers should be next on my list of things to complete. However, I still have some warriors that I want completed, as well as a unit of Zoanthropes. I am not sure what will come next, but I hope for a new GW release. I could use some good formations, and a decurion style detachment.


That right, I still own a Tau army. I have sold part of my collection recently. Not much of my army was sold, but a small part that I never use. Not like I use much of what I have. For the future, all I plan is on getting a game in with them. I don’t plan on expanding on the army, even with all the new units that have been released. Which, with their formations, are bloody awesome. I have also given up on the Piranha based army. 15 of them is just too much.


I have moved forward with a lot of my painting on this army. Also completed some of the transfers as well. I am happy with where this army is going. I have also been getting a lot of games with the sharks. I have been fairly successful with them, but I still need practice. (Heck, I lost a close game yesterday thanks to Tyberbos being punted by an Imperial Knight).

As for the future of my sharks, I want to finish some of my command squads (and yes, this is plural) and the rest of the army. I would love to have 2000 points fully painted and transferred, but that is going to take time.

Random Scout WIP

Random Scout WIP

Dark Eldar:

Ah yes, another army that rarely sees the table, although they do see the table more than the Tau. This is an army I play for fun because the 2K points list I bought and built is terrible. It is meant purely for fun.

I have no plans on expanding the army, I am happy where it sits right now. I do plan on starting to paint them again, but this is getting a low priority. At least everything is primed.

Sisters of Battle:

My latest addition to my 40K army set. I bought a small force that will slowly be allied into my Carcharodons. I have just enough to field the allied force how I want them. I have even fully painted a small portion of what I own. I really enjoy painting them, and I want them on the board soon. These will be expanded upon down the line, I just do not know what to get, or when to get it. The next step is to strip some of these sisters (get your mind out of the gutter).


 Alpha Legion:

Ah, my 30K/40K random army. This has become my current priority. I have been playing them against both 30K armies and 40K armies. There is so much I want to do with this army; I just have to keep going.

Severus came up with the idea that I should paint one legionnaire from every Legion to be the saboteur. I have only five legions left to complete. I also ordered a Fire Raptor, 10 Headhunters, and a bunch of shoulder pads to complete more of this army.



SOLD! I have one model left that I wanted, but the rest have been sold!

Dark Elves:

Shhhh! Don’t tell GW, but thanks to their move to Age of Sigmar, I decided to use my elves for Kings of War. This sudden move to a new game has motivated me. I have been painting one of the units, and even I have to admit that I like how it looks. It still has a way to go, but I plan on starting to play KoW soon. I need to learn to play.

I have no plans on expanding the army right now, but I should use the army since I have invested so much into the army.


 General Hobbying:

I have seemed to slide into becoming a hoarder of books. I ordered all of the GW Campaign books, and have even gotten a couple of the FW book as well. I also ordered a tile for Zone Mortalis, but this is mostly for display purposes.


That’s all for now. I shall return again soon.


And maybe we can get Severus blogging again… if he’s not too busy with his life as a professor.

First Tournament of the Year

Hello all, Shorereaper here, and it has been a while. While I really should start my return to blogging with a “What have I been up to while I was gone” I am instead going to summarize a small tournament I entered today. I hope this will be my triumphant return to blogging, after taking months off, but I am not making any promises.

First, I will start with a brief summary of the rules of the tournament. It was an escalation tournament, with round 1 being 500 points, round 2 being 1000 points, and round 3 being 2000 points. You were allowed 1 CAD, no allies or formations, and no Lords of War. Your 500-point list had to be included in your 1000-point list with now changes, and the 1000-point list had to be a part of your 2000-point list. So, if you had 7 Tac marines with a Melta gun in your 500 point list, that until would be in the 1000 and 2000 point list with no changes. It made for some interesting list building.

Most of my Painted Nids... and three random objective markers

Most of my Painted Nids… and three random objective markers

The three missions were as follows:

Round 1:
Table size: 4×4
Deployment: Dawn of War
Mission: 1 Objective will be placed by each player in their own deployment zone, 1 objective placed in the center of the table (which functions as a relic with all of the Relic special rules). The Relic is with three points; the other objectives are worth 2 points each.
Secondary Objectives: Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker

Round 2:
Table size:
Deployment: Clash of the line (Arrowhead. Short Table edge, form a triangle, furthest point is 24 inches from the center of the short table edge).
Mission: Players set up 5 objectives in “No man’s land” following standard objective deployment rules. These objectives are scored at the start of the player turn and gain the controlling player 1 point.
Secondary Objectives: Slay the Warlord, Attrition (Army which has destroyed the most enemy units gains a victory point)

Round 3:
Table size: 6×4
Deployment: Dawn of War
Mission: Crusade (each objective is worth 3 points)
Secondary Objective: Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker, Last-man standing (The army with the most surviving units gains one additional victory point)

Ok, now onto the “amazing” lists I decided to field. My 500-point list consisted of a Flying Hive Tyrant with 2 twin-linked devourers w/ Brainleech worms, 2 units of 10 Termagants, and an Exocrine. This was probably my most competitive list. At the 1000 point level, I added the Swarmlord, a Hive Crone, and 2 Biovores, and this is where my list started getting a little wacky, and not all that competitive. Though, at 1000 points, two flying MCs are pretty tough… or should have been, but I will get to that later.

At 2000 points, I thought I wrote a list that was more fun than competitive. Added to the 1000 point list was a full Tyrant Guard Brood to make the Swarmlord a little more survivable. I also added an Haruspex, a close combat MC that isn’t all that good at close combat. 2 Pyrovores… yea, I have no idea why. A venomthrope to give some units a cover save. Next I added a full brood of Raveners with rending claws because I love playing them and they are so very pretty. And the last addition was a Trygon Prime with adrenal glands. The theme was for my army to be fully painted and fun. Not so competitive.

My first round was a bye, but I got to play my 500 points against the Whit (the store owner) and his Chaos Marines. My two termagant squads fled off the board after failing a synapse check, and the Flying HT periled causing himself a wound. However, the only wound not cause by me on my own army was against the Exocrine in Close Combat. Really it was a fun, if silly game.

Load survivors of the 500-point game.

Loan survivors of the 500-point game.

My second round paired me up against the Tau player. This did not go well. He had a unit of three Skyrays, some broadsides, and 2 breacher squads. I know he had other units, but these three wrecked me. The Flying HT was hit with 12 missiles and just disappeared. A breacher squad shot the Swarmlord in the face, eliminating my other synapse creature. Everthing else seemed determined to fail leadership tests and just plant themselves on the board. I wasn’t tabled, but it was a bad loss. It was not a close game. I did score some points, but not enough to really call it a close game.

An Eldar army I never had to face.

An Eldar army I never had to face… thankfully.

Round three was a bit of a surprise. Space Marines arrived via Drop Pod in my face. Neither of us thought we were going to have a good game. My opponent used ignores cover rounds on my venomthrope (and gave them rending, which I didn’t get), and took away my cover save bonus in turn 1. The hive guard brood disappeared shortly after (and the Swarmlord was left with 1 wound) thanks to three Grav-Centurions. After that though, things went very well for me. I took out the Grav-Centurions by making them take hits with the psychic scream. Biovores actually cause 2 wounds on his jump unit. The Swarmlord and the Raveners slaughtered his veteran squad in close combat (The Raveners were almost wiped out by his Ironclad Dred in the next few rounds of Close Combat). But really, after that first round of losses, my army stepped up and did a lot of damage. The Haruspex killed a drop pod and…. Well, that’s it really. My hive crone used vector strike on his flyer, giving me the advantage in aerial combat. It wasn’t pretty for the marines, even with all the grav weapons he had. Honestly, I think he deployed them a little close to me.

It was a fun tournament, and I managed to pull out second place (out of 5). Thank you to my opponents for some fun games… even when I was nearly tabled.

Tau Update First Impressions

Tau IconHowdy everyone, Severus here!  Yes I still live, although my time for writing and hobbying is slim as of late.  I actually had some time this weekend, so I have been working on painting up some tau.  Why?  Because the greater good got an update!  My campaign book, Kauyon, got delivered with some new bases this week, so it’s time for a first impression!

First off, lets talk about the oddity of this release.  It is not a new codex.  It is an update.  So I only picked up the campaign book.  In it, it clearly spells out what rules in it you should use to replace existing rules in the 2012 codex.  I am really happy about this.  Instead of having to buy a campaign book and a new codex, GW saved me 50 bucks for once and was upfront about what I needed to buy.  Yeah GW!

So, like all new releases lately, GW gave the Tau its own composite detachment (similar to the necron decurion detachment or the space marines gladius strike force).  It is named the hunter contingent.  It has the basic setup with 0-1 command formations, 1+ core formations, and 1-10 auxiliary formations.  The formations for the most part are all put together well.  I won’t go through all the little rules with those, just hit a few highlights.

First and foremost, the core formations gives two important benefits.  First off, everything in the core formation gets 12″ supporting fire.  That is helpful.  Sometimes it can be hard to spread out to avoid template fire or bubble wrap a unit but still keep that good supporting fire base.  Secondly, units in this formation may run then shoot if they are within 12 inches of the cadre fireblade or the commander in the formation.  This is great to allow tau to be more mobile, a big problem for most of our foot troops.

The other formation that I really love is the optimized stealth cadre.  It is composed of 2 units of stealth suits and a unit of ghostkeels.  It’s benefits come in the form of one rule.  It allows the ghostkeel and all stealth suit units within 6″ to gain +1BS and Ignores Cover.  When they shoot at a vehicle, they hit the rear armor regardless of facing.  I have always loved the idea of steal suits, but never found them that effective.  This formation changes that!  Plus it is a great excuse for me to pick up a ghostkeel.

The main detachment, the Hunter Contingent, has a very contentious rule.  It is called Coordinated Firepower.  It basically allows the tau player to join multiple units together when shooting at a target “as if they were a single unit”.  If you have 3 or more units doing this, they get a +1BS.  The rule goes further to specifically mention that bonuses from markerlights apply to all units making this shooting attack.  I have affectionately named this attack “the spirit bomb”.

Goku-Spirit-BombThis rule has met with a lot of debate over the internet.  You can look up some articles if you want.  Essentially, the issue becomes that you can stack some crazy bonuses on all models in you army and then target lock off and use those bonuses on other targets.  Personally, I think that is pretty cheesy and against RAI.  RAW though, it looks like that might be the correct interpretation.  I think it is fair to get all those crazy bonuses if you can only target one unit.  It is the tau anti-death star attack.  Target lock allowing you to take those bonuses and shoot other target is what breaks it.

The formation rules out of the way, they added in a few new units and changed a few rules around for some of our standard units.  First off, the commander gain the option to take a suit that makes him a flying monstrous creature (minus a few rules).  I love the idea, but the weapons he is forced to take are not the best.  He also loses access to all the signature system (tau relics).  It looks fun, but I doubt you will see it that much.  The buffcommander build is just as viable as ever.

The ethereal gained access to armor finally (a 5+).  He also has access to a little hover platform that allows for him to ignore models and terrain while moving.  Looks cool, but kind of meh.

They added a new troop choice known as breachers.  They have short range guns that have a scaling strength and ap.  The best they get is strength 6 ap 3 within 5 inches and two shots.  This is about as close as tau will ever get to an assault unit.  Not my favorite choice, because I could take firewarriors with pulse carbines and do about as well from 18 inches away.

The big addition though is that they have access to a little missile turret they can put down.  It looks really cool, and can be a smart missile or a missile pod. Smart missiles are my choice.  It matches the normal strength and range of most infantry weapons, so it matches their usually targets.  Regular firewarriors (now named strike teams) also have access to this turret.

Crisis suit and bodyguard had two important changes.  First off the maximum squad size went up to 9!.  That is crazy!  A good reason to invest in some of those new suits.  They also gave both units access to the previous experimental weaponry (Airbursting Fragmentation Projector and Cyclic Ion Projector).  Nothing earthshaking, but it is a cool bit of story telling.  Like the Tau empire finally finished testing these new weapons and decided to deploy them to the whole army.

Now onto the big new release.  First off, the ghostkeel.  It is a stealth suit on steroids.  I really like the model.  Weaponry wise I am a bit torn.  It gets a giant fusion gun or a giant cyclic ion projector.  I think if you are running them as a unit (up to 3), then I would go with fusion.  If you want to be flexible and run them in the stealth cadre, I will chose the ion gun.  It has some drones that give it shrouded in addition to the stealth rule it already has.  It doubles that bonus when the shooting unit is more than 12 inches away.  So in short, with good tactics, this guy should always have a 2+cover save in the open.  Finally, it has an option once per game to just disappear.  After it has been targeted, it can force the shooters to only fire snap shots.  That is huge.

And finally, the big daddy itself.  The stormsurge, the first tau gargantuan creature.  It looks awesome!  The rules are an interesting bit.  It is really not that tough, only toughness 6 with 8 wounds and 3+ save and no invuln save natively.  So, krak missile spam, plasma spam, grav spam, ect will bring him to his knees.  On the other hand, this guys is packed to the gill with awesome guns!  It cluster rocket system, smart missiles, and support system (flamer, burst cannon, airburst) are great for clearing out light infantry.  Its 4 Destroyer missiles are one use, Strength 8 ap 1.  If you buff them with a markerlight, they become strength D.  That is epic!

Finally, the big main gun.  They have two options.  My favorite is the pulse driver cannon.  Range 72, strength 10, ap 2, ordnance 1.  Nice and simple, yet effective.  The other option is the pulse blastcannon.  It again has that scaling damage.  Range 10 or under it is strength D ap 1 heavy 2.  10-20 is strength 10 ap 3, and range 20-30 is stength 9 ap 5.  It is basically meant for killing other gargantuan creatures, super heavies, or high armor tanks.  The issue I have with it is you already have access to D weapons via the destroyer missiles.  How much D do you need?

There are plenty of rules and formations I didn’t get into.  I am sure I will get back to covering them at some point.  But for now I am really pleased with this update.  It definitely opened up a lot of options for my Tau.  I always wanted a mobile tau force, and now I think it is viable.  The spirit bomb gives me some options against death stars in competitive play.  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

Moving on to the next life stage of gaming

Howdy everyone, Severus here.  You probably have not heard much from me over the last few months for a good reason.  I moved to Alabama and started a new job.  This job is VERY demanding of my time.  To make matters worse I went from having a good gaming store 5 minutes away to one almost an hour away.  In short, my gaming has come to a halt.

Yet despite the fact that I have been out to game twice since June, I still am interested in the hobby.  I have slowly started work on some Iron Hand Bikers and a Bike Chapter Master.  I know, it’s a douche squad.  But the gaming group I ran into at the new store is a much more competitive group than I am used to.  Not a bad thing by any means, I just need to adjust my lists.

Over this past weekend, I had the urge to pick up a Storm Eagle.  Forgeworld is having a free shipping on 100 pound orders until the end of the month.  I have NO use for a storm eagle other than horus heresy.  I know no heresy gamers here in Alabama.  Yet I still want that lovely flyer.

Then today it came to me.  I am entering into a new life stage of being a gamer.  Work is much more important in my life now, and family and friends are taking up much of my spare time.  My gaming time is no longer focused on building lists and playing games.  It is focused on reading books and painting.  I am becoming the Adult Hobby Gamer (AHG).

I had seen AHG’s before.  They came out once every few months when they could get away.  Their lists were never updated to reflect the current meta.  They played when they could to have fun.  They hobbyied when they could to make cool looking models.  Their models live on shelves in cool dioramas, not in travel cases.  The best part is they still seemed to be enjoying themselves.

So I embraced my new life stage.  I started unpacking a few models and laying them out on the shelves today.  Only painted models that look good together.  I am making some slow progress as a biker holding a grav gun.  And I am really really close to ordering that storm eagle.

It feels good.  I am not fighting to be something that I am not.  I will build stuff I like, and paint stuff I like.  I will hobby when I have the time and the mood strikes me.  Games will be few and far between, but when they happen they are epic.

So there you have it.  How many of you have been through the transition to Adult Hobby Gamer?  What did you change with your hobby?  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

I Caved: Part Two

Last week I wrote about how I caved and decided to build myself a command squad on bikes without play testing them. I have now played them against the Tau twice, and lost both games. They were mostly unproductive. Actually, a command squad of sisters with the feel no pain rule lasted longer in the second game. However, I will continue to play the command squad with my sharks. I will probably drop the banner, but keep the squad.

Now I have decided to cave again. I have caved to the whims of GW.

Today I have started to rebase the Carcharodons on the 40mm (edit: meant 32mm) bases. I like the new sizes, I think they better represent the size of the marines. But how does one do this? Severus bought new bases that one can drop the old ones into. A little texture paint covers the cracks, and you are good to go. I decided to go in a direction that the Lord Primarch talked about. I cut the rims off of the bases and glued what was left onto a 40mm (yea…. 32mm again) base. I think it is a good start. The slight increase in height is barely noticeable, and again, once you add some texture, you can hide the changes. Here are some photos of how I started this.

rebase 1

rebase 2



rebase 3

rebase 4 rebase 5I apologize for the poor lighting, but I believe you get the idea. The models do not stand any taller than a model on a normal base. Sure, you could shave a little off the bottom to make them closer to the correct height, but I decided to take the lazy mans way out. I a just starting this, but maybe now I can focus on my Carcharodons and take a break from the Tyranids…


I caved

That’s right, I caved. This past weekend I bought A devastator squad so that I can build some new marines with Grav-Cannons. But that is not what I really mean when I say I caved. I also bought a Command Squad and a box of bikers. I was doing so well on not spending money, but no, I had to cave. Why do I think I caved when I mention these?

Well, for the past couple of weeks I wanted to play test a command squad for Isurus and the second Company of Carcharodons. However, I was never actually able to get that game in. Every time I would come close, something would come up. Either I would play the Tyranids, or need to play a more competitive game, or just not even get a game in. So I caved, bought the two boxes, and began my conversions. Am I 100% happy with the conversions? No. But I am happy over all.

First, we have the Chapter Champion. I like his pose and that I was able to add the shield. The final goal, after some sanding, is to add the Carcharodon emblem to the shield.

Champion 2Champion 1

Second we have an Apothecary on a bike. Thanks to someone pointing it out to be, this unit will be 3+ Armour save, 4+ cover save, and now have a 5+ Feel No Pain, all with a toughness 5. I don’t like where the left arm ended up, but it could have been worse.

Apoth 1

Speaking of worse, now we come to the banner bearer. I really wanted my command squad to have one. But none of the banners looked correct. They all looked static. So I just tried to make it look like this one guy was carrying it off to the side. The final goal may be to get a banner from a Raven Wing bike squad and convert that into a Carcharodon Banner. But for now, this banner will have to do.

Banner 1

Banner 2

All that is left is for me to build a few more bikers, armed with power swords. Then, I will be happy with my command squad… well, maybe after they are painted.

Fear of the Unknown

This past weekend a friend from New Jersey decided to make a last minute trip to visit me and get in a game of 40K. Now, it’s been quite a while since I last played him, and he is the only person I play who uses the Space Puppies. I had no idea what I was getting into. I had no idea what the new codex plays like. I had no idea what units my friend likes to field. I had no idea how good he is.

I spent a lot of time writing lists for this game. I wrote very competitive lists. I wrote lists that were fun, but not competitive. I wrote lists for the Tyranids, the Carcharodons, and I am pretty sure I even wrote a list for my Tau. I really had no clue what to take into this game.

Sadly, I settled on taking the Tyranids and a very competitive list (not the most competitive, but close). Having no idea what I would be facing, I took a double CAD list that had 2 Flying Hive Tyrants, 2 Hive Crones, the Swarmlord and his Guard, a total of 40 Gaunts, 2 Venomthrope units, and Exocrine, and 9 Raveners with rending claws. The mission had three objectives… that never really came into play.

It really was a one sided game. We did make it to turn five, but it was turn five where I tabled him. You name it; I was able to remove the unit from play. 2 units of Terminators? Raveners and the Swarmlord took them out. Puppies to absorb some wounds? Hive Crone flame templates. He took Long Fangs for his anti-air and I proceeded to pick them off a little at a time with the Hive Tyrants. He did make some target priority decisions that I may not have made, but even if he did attack the units I would have, I am not sure it would have made much of a difference.

By the end of the top of turn 5, I had two of the three objectives, line breaker, and slay the warlord. The wolves took first blood. That last objective? The final terminator was standing on it, while in close combat with the Swarmlord. My opponent admitted that the last round of combat would have probably killed that terminator.

I over compensated, and I feel really bad about that. It was not my intent to have such a one sided game. Yes, I asked if he had flyers, and he said no, but he had said that he had anti-air. If I had known that it was just one unit of Long Fangs, I would have dropped two flyers at least.

Competitive games are what I like, not lopsided victories. I can’t even say “At least I took Raveners”, since those Raveners tore through 5 Terminators, one drop pod, and about 30 Blood Claws. Sure, then ended up feeling off the board in turn 5, but they more than tore through the marines.

Maybe next time I will take a softer list… or at least let him decide if my list is tougher than her want to face.

At least through out the game he kept his good humor.