Last Stand of the *Insert Imperial Army Here*

Quite a few weeks ago, when I found out that our brother Severus was leaving the state of Maryland to move to the state of insanity, I mean… Alabama, I challenged him to a mission I dubbed “The Last Stand of the Iron Hands”. I thought that this would be a fun and final way for our two armies to meet. Thinking we had more time, he challenged me to have my army fully painted. Now that he is leaving a month early, I fear that my part of the agreement will not be fulfilled.

It also happened that I described this mission to another player from our group, and he liked the idea. So I challenged him as well, except now it is the Sisters of Battles and the Carcharodons (which happen to be mine) facing my Tyranids. I decided to run this game earlier, before facing off against Severus, thinking it would be a great test for the scenario. I wrote up a list, with two CADs, and one I though would be able to put us a fight against my Tyranid list.

Now, why do I bring this up? Well, it looks like I will be getting both games in this coming weekend (the one against Severus may take place the following week). I would like opinions on this mission. Both opponents know what they will be facing, at least in the basic terms. And the Sisters have troops that I believe can fight what I have planned.

The mission has Hammer and Anvil deployment, meaning my bugs will have to march across the table while taking fire from the Imperials. There will be a “no man’s land” in the middle of the table, with no terrain for me to take cover in. Cover in my deployment zone will be sparse. On the imperial side, there will be some Walls of Martyrs Imperial Defence Lines, some Emplacements, and a Redoubt or two. And the Imperial player gets these at no additional cost. My army will have the Scythed Hierodule in it, which will only come onto the table on turn three. Also, any unit that has been completely destroyed by my opponent goes into ongoing reserves, and enters the board from my table edge.

Not to make it look like I am giving myself too easy of a mission, I have put a limit on the amount of flyers I can take. As in, I am not taking any. Both sides are taking 2500 points in their lists.

Now, what is my goal? I have to table my opponent, of course. I have to march across the table, taking fire, and hoping that I can get close enough to kill every last one of those tasty imperials. If I can table them by Turn 5, it is a win for me. If I table them in Turn 6, the result is a tie. If they last till turn 7, it is a win for them. This part of the game may require some changes

Of course, the main goal will be to have fun. I have the Scythed Hierodule, they have all of the cover. Hopefully it will balance out in the end. There can even be some fluff, the Sisters, protecting the Emperor’s faithful, called for help. While trying to save the citizens and the wounded, and giving them time to evacuate, the Sharks show up to give them aid. There alliance can even be called “Nurse Sharks”…

I know that I am probably the only one who laughed at that.


A Journey of 1000 Miles Starts with a Single Step

lotr2Howdy everyone, Severus here.  I have some important news to share with you.  In the near future, I will be taking a position in Auburn Alabama and moving away from Baltimore.  This, while great for me professionally, is very bad for me in terms of the hobby.

Why you ask?  Well, I went to college and professional school in Auburn.  In my 7 years there, I never met a single 40k player.  I tried to teach my roommate once, but it never grabbed him.  Granted, I was not super active in my search for a gaming community back then.  Regardless, it is a bit scary to think I have become so deeply involved in this hobby, and now I may lose the very community that it needs to survive.

I have a lot of 40k and warhammer miniatures.  I mean A LOT.  It is a hobby I love and there is so much I want to do with it still.  I have armies to finish building, armies to finish painting, conversion ideas, table ideas, terrain ideas, campaign ideas, the list goes on and on.  Granted, I will probably have less hobby time in the future with the demands of my new job  This is still a hobby I want to stay active in.  I find the little bit of hobby time I get each night is a great way to relax my mind.

So, what is a gamer to do when he moves to the land of no games?  Why, try to build a community of course!  I have reached out to one person who is involved in a card shop there.  He said there was a 40k community, but they are mostly basement and garage gamers.  There are no stores to my knowledge that stocks GW products or have tables available.  There is a game shop with an active community about an hour away from where I will be living.  If I can get some time on a weekend, a trip over there could be a good idea.  What I really want to do though is find local gamers and build a community.

That feeds into the next part of my plan.  I need a gaming space.  Ultimately, I am sure I could find an area in our home to setup a table if I needed to.  Problem is I don’t have a table.  I have a couple of folding tables that could work.  I have some old beat up GW terrain (mainly craters and trees).  I need to get some buildings and a table top.  I have toyed around with the idea of building my own.  I think I may invest in a Fat Mat from Frontline Gaming.

Finally, what can I do to stay in touch my gaming group in Baltimore?  These guys have been the best gaming group I have ever been a part of.  It is what has driven me so deeply into this hobby.  I have a few ideas.  Meeting up at conventions is probably the first idea I had. Adepticon or Nova Open or the LVO all sound like options.  Plus, if I truly am in a land of no games, a weekend away with the friends gaming every few months would be worth it.  Some guys have purposed road trips to see each other.  Also another great idea.  Finally, I stole and idea from Garagehammer.  Skype painting sessions.  A good way to chat and hobby.

So, what does this all mean for the future of the Blog?  I am not sure.  I want to stay active in the hobby.  Maybe keeping the blog going will be the motivation I need to stay active.  You can also expect to see myself taking to all forms of social media to start trying to find some gamer contacts in Alabama.  Including this blog.

All is no lost though.  I still have two months here.  Plenty of time to get some epic games in with everyone.  I even purposed and apocalypse game with all my orks against all the imperial forces my friends can field.  The last stand of Kaptain Klaw.  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

Forgeworld Metalica Skitarii First Impressions


Howdy everyone, Severus here!  I have been working on building up my little skitarii force.  I now have all the models (20 vanguard and 5 ruststalkers).  I have finished the assembly process and have starting in on the painting process.  Progress is slow, I am finding the hobby mojo is harder to come by as of late.  I have managed to get two games in with them though.

Quick recap about the lists.  The skitarii are intended to be a small allied force.  The parent force in both games were my Iron Hands.  The Iron Hands list is undergoing a few changes, so I won’t list it here.  The skitarii themselves are broken up into the following:

  • 10 man vanguard unit, omniscope, Alpha with Taser Goad and Phosphex Pistol
  • 10 man vanguard unit, omniscope, Alpha with Taser Goad and Phosphex Pistol
  • 5 man ruststalker unit, all with transonic razors and cordclaws, princeps with a prehensile data spike

My goal was to run things as cheaply as possible (points wise) while still keeping them WYSIWYG.  The vanguard alpha does not have the option for the radium carbine on the spruen (bad GW, giving me options without the bits), hence the close combat weapon and pistol (the cheapest combo available).  The ruststalker princeps is modeled with the data spike, so it goes in as well.

Now as for performance, this is only my first impression (two games is by no means enough to judge them by).  My general thoughts are they are a very finesse force.  They CAN NOT take a hit.  Being toughness 3 with a 4+ armor save means they will not stand up to a lot of fire power.  Feel no pain (6+ for the vanguard and 5+ for the ruststalkers) is a bit of a help, but the T3 means you will only be getting it against small arms fire.

To combat the squishiness of the force, they rules make them a very fast force.  The ruststalkers get +3 inches to there move, run, and charge.  The skitarii maniple (the force org you take them in) gives all of them crusader and scout (but can not outflank).  That means they can all re-position prior to the game and get some reliable runs to get into the best position.  In otherwords, you can move pretty well to try to keep these guys away from anything very dangerous.

The damage output is decent on the right target.  The vanguard are great at killing light infantry.  There special wounds on 6 always causing 2 wounds trick really can pile the hurt on a lightly armored unit. If it has a poor armor save and depends on cover, the omnispec and phosphex pistol really help.  I have not had much luck with them against high toughness targets (monstrous creatures).  I think if you want to go that road, you need to have 2-3 full squads focus on one.

Now, I hear the internet screaming at me “Plasma Calivers”.  And to you, I say NO.  Look at it this way.  They are 30 points a piece for the weapon.  The guy carrying it is a 9 point, toughness 3, 4+ armor save, infantry model.  Do you know anyone that will let that guy live long enough to get his 18″ range weapon into position?  The internet screams “Drop Pods”.  I say that breaks the fluff.  Skitarii don’t use transports, they have bionic legs.  I am looking to make a fluff force, not a WAAC force.  So no transports for them.

The ruststalkers seem really good in close combat.  I just have been rolling HORRENDOUSLY with them.  They can deal out a punch, but really can not take one in return.  The problem I am running into is that the ap2 really only gets going in the second round of combat.  You need to live that long with decent numbers to be worth it.  I think a 10 man squad would preform better than a 5 man.

Overall, I like where I am at with the Skitarii.  They are a good little base force.  I need to learn to use them better.  Ultimately, I would like to expand them into a large force.  I am not sure how though.  My hopes is that cult mechanicus and skitarii get rolled into one list under Faction Adeptus Mechanicus or something like that.  If not, I will be force to decide on expanding the skitarii with more skitarii or starting another small allied force of cult mechanicus.  What do you guys think?  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

Oh Look, More Mechanicum…And Knights…And A Space Marine Book…

GW Rapid Release Schedule - Like Drinking from a Fire Hose...

GW Rapid Release Schedule – Like Drinking from a Fire Hose…

Howdy everyone!  Severus Here.  Today I wanted to update you guys on the project I started only a week ago.  Adding a force of Metalica Skitarii to my Clan Sorgol Iron Hands.  Would you believe that only a week into the project, and I am already considering changing some things?  Why you ask?  The answer is simple, the fire hose that is GW releases is not showing any signs of slowing down.

In the last week, a new Knight Codex has been announced.  Leaks for a Cult Mechanicum force have been seen.  Finally, rumors of a new Space Marine Codex for June have begun to circulate.  Basically, every asset in my force is potentially about to get re-done.  So, what is a hobbyist to do with all this change?

Forge on!  I have decided to start out with 3 units of Skitarii.  Two units of vanguard (10 man each) and a unit of ruststalkers (5 man).  This is a smaller purchase and gives me a good foundation to start with.  My hope is that the Skitarii will be incorporated into the Cult Mechanicum force.  Think of it like the Tempestus book and the Astra Militarum books.  If that is the case, then I hopefully already have a force that I could build on with the Cult Mechanicum units (which looks so cool!).

If the Cult Mechanicum force is a separate force from Skitarii, I may have a tough choice to make.  I really don’t want to start two new armies to support the Iron Hands.  I have WAY to much stuff for this hobby and my budget keeps shrinking.  We will have to cross that bridge if it ever comes.

Now, onto the Knights!  Honestly, I am not that interested in the new kits.  They look a lot like the Errant and Paladin kits.  I doubt I will add to my Knight force.  It currently stands as one Knight, the Freeblade Justice.  The fluff behind him being a Freeblade didn’t fit well with adding more Knights.  So, I will not expand here.  I will probably have to pick up the cards and the book though.

Now, with all that in mind, I began the construction of the Skitarii.  I picked up a box of Vanguard and Ruststalkers.  Long story short, I love those models but they are VERY limited in there poses.  All the Vanguard have specific torsos that go with specific legs and specific arms.  Same goes for the Ruststalkers.  Overall, they look great.  My concern is that a larger force of them would look weird, with the same 5 poses repeated again and again.

That about wraps it up for today.  I have started work on painting my Skitarii, hopefully I will have something to show you next week.  What do you guys make about all the rapid releases from GW?  Is it affecting your plans for various armies or do you say screw it and keep going with what you had already wanted to do?  Until next time this is Severus saying have a 

Skitarii and Iron Hands…A Bond of Steel

I know cheesy title, but I couldn’t resist.  Howdy everyone, Severus here.  I want to talk to you guys today about something that has re-ignited my hobby fires.  I will admit, over the past few weeks, the hobby has been less fun for me due to personal reasons.  I have been resisting looking at the Skitarii release because I knew I would fall in love with them.  I broke down and picked up the codex this weekend, and it was just what I needed.

First off, the fluff behind this is amazing!  The skitarii are the emotionless expendable troops that get the job done no matter the cost.  Just like my beloved Iron Hands.  The Iron Hands have a very close relationship with the mechanicum.  It is even speculated that the Iron Hands have avoided reprimand for there severe tactics because of the mechnicum’s backing.

My force is Clan Sorgol.  I want to ally them to Skitarri based out of Forgeworld Metalica.  Why?  Because I love metal and I could not pass that opportunity up.  So, to establish a connection, I needed to do a little fluff writing of my own.

Metalica is located across the galaxy from Medusa in the Ultima Segmentum.  Iron Father Telavek had been sent to answer a request for aid by the Ultramarines during their attempts to stop Hive Fleet  Behemoth.  During the numerous battles, a manipule of Skitarri from forgeworld Metalica were attached to Telavek’s command.  He was impressed by the resilience of this fighting force and there dedication to completing the mission, regardless of the cost.  The Tech Priests of Metalica were similarly impressed by Telavek’s strict adherence to the most logical plans of attacks and his reverence for gathering as much data about his foes as possible.

At the conclusion of the Behemoth Campaign, Telavek and the Tech Priests swore oaths of brotherhood to one another.  Either force would willing answer the call to war if needed.  This bond would stretch across the galaxy.  Telavek often would request aid from Metalica, even if other imperial forces were closer to lend support.  He knew he could trust these Skitarii to get the job done even if it meant there lives in the process.

So, with the fluff established time to actually move on to building a list.  Skitarii are a tricky bunch.  Generally speaking, they are fragile.  Toughness 3 for all the infantry and AV 11 for the vehicles.  I wanted a cohesive force that works fluff wise and still plays well on the table.  Here is what I have come up with.

Clan Raukaan Supplement

  • Iron Father Telavek – Chapter Master with Terminator Armor, Thunder Hammer, Gorgon’s Chains
  • Terminator Assault Squad – 5 Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
  • Tactical Squad – 8 Bolter Marines, Plasma Gun Marine, Sergeant, Rhino
  • Tactical Squad – 8 Bolter Marines, Plasma Gun Marine, Sergeant, Rhino
  • Tactical Squad – 8 Bolter Marines, Plasma Gun Marine, Sergeant, Rhino
  • Ferrum Rex – Land Raider Crusader
  • Ferrum Vindicae – Vindicator with Siege Sheild
  • Stalker (still working on a name)

Skitarri Maniple

  • Skitarii Vanguard – 9 with Radium Carbine, Alpha with Radium Carbine
  • Skitarii Vanguard – 9 with Radium Carbine, Alpha with Radium Carbine
  • Sicarian Ruststalkers – 4 with Transonic Razors, Chordclaws, and Mindscrambler Grenades, Princeps with the same
  • Ironstrider Ballistarii – Twinlinked Cognis Lascannon
  • Ironstrider Ballistarii – Twinlinked Cognis Lascannon

The idea behind this list is that the marines are there for anti-infantry and holding ground.  T4 with 3+ armor save and 6+ feel no pain is pretty good at standing on ground and not giving it back.  Telavek is with the terminators in the land raider.  They are more of an anvil unit.  They can certainly deal out some damage, but they are even better about soaking it up.  The stalker and vindicator add some supporting fire.

The Iron Hands portion of the list has two big weakness.  High toughness models (aka monstrous and gargantuan creatures) and flyers.  The skitarii fill that gap.  The Radium carbines on the vanguard can wound ANYTHING on a 6. Plus they cause 2 wounds per each 6 rolled.  That can help chip wounds off some big enemies.  The ruststalkers are very fast so hopefully they make it into combat.  Once in combat, they have a fleshbane attack (always wounds on 2+, even against a gargantuan).  Plus they always wound on a 6 and are ap2 when they roll a 6.  Top it off with haywire grenades, and they can tackle most any target in combat.

Finally, the Ballistarii.   This is the unit I am a little unsure about.  They have good shooting with a twinlinked lascannon with precision shot.  The cognis rules makes them BS2 on snap fires, so they actually have a chance at hitting a flyer as well. They are fast, so they can get around into vehicles flanks to make those lascannons better.  They just seem really light on defense.  I think they are more a finesse unit.

So, what do you think?  Are the Skitarii of Metalica worthy allies to Clan Sorgol?  What about this list?  I have never played nor seen skitarii played, so I am open to feed back.  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

Orks are Officially Da Best!!!

Ork_Freebooterz_WarbossHowdy everyone, Severus here.  Today, I wanted to finally report on how that tournament my FLGS was holding.  Just as a refresher to anyone, it was an 1850pt tournament using ITC FAQ and had 3 rounds.  Round one was the relic with hammer and anvil deployment.  Round two was crusade with 4 objectives in vanguard strike deployment.  Round three was the scouring (all objectives worth 3 points) with dawn of war deployment.  I of course, brought the ork list I have been practicing with for a few weeks.  We had a good turn out for our little gaming group, with 8 players showing up.

  • Combined Arms Detachment
    • Mek, Slugga and Choppa (joins ‘Eavy armor boys)
    • Big Mek, ‘Eavy Armor, Kustum Force Field (joins tankbustas)
    • Grukk Face Rippa (joins ‘Eavy armor boyz)
    • 2 Mega Nobz with kill saws and Boss Mega Nob with kombi skorcha, trukk
    • 11 Tankbustas with Boss Nob (rides in a battle wagon)
    • 15 boyz with slugga, choppa, and ‘Eavy armor, Nob with power klaw and ‘Eavy armor (rides in a battlewagon)
    • 11 boys with slugga and choppa, nob with power klaw and boss pole, trukk
    • Deffkopta with twin-linked rokkits
    • Deffkopta with twin-linked rokkits
    • Deffkopta with twin-linked rokkits
    • Battlewagon with big shoota
    • Battlewagon with big shoota
    • 3 mek guns with traktor kannons
  • Combined Arms Detachment
    • Pain Boy (joins mega nobz)
    • Pain Boy (joins ‘Eavy armor boys)
    • 11 boys with slugga and choppa, nob with power klaw and boss pole, trukk
    • 11 boys with slugga and choppa, nob with power klaw and boss pole, trukk
    • 11 boys with slugga and choppa, nob with power klaw and boss pole, trukk

I had three really good games against great opponents.  Round one was against my friend Josh and his Salamanders.  I about crapped a brick when I saw his list.  It had tons of flamers and multi-meltas.  Of course Vulkan was there to add more fire to the fight.  Topped off by two thunderfire cannons and this list had all the tools to pop my transports and roast the orks when they were out.  Heck, with flamers, he could burn the orks IN the transports.  I took a ton of casualties, but was able to get my mega nobs onto the relic and jump them into an empty battlewagon eventually.  Round one for the Orks!

Round two was against another friend, John, and his tyranids.  His list featured 3 flying hive tyrants with all sorts of guns, a barbed hierodule, a swarmlord, and then tons of those spore mines, ripper swarms, and mucolid spores.  I was able to knock down and kill two of the flying hive tyrants in turn 3. After that is was just a matter of staying alive and getting onto the objectives. Orks held two to the nids one.  Another Ork Victory.

So, last round I was on the top table against another friend, A-Bomb, (sensing a theme yet).  He brought Blood Angels!  He had two tac squads in rhinos, an assault squad, a baal predator, a small unit of sanguinary guard with Dante, and a stormraven packed with death company, a chaplain, and a death company dread.  It was a close fight, with a really back and forth feel to the game.  In the end, Grukk was able to beat Dante, the death company, the chaplain, and the death company dread.  That pretty much gave me my whole left flank with one unit.  I had three objectives to his one.  A third Ork Victory!

With that, the Orks proved da iz da best!  I am honestly surprised I did so well with them.  I thought my list had potential, but I figured I wouldn’t make it against some of the other competition.  I had some good match ups, so that helped.  There was a two knight list with iron hands, not sure what my orks would have done there.

The best part about all this is I won some store credit.  I have recently picked up the Skitarii book.  With that credit to start me off, I think I am going to start a small allied force of Skitarii to work with my Clan Sorgol Iron Hands.  More on that later.  In the mean time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

My Answer to Centurions

I know this seems obvious by now, but the Shield of Baal Tyranid Supplement (let’s be honest, the first book is a Tyranid supplement) brought a fantastic answer to the Space Marine Centurions armed with grav weapons. I have struggled against the Centurions for the past few months, usually because of bad tactics on my part, and just forgetting what they can do. For example, a unit of four took out the Swarmlord and all three of his guard (that’s eleven wounds right there) in the first turn of a game I was playing. Now I admit that most of that was my fault, keeping the unit in the open, running them into range of the Centurions, but I have lost multiple games thanks to that unit. I’ve seen games where Centurions actually won the game for my opponent; he wouldn’t have needed anything else in the army except to distract me. I have a history of struggling against them; I fear them.

However, the Shield of Baal gave me hope. Now I can take a unit of 5 Zoanthropes and one Neurothrope (the DOOOOOM of Malan’tai replacement). This unit can force the Centurions to take a leadership test on 3D6, causing a wound for every point the test was failed by thanks to Spirit Leach. These wound points also give the Zoanthrope Brood extra dice to manifest Warp Blast. And here we get into the goods. Warp Blast has the lance attack that is S10, AP2. This ignores the Centurion’s armour and thanks to doubling them out, kills them instantly. Centurions, with Grav Weapons, will be wounding the Zoanthropes on 5’s, but the Zoanthropes get their 3+ invulnerable save.


I will admit, there are some issues. Not only does the Spirit Leach actually have to hit its target, you also have to hit with the Warp Lances as well. The Brood comes with a ballistic skill of 4, so you are hitting above 50%. Now, since this is a brood, I would just dump the extra dice (and maybe some other dice) into getting off the warp lances. I would risk the perils, just to guarantee a successful warp lance casting. Also, other units can easily double out the Zoanthropes, meaning they are not indestructible. Finally, this unit can get expensive (50 points per model and a 25 point upgrade).

But how do I get this unit into the correct position? Well, Shield of Baal comes to the rescue again. Another unit out of this supplement is a Tyranid version of a Drop Pod, the Tyrannocyte. This can drop the Zoanthrope Brood where it is needed, admittedly on Turn 2 or later, but it is a risk I am willing to take. Plus, this is an armed and mobile drop pod, making it slightly better (though not much) than a drop pod. Plus it can fire all five of its weapons at the nearest enemy units within each weapon’s line of site.

Is this the best solution? Maybe not. But you do get a solid unit of psykers who are survivable. You get another synapse unit. You have a great invulnerable save, which very few Tyranis units have. You get a S5 AP3 blast attack or a S10 AP2 Lance attack. While this may not be the best answer to my problems, I do enjoy having a unit of 4 to 5 of them in my lists.

Getting into the Greater Good – Y’varha Field Test List and Fluff

Howdy everyone, Severus here.  It has finally come time to shelve my Iron Hands and begin work on my Tau again.  The Iron Hands have reached there initial goal of 2000 points painted.  The next step is building them a Horus Heresy list, which I will save for another post.  Now is the time of the Tau.  I have tons of models for them, almost all of which I have airbrushed the base coat.  It is time to get them out and start finishing them up.

The first step to this army is settling on a list to play for a while.  That should cut down on the number of models I need to paint and give me some focus.  I am sure there will be some variation to the list depending on my opponent and how tough a list they want to face.  But I wanted a nice core place to start.  I also wanted it to have some strong fluff to base the army around.

Way back when (aka like 2 years ago), we had a little campaign run by Ralshenik.  I played my tau in it, and I needed to give my Shas’o (battlesuit commander for those of you not familiar with tau ranks) a name.  I read through as much as I could on names of commanders.  Generally they get a nickname based on there fighting style or personality.  I settled on Darkstar.  My lists also feature an ethereal usually.  I settled on Aun’ro.  I have yet to settle on a sept name yet.

Now for my list.  I have several of the forgeworld suits and wanted to work them into the fluff a bit.  The core list I wanted to feature the Y’varha in.  The concept is that since the Y’varha’s fighting style is so different from the normal tau strategy of waging war, Darkstar and Aun’ro order a field test upon receiving one from the Empire.  These specialty suits are in short supply.  Darkstar wants to know it’s capabilities and weakness so he does not squander this resource.

With that in mind two forces were deployed from Darkstar’s main force.  A scout cadre composed of kroot, pathfinders riding in tetras, and stealth suits.  They were tasked with locating a suitable target (most likely a group of tyranids drawn off from there main force).  A second cadre of mobile units were deployed as an escort to Darkstar and Aun’ro.  It is composed of a unit of crisis suits as a body guard for Darkstar, a unit of fire warriors in a devilfish as an honor guard to Aun’ro, a hammerhead gunship, a skyray, and a pack of vespid.  The Y’varha is deployed in an Orca and will await permission from Darkstar and Aun’ro before deploying to the field of battle (aka deepstriking).

Nuts and bolts wise, here is the list:

  • Darkstar – Commander with 2 missile pods, puretide engram chip, shield generator, velocity tracker, and Iridium Battlesuit
  • Aun’ro – Ethereal with homing beacon and blacksun filter
  • Stealth Team – 5 man with Shas’vre, all with burst cannons and positional relay
  • Crisis Team – 3 man with Shas’vre, all with 2 missile pods and velocity tracker
  • Firewarrior Team – 11 man with Shas’ui, all with pulse rifles and bonded, devilfish with disruption pods and sensor spines
  • Kroot Carnivore Squad – 10 man with sniper rounds
  • Kroot Carnivore Squad – 10 man with sniper rounds
  • Tetra Scout Speeder Team – 4 Tetras with disruption pods
  • Vespid Stingwings – 12 man with Strain Leader
  • XV109 Y’varha – Stimulant Injector
  • Hammerhead Gunship – Disruption pods, Railgun with Submunission rounds, Smart missile system
  • Sky Ray Missile Defense Gunship – Disruption pods, smart missile system

Total: 1997

Generally speaking, I like the list design.  I enjoy playing a more mobile army and avoiding the standard tau tactic of castling up in the back field.  I want this list to also be fun for my opponent.  Around my local group, riptides of any sort have earned a bad reputation.  I wanted to still play the Y’varha but in a manner that gave my opponent the chance to take it down.  Hence it is the only riptide or riptide variant in the list. Broadsides have also left a few guys with hurt feelings, so they didn’t make the list (along with there lack of mobility preventing them from keeping up with the rest of the force.)

There are still plenty of area’s of fluff for me to explore as well.  Darkstar’s background has yet to be fleshed out.  Based on his preference for mobile armies and experimental weapons and tactics, I get the impression that he is falling from the Ethereal council’s good graces.  I feel that the name is fitting.  In terms of his stance on Farsight, I have not decided on that yet.  His tactics seem to be similar to Farsights.  There is a secret group within the Tau Empire that still think he is a great commander and support him.  Perhaps Darkstar will discover this group in the future.

That about wraps it up for today.  I will try to get some pictures of my tau up for a more painting focused article next time.  What do you guys think about the fluff so far?  Do you think the field testing of the Y’varha will be a success?  Does the list sound like something you would want to play?  Until next time everyone, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.


Severus’ is back…again.

lazy-gamerHowdy everyone.  Guess the ork broke the news to you all that I was on my way back.  Well, here I am.  There is no fancy excuse.  I was being super lazy (see above related picture).  Good news is that I have been active hobby wise and have plenty to talk about.

Kaptain Klaw already brought you guys up to speed on what has been happening in the GW world.  I can fill you in on what is happening in our little local group.  I finished up my original 2000 point Iron Hands lists.  Completely painted to a standard I am happy with.  I will try to setup the army for some photos one of these days.  They have been my primary army over the last few months in terms of gaming.  I am hoping to transition to Tau soon.

I briefly considered re-basing my Iron Hands when the 32mm bases came out.  I got to say, I really like the way marines look on 32mm bases.  I was a little concerned about having to pop all my marines of there 25mm (some have finecast legs, the other I used plastic glue which can be a bear to break neatly).  Then the words of wisdom prevailed.  I would need new foam for 32mm based miniatures.  My current kr foam fits my 25mm bases very snug.  Since I hate buying foam and cases (even if they are a good product), I decided to hold off on re-basing the Iron Hands.

Our gaming group has been really into fantasy.  Mainly due to all the new end times content.  Guys have been dusting off old armies, adding new units, and expanding armies with the new end times army units.  I learned a lot.  Mainly that I love Manfred’s new rules.   He was a blast to play with, I may have to pick up that model eventually (I borrowed him the first time).  I was also gifted a box of Morghast Harbingers, which I have assembled and painted.  Going to test them out this weekend, so expect a little report.

We have even held a few small tournaments (put on by Critical Hit Games).  They are trying a new format that has been working well.  It is sort of a league.  Participants sign up and pairings are announced.  The games can be played anytime (as in through out the week or weekend) but must be played in the store.  It is a single elimination style.  Once the first round is complete, pairings for the next round are announced and it repeats.  A 10 person tournament took about 3 weeks.  A long time, but we ended up with a much higher turn out than when we hosted a single day 3 round tournament.

Personally, I would like to see the tournament format changed to a double elimination bracket.  It is possible to do, just takes a little bit more work to come up with the pairings.  That way you are less likely to get booted out of the tournament from some really bad luck or a poor match up.  Regardless though, they have been fun matches to watch and play in.  We even started a 40k one this last week.

We have had a few new faces in the 40k crowd.  Unfortunately, none of them have become regular players thus far.  There are about 6 of us there making up the core group.  Don’t get this wrong, I love my core gaming group.  I just really want to see more guys around playing.  The more variety, the better.  We are happy to play with new players or veterans.  If you are reading this and are in the Baltimore area, check us out some saturday.

That about wraps up what has been going on with me.  I have a few ideas for articles in the works (new year’s hobby resolutions, army on display for the iron hands, maybe a forgeworld unit review).  Until then gentleman, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.


Zog it! Where did dat hummie runz off to now?



Listen up ya gitz.  It’z Kaptain Klaw here.  Seemz dat da little hummie, Severus, has wondered off again.  Don’t fret, me boyz say he will be back shortly.  Some fing to do wit him being a lazy git, I can never read ‘iz notes.

Well, I guess da Kaptain iz gonna have to fill in for now.  Let’s see, when waz da last time we heard from dat git? Hmm, looks like back in Orktober?  Ya meanz to tell me dat idiot didn’t do a big Orktoberfest thing?  I iz gonna krump him when I seez him next.

Well dere waz a ton of dem bug thingz.  Like some big brain bug and some strangle tentacle bugz.  Da had big onez and small onez for each.  Then dey had diz big egg sac lookin thingy.  Da bug boyz tell me dey really like diz unit and dat us orks should be afraid of it.  But orks iz da best, so I don’t listen to dem gitz.

Dere waz a bunch of stuff for dem square based gamez.  Some fing to do wit da end timez.  Dat don’t make no sense to me.  It’s ain’t da end until da Kaptain makez it da end.  Whatever it iz, da fantasy ladz have been having a blast wit it.  Good on dem!

Den came da vampire space marinez.  I always love krumpin dem gitz.  Dey always know how to have a good fight.  Not like dem other sissy marinez dat try to dakka ya to deff.  Deez lads always like to get in close to do da krumpin.  Da new book dey got really turned it up a notch.  Dem boyz is right tough now.  Now I just need to get some boyz together to have another good scrap wit dem.

Dat about covered da last two months.  Da lazy git will be back shortly to give ya gitz some more on what he has been upto.  Diz iz da Kaptain sayin WAAAAAAGH!