Orks v Tyranids – Nid Perspective

So, now that we have seen my list and deployment here, I am going to get into the actual game. *I apologize, I am writing this a week late, and I am not sure I am 100% correct on the following*

Right off the bat, I opted not to try and seize the initiative. My logic was that if I move forward, I would have limited shooting, and everything would have to run forward. This would put me in a position to get charged on turn one. If I let Severus go first, I might be in a position to get a charge off in the first turn with the Raveners.

Turn 1 –
Severus did the Orky thing and quickly moved forward. It was actually a little scary seeing that many ork vehicles head in my direction. He did get off some shooting, killing one of the two biovores and a couple of hormaguants, but he mostly seemed to use that turn in order to get into a position where he could charge and protect some of his more important units.

In my turn, I moved into a position to start getting charges off. My Raveners made a move towards the Warboss and his Squad. Swarmlord slowly moved forward (because that is what he does). The HT and the Hive Crone headed towards the nearest ork vehicles.

In the psychic phase I got Catalyst off and gave feel no pain to the Swarmlord and the Raveners. I reduced the Warbosses BS and WS. Finally, the Zoanthropes blew up a Trukk, giving me first blood.

09 Nid Center Flank

In the shooting phase, my Biovore bombed the unit of Gretchen (killing all but 2), the Exocrine shot at another Trukk, the Hive Crone burned some boys in a pair of vehicles (not many, I caused 1 wound in one and 4 in the other). But mostly I ran units forward that would not have been able to get off a charge.

In the assault phase, I had the Raveners charge the bikes. While I did get a few wounds on them, killing 2, Severus caused more to the Raveners, killing three of them. However, I was fearless, so I was just happy getting them tied up.

15 Turn 1 over

Turn 2 –
In Turn two, only one of the three Ork flyers entered the game from reserves. Severus positioned some boys to charge the Raveners. More of his boys were put into a place where they could shoot and charge the Zoanthropes. In the shooting phase he killed the Hive Crone (which was a significant loss for me) and caused me to jink the Flying HT.

In the assault phase, the boys charged the Raveners, and proceeded to slaughter most of them. The other boys failed their charge on the Zoanthropes.

In my Turn two, I continued to move forward. The Carnifexes continued to try to get into a position where they could do something (that was a theme for them through this game). The Swarmlord again didn’t move that far forward. At this point in time, I was just trying to get him into combat with the Warboss. But the fact that the boss was on a bike, and that the Swarmlord does not have fleet (plus my move through cover rolling was terrible), I was not having any luck catching him.

In the shooting phase, the Pyrovores managed to kill off some boys (that were no longer in combat since they killed the Raveners), so they were actually productive.

I sent more troops into combat, trying to tie up and kill some boys. While it worked, it didn’t work as well as I had hoped.

18 Turn 1 Over

Turn 3 –

In Turn three, another one of the Ork jets came in on the table. And this time, after some serious firepower, a failed grounding check, and a charge from the Warboss, the Flying HT was brought down and killed. I also lost more little bugs and one of the pyrovores (which did not explode). The Warboss consolidated away from me, making the swarmlord have to go even further.

In my turn, the Swarmlord continued to try and run down the Warboss. Actually, most of my units were trying to get into better positions. I didn’t have anything to deal with the flyers, so I proceeded to ignore them except for the random snapfire from the Exocrine (and he always failed to cause any damage). Malanthrope and Carnifex units continued to try and position themselves differently. By this time the Hormaguants and one of the Termagant units were very much reduced in size. Even the second Termagant unit was reduced. I was taking losses left and right.

25 Turn 3

Turn 4 –

Severus used his turn four to try and rack up some kill points. One flyer shot at the Malanthrope and killed it. The warboss charged into combat with the left flank Termaguants in order to support the boys that were tied up.

Turn 4 is where I realized that if I were ever going to catch the Warboss, I would have to sacrifice my Zoanthropes. I put them into a position to charge into the combat that the Warboss was in. A couple of Termagants wouldn’t hold out long enough. The Thropes, while terrible in close combat, are survivable with a 3+ invulnerable save. The Warboss slaughtered the Neurothrope in close combat, and I took more losses, but the Warboss could not get away. The Swarmlord was going to get him.

30 Turn 3

Turn 5 –

The turns picked up the pace as the game went on, but that because both Severus and I were taking heavy losses. But turn 5 was the hardest for Severus. He did complete some shooting, took out a few small units, but he was taking a beating. He charged the exocrine (after taking off some wounds with a flyer) but lost combat. He killed a more of the Zoanthrope unit, but not enough to flee. And that is when the Swarmlord charged in a killed the boss in a challenge. From there his game collapsed completely.

35 Turn 4

 Turn five was the first turn where the Carnifexes were able to do anything. They charged and destroyed a battlewagon. The game did go on to a turn 6, but by this time there was not much left in either one of us. The Tyranids feasted on a lot of Orks. And I have to say, the new detachment that the Orks have is not one of the better ones.

34 Turn 4

Fear of the Unknown

This past weekend a friend from New Jersey decided to make a last minute trip to visit me and get in a game of 40K. Now, it’s been quite a while since I last played him, and he is the only person I play who uses the Space Puppies. I had no idea what I was getting into. I had no idea what the new codex plays like. I had no idea what units my friend likes to field. I had no idea how good he is.

I spent a lot of time writing lists for this game. I wrote very competitive lists. I wrote lists that were fun, but not competitive. I wrote lists for the Tyranids, the Carcharodons, and I am pretty sure I even wrote a list for my Tau. I really had no clue what to take into this game.

Sadly, I settled on taking the Tyranids and a very competitive list (not the most competitive, but close). Having no idea what I would be facing, I took a double CAD list that had 2 Flying Hive Tyrants, 2 Hive Crones, the Swarmlord and his Guard, a total of 40 Gaunts, 2 Venomthrope units, and Exocrine, and 9 Raveners with rending claws. The mission had three objectives… that never really came into play.

It really was a one sided game. We did make it to turn five, but it was turn five where I tabled him. You name it; I was able to remove the unit from play. 2 units of Terminators? Raveners and the Swarmlord took them out. Puppies to absorb some wounds? Hive Crone flame templates. He took Long Fangs for his anti-air and I proceeded to pick them off a little at a time with the Hive Tyrants. He did make some target priority decisions that I may not have made, but even if he did attack the units I would have, I am not sure it would have made much of a difference.

By the end of the top of turn 5, I had two of the three objectives, line breaker, and slay the warlord. The wolves took first blood. That last objective? The final terminator was standing on it, while in close combat with the Swarmlord. My opponent admitted that the last round of combat would have probably killed that terminator.

I over compensated, and I feel really bad about that. It was not my intent to have such a one sided game. Yes, I asked if he had flyers, and he said no, but he had said that he had anti-air. If I had known that it was just one unit of Long Fangs, I would have dropped two flyers at least.

Competitive games are what I like, not lopsided victories. I can’t even say “At least I took Raveners”, since those Raveners tore through 5 Terminators, one drop pod, and about 30 Blood Claws. Sure, then ended up feeling off the board in turn 5, but they more than tore through the marines.

Maybe next time I will take a softer list… or at least let him decide if my list is tougher than her want to face.

At least through out the game he kept his good humor.

Non-Competitive List (Nids)

Coming up next weekend there is a 1500-point tournament at the local store. It is supposed to be a “fun” tournament, and I have decided to fully embrace this. I decided to write a list that I felt I would have fun with. Is this my final list? Honestly, probably not. I may end up changing my mind and go into it more competitively. All it takes is one person to bring a competitive list, and that person will dominate the tournament. And once people realize that, you run into an arms race. But for now, I believe that this will be what I run.

HQ –
Hive Tyrant w/ Lash Whip and Bone Sword, and Adrenal Glands
Tyrant Guard w/ Adrenal Glands

Troops –
6 Genestealers
5 Genestealers
5 Genestealers

Elites –
Haruspex w/ Adrenal Glands

Fast Attack –
9 Raveners w/ Rending Claws

Skytyrant Swarm
Hive Tyrant w/ wings, Twin-Linked Devourers
15 Gargoyles
16 Gargoyles

There are a couple of reasons why I am taking this list. One, I have every single one of these units fully painted, and that is going to look awesome on the table. In fact, if I get more gargoyles painted, I am going to add them to the formation, and take out some genestealers. Two, most of these units can be taking down by bolters, even the Skytyrant Swarm. I have seen those 30 wounds just disappear during a game. Plus, with how the rule reads, I now have a flying Hive Tyrant that cannot fly (and if I am misreading the rule, please tell me). Three, while I will have a psychic phase, it isn’t going to be all that powerful. And finally, excluding the fact that I do not expect to win, I think this list we be fun for my opponents and me.

I would like some input on this list. Please feel free to comment.

Two House Rules

I have decided to add two new rules to the Casa de Shorereaper. I have a few house rules, most of them for entertainment purposes. For example, there is the house rule of Pyrovore. The Pyrovore’s special rule has it go nuclear when it’s killed with a weapon that causes instant death. Obviously it is not what was intended, but even the ITC addressed it in their rules. However, the two house rules that I am adding tonight are not as comical.

First, I want to address the grey tide. Actually, not just the grey tide, but all unpainted models. So, the first new rule is that all armies played in my house gain the “Preferred Enemy Unpainted Models” special rule. What qualifies as unpainted? If the model has at least a base coat, I will count it as painted. So, models must be more than just primed. This does give a serious benefit to those who have fully painted armies, but hopefully this will also motivate those other to actually paint.

The second rule addresses an issue I have with use of proxies. I don’t have an issue with proxies when it comes to weapons. For example, if a space marine is modeled with a melta-gun and my opponent wants to use it at a grav-gun, I would allow this. However, when someone wants to proxy an entire unit, I begin to have issues. So, rule number two is that if someone proxies more than 10% of their army, their opponent gains 6+ feel no pain on their infantry. This percentage will be based on the points. So, if someone fielded more than 200 points in proxies in a 2000 point list, the opponent will get the “Feel No Pain” rule on all infantry.

How would this affect me? Well, very few of my Dark Eldar are painted, and the same goes for my Alpha Legion. The Tyranids I usually field are almost always fully painted, so I don’t lose anything there. I also hardly ever proxy, so I will not have to worry about giving up the feel no pain that often.

I will also allow someone who wants to test new units a one-time bye on the Feel No Pain penalty. And even though I will allow the bye, I will not take it, even if I am trying a new unit to see if I want to buy it.

My house, My Rules.

The Grav-cannon

As a Tyranid player and a Space Marine player, I can obviously see the benefits of the grav guns. Wounding on the strength of the armour, then ignoring that armour, they are amazing weapons for dealing with monstrous creatures. In fact, when I do field my Carcharodons, I live by the motto, “When in doubt, go with the grav.” Yes, I add melta’s into the tac squads, but the Sternguard and Bikes I field usually have grav guns added.

The three main units that can take them are Bikes, Centurions, and Devastators. Why these three? Well, both the Centurions and the bikes can fire the grav weapons at full distance and with the full amount of shots even after they moved. On the Centurions, this means they have five shots each with a range of 24 inches. This also means they have a thirty-inch effective range once you count in their movement. With the bikes, you get a mobile unit that can get six shots at 18 inches, meaning they also have an effective range of 30 inches. The Devastators, while not as mobile as the bikes, can be deployed in a drop pod and wreck a MC on turn one (if deployed right).

Now, like I said I am also a Tyranid player, so I see the other end of the grav guns more often than not. And that 30 Inch range, plus being able to re-roll wounds (in the case of centurions) scares the crap out of me. I have seen Grav Centurions take out the Swarmlord and his guard in the first turn. Some of that had to do with a mistake in deployment, but still, that was 11 wounds, first blood, and slay the warlord giving up in the first turn.

There are counters to the Cents (and other grav guns). Standard troops would be wounded on 6’s, much lower than bolters. Zoanthropes can ignore their armour with a warp lance and cause instant death by doubling their toughness. aThe Zoanthropes are wounded on 5’s, and get a invulnerable saves. Still, even with those counters, Grav guns, Grav-Centurions specifically, give Tyranid players a hell of a rough time.

Am I actually complaining about them? A little. But this was my vent. Now I just have to find a strategy that deals with them. Do I think they are OP? Against MC’s and Terminators, yes. Against anything else? Not so much. They do what they are supposed to do very well. Non-marine infantry, they will struggle against. Of course, the rest of the army is there to deal with those non-high armour save units.

Expanding into Formations

This Saturday I decided to run my first Tyranid formation. I ran a soft list, very swarmy, and added the Skytyrant Swam formation. This formation is a Hive Tyrant, which has to take the wings biomorph, and two units of Gargoyles. This means you can run it with 20 to 60 Gargoyles.

There are a few good things that come with this formation. First, the Hive Tyrant adds 6 inches to its synapse range. Not that I would ever do this, but if you give it the Norm Crown, and manage to get dominion off, this would give you a Hive Tyrant with a 30 inch synapse range. Second, the Hive Tyrant can also take Look Out, Sir rolls, and pass them on a 2+. This means that you now have 20 or more extra wounds on the Tyrant. Third, the only way this formation gives up kill points is if the entire formation is completely destroyed. Finally, the formation just looks cool. A swarm of Gargoyles surrounding a massive Hive Tyrant with wings just looks amazing.

Now, having said all of that, I am not sold on this formation. Sure, I ran it with 30 Gargoyles, giving the Tyrant 30 extra wounds, but these wounds are T3 with armour saves of 6. So bolters, while would wound the Tyrant on 6’s, causes wounds on this unit on 3s. And those wounds do not get armour saves. Also, due to the way the special rules read, the Hive Tyrant cannot fly. This obviously makes sense when Hive Tyrant is with the Gargoyles, but it also true when all of the Gargoyles are destroyed. The rule reads “The Hive Tyrant cannot leave the unit during the battle and can only use the Gliding Flight mode.”

Will I run this formation again? Of course, it is fun, and like I said, it looks really cool when they are all painted up. I may even get another 10 gargoyles for another 10 wounds. But this formation is not a game changer.

Last Stand of the Nurse Sharks

It is a little late, but last Saturday I got my first chance to test my “Last Stand” scenario. And even though I lost, I had fun, and I learned some things to make the next game a little more even.

First, as you can see from the pic below, my army had an interesting fight ahead of them. I had to march my Tyranids across a No-Mans Land with very little cover. My opponent, fielding Sisters of Battle and Carcharodons, had an open field of fire. I actually wrote his list, so I should have known that I was in for a rough day.

That two feet of no terrain looked bigger in person

That two feet of no terrain looked bigger in person

And it really was a rough day. I gave him a unit of two thunderfire cannons, and they removed a swarm unit a turn. Sure, they just went into ongoing reserves, but they would just die again.

The Hierodule came on the board on turn three, like my rules stated, but that just didn’t give me enough time to do anything with him. He was only really productive in turn 5, and that just was not enough time.

So, the game ended up with the Nurse Sharks holding the line. The Nids, throwing themselves against the line…. And just dying in no mans lands. But it was fun.

Below are some further pictures….

I deployed on the 2 foot line, keeping my fastest units to the front. I wanted to get them to the enemy quickly.

I deployed on the 2 foot line, keeping my fastest units to the front. I wanted to get them to the enemy quickly.

Sisters hiding (smartly) in the trenches.

Sisters hiding (smartly) in the trenches.

A better picture of the Nurse Shark deployment. Tyberos "commanding" from behind the trenches.

A better picture of the Nurse Shark deployment. Tyberos “commanding” from behind the trenches.

Warriors and Raveners moving forwards. Raveners would be put into ongoing reserves at the end of my opponent's turn.

Warriors and Raveners moving forwards. Raveners would be put into ongoing reserves at the end of my opponent’s turn.

Here the lines are starting to separate. Faster units pulling away.

Here the lines are starting to separate. Faster units pulling away.

Sisters in the trenches (their right flank). In the distance you can see the Hierodule which took on the left flank... just before the game ended.

Sisters in the trenches (their right flank). In the distance you can see the Hierodule which took on the left flank… just before the game ended.


A Distant Third

This weekend was an eventful one for my Tyranids and me. First, I got my first game in against the new Eldar codex, but I will get into that more in a later post. The bigger event was a tournament on Sunday at Critical Hit. While many of my friends have been play testing their lists for the last month, I wrote mine this week (play testing a variant once). It was an 1850-point tournament and I wanted to bring something competitive. I used the Hive Fleet Detachment from the Shield of Baal book. This is the list that I brought:

  • Hive Tyrant w/ Wings and 2 TL Devourers w/ Brainleech worms (230 pts)
  • Hive Tyrant w/ Wings and 2 TL Devourers w/ Brainleech worms (230 pts)
  • Hive Tyrant w/ Wings and 2 TL Devourers w/ Brainleech worms (230 pts)
  • Ripper Swarm w/ Deep Strike (45 pts)
  • Ripper Swarm w/ Deep Strike (45 pts)
  • Ripper Swarm w/ Deep Strike (45 pts)
  • Venomethrope (45 pts)
  • 5 Zoanthropes, Neurothrope, Tyrannocyte (400 pts)
  • Hive Crone w/ Stinger Salvo (165 pts)
  • Hive Crone w/ Stinger Salvo (165 pts)
  • 2 Biovores (80 pts)
  • Exocrine (170 pts)

The plan was to protect the rippers by keeping them in reserve. I could deploy the flyers in cover (if I was able) and keep the Venomthrope close in order to increase their cover save while they were on the ground, hopefully keeping them from having to jink. I felt that this was a fairly competitive list and I hoped I would have a decent showing.

Round one was against another Tyranid player. In his list was a Barbed Hierodule, 3 Flying HT’s, the Swarmlord, Rippers, a Malanthrope, and a few other units. The mission was the Relic with Hammer and Anvil deployment. My opponent deployed first and we had some fun Nid on Nid action. It really was a close game, his warlord trait (reducing my reserve rolls by 1) kept my Zoanthrope brood out of the game till turn four. He had the barbed Hierodule jump on the relic and just pick off units left and right. I did kill the Malantrope, the Swarmlord, a ripper swarm, a flying HT, and knocked down the Hierodule down to one wound. However, I couldn’t knock the relic out of the Dule’s grasp and he took the win. It was a fun game even if it was Nid on Nid action. I felt that my list had a decent showing, and I may have even been able to pull out a victory if I did a few things differently. However, I didn’t do those things, and round one ended in a loss.

Round two paired my bugs up against two Imperial Knights and the Iron Hands. My opponent brought two Thunderfire cannons, a Chapter Master, a Psyker, Tactical Squads, and some Scouts for his Iron Hands. The mission was Crusade (with 4 objectives) with Vanguard Strike deployment. My opponent really didn’t have much to handle my massive air attack, so he just wanted to put up a fight and have a fun game. Sadly, I am not sure he did. I surprisingly had an easy time with the knights. A flying HT and my Zoanthropes took down one Knight and the two Crones and another flying HT took down the other thanks to some great rolling, and this all happened in turn two. My Tactics were to ignore the Thunderfire Cannons, since they really couldn’t hurt much of my army, and pick off everything else. By turn three, the game was pretty much over and he conceded the game. I actually felt guilty, even in a tournament setting, I prefer have close games.

After that win, I found myself paired up against Salamanders in round three with Dawn of War deployment and the Scouring mission (all objectives worth 3 points). My opponent brought a drop pod assault with 2 more Thunderfire cannons, an assault squad, the Forgefather, a Sternguard squad, and a lot of Tactical Squads and Devastator squads. He won the deployment roll, and immediately went after my warlord with his Sternguards. And after 20 shots, and many hits, he knocked my warlord down to one wound, barely missing out on first blood and slay the warlord in turn one. He did end up killing the warlord, the biovores, the venomthrope, and a hive crone. I, however, managed to just pick off everything he had that could wound me (ignoring the Thunderfire cannons again). I did struggle getting my Zoanthrops out from reserves again, but this time thanks to just some poor rolling. However, while I couldn’t get my Zoanthropes onto the table, the rest of my rolling was incredible, much like the rest of the tournament. After a few turns, my opponent conceded, so I picked up my second win of the tournament (again feeling guilty because of how badly it went for him).

Thanks to kill points, I manage to slip into third place in the standings out of 8 players. The list performed about as I expected, if not a little better than I expected. I got to face three opponents I normally do not play, so I consider that a win as well. However, I must give a shout-out to Severus and A-Bomb for finishing first and second, as well as a thank you to my opponents for three great games.

Taking Down the Dirty D – Ork Style

wraithHowdy everyone, Severus here.  Like many of you, I am preparing myself for the release of the new Eldar codex and all the changes to come along with it.  The biggest issue most people are having trouble adjusting to is all the D-Weapons that the Eldar have now.  There was a very interesting article on Spikey Bits on how to deal with the D.  It is worth a read.  The take home points are lock the units with D weapons in combat and run MSU (multiple small units) to mitigate the effects of that shooting.

So, with all of the above in mind, I sat down to write an Ork list to take out the D.  First and foremost, i needed to stick with the MSU concept.  If one squad capable of killing a wraithknight or wraithguard was killed, I needed spares.  Secondly, I need klaws.  The only way my orks can hurt these constructs is klaws.  Third, I need bodies for the klaws to hide behind.  Last, I needed speed.  Eldar are very maneuverable, so I need to be quick if I wanted to catch them.


  • Grukk Face-Rippa (joins large mob of boyz in battlewagon)
  • Warboss with powerklaw, da lucky stikk, and warbike (joins warbikers)
  • 12 boyz with nob (powerklaw and boss pole) in a trukk
  • 12 boyz with nob (powerklaw and boss pole) in a trukk
  • 18 boyz with nob (powerklaw and boss pole) (takes a battlewagon as transport)
  • 8 warbikers with nob (powerklaw)
  • Battlewagon with big shoota


  • Big Mek with kustum force field (joins tankbustas in battlewagon)
  • Warboss with powerklaw, boss pole, and ‘eavy armor (joins boys in trukk)
  • 12 Tankbustas with 2 bomb squigs (go in battlewagon)
  • 12 boyz with nob (powerklaw and boss pole) in a trukk
  • 11 boyz with nob (powerklaw and boss pole) in a trukk
  • Deffkopta with twinlinked rokkit
  • Deffkopta with twinlinked rokkit
  • Deffkopta with twinlinked rokkit
  • 6 Lootas
  • 5 Lootas
  • Battlewagon with big shoota

In terms of the list, I have 4 mobs that I feel like I could throw into combat with a wraithknight and do some serious damage to it.  Even a unit of boys on its own could do a little damage with the nobz klaw.  I doubt that whatever unit makes combat with a wraithknight will live (stomps are brutal on orks), but they should do some damage before they die.

Every unit is very mobile.  Either in trukks or battlewagons or riding bikes or deffkoptas, everything can move a combined 12 inches and assault.  Throw in a run move on my waagh turn and the ‘ere we go re-roll and I should have a decent chance of catching a unit.  While on the subject of charges, small units (boyz or deffkoptas) can soak up overwatch.

For the most part, I made everything cheap and minimal upgrades.  Defense wise, most of these units will never have a save against decent shooting.  So why bother paying for it, just bring more bodies.  The only exception is the tankbustas.  Giving them a 5+invuln along with there vehicle is a good investment.  These guys are dangerous in both shooting and assault to wraith units.  They pack a lot of strength 8 ap 3 shots and have melta bombs in close combat.

Now, there are some obvious issues with my list.  Not a lot of anti-air.  Pretty much I am relying on luck rolls from the lootas, deffkoptas, or bikes.  Outside that, I am dead in the water.  Scatter laser spam would also screw this list up.  Since I didn’t buy saves for anything, all these little units would be eaten quickly by a few soucres of scatter lasers (war walkers, vipers, jet bikes, ect).  The problem I am running into is that in order to counter scatter laser spam, I need to buy saves (‘eavy armor and feel no pain).  These are wasted points against a D weapon (no armor saves and no feel no pain).

This is just the first attempt at taking out the eldars new dirty D.  I should get a game in this weekend against them, or at least watch one.  Hopefully I can test this list out.  Let me know how you think the list will do.  Until next time this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

I Hate the Green Tide

Howdy everyone, Severus here.  Today’s article is pretty simple.  I hate the green tide.  I had a chance to play a game this weekend against a friend.  I have two tournament lists that I wanted to try out.  One is trukk based, the other centered around a green tide.  I have run the trukk one a few times and liked it.  I figured now was the time to give the green tide a try.

I will never play that army again.  It is not a bad army, in terms of competitiveness.  It is a SUPER tedious army to play.  We played on a terrain dense city fight table (mistake number one).  My opponent was playing sisters of battle with tons of bolters and flamers (mistake number two).  We rolled up dawn of war deployment (mistake number 3).  All of the above made for a very un-fun game.  Let me explain

Due to the the terrain dense table, I was always rolling for difficult terrain.  Due to dawn of war deployment, My boyz were stretched out nearly 6 feet long.  Due to the high number of flamers I had to make my boys spread out as much as possible.  This meant moving models small distances through terrain.  Trying to balance them in awkward spots.  All while mainting as much distance between my boyz as possible.

Here is the part no one thinks about with the green tide.  If things go well, you have to move that mob of boyz 5 times a turn.  First your standard movement phase, then you run, then you can charge (since the formation has a free waagh every turn after turn 2).  If you make combat, you pile in at initiative.  Finally, if you win, you can consolidate.  Rinse and repeat again and again and again.

Even with my opponent boltering and flaming me to death, I still had boyz left.  He quickly ran out of room to run.  He was corned and we ended up calling the game early.  It was a powerful army even in this circumstance.  It was just way to annoying to play.  Trying to keep my nobz spread out, making sure there were plenty of boyz around each character to soak up any wounds, all of that made the movement of the mob more complex.  And when you are moving up to 5 times a turn, it drives you nuts.

So in short, strong army, horrible to play with.  I can not speak for my opponent, but it was not an enjoyable list for me to play.  Ultimately, that is what it comes down to for me.  Did I enjoy my time with the game?  In this case no.  So, even though the trukk list is probably the weaker list, that is what I will be taking to the tournament.  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.