It’s Finally Happened. GW Returns to the Realm of Social Media

groundhog7Howdy everyone, Professor Severus here.  Today marks a moments occasion.  Games Workshop has finally returned to the realm of social media.  That’s right, like your grandparents, GW finally has a facebook page.  Unlike grandma, it looks like they might know what they are doing.

It popped up on my feed this morning. It is a community page for fans.  Basically the rules are be nice, only talk about 40k on the page, and if you want to post models, make sure they are citadel models.  I say that is fair enough. I mean, it is a page run by GW specifically to talk about 40k.  Doesn’t make a lot of sense to have stuff about other games on there or for other companies to have their models displayed there.

Based on the format of the page, it looks like the same social media team that is running Forgeworlds page.  They are clear upfront that they are not the design team.  Do not ask them rules questions.  So far, it looks like that team has kept the Forgeworld page on message and kept the community well managed.  So there is hope for this new GW page.

Now, this is going to really age me, but screw it.  Once upon a time, GW actually hosted message boards on their website.  At one point, it was a good community to be involved in.  Lots of back and forth from players of all levels as well as moderates and the occasional design team member chiming in.  But over time, the board was overtaken by the negative members of the community.  GW tried to get control of the boards, but eventually gave up and shut the whole thing down.  Since then they have not had many major attempts at social media or interacting with the community.

So, I want everyone to take a moment here and really try to think about this.  GW is trying to connect with the community.  They are like a shy animal finally coming out of it’s home.  If you scare GW with a bunch of negative feedback, they could pull the plug on the whole thing.  I understand that GW has not pleased everyone of it customers over the years.  They are reaching out here and trying to be more involved.  This could be a great thing.

Now, some people will feel they need to express themselves negatively about GW, which is fine.  Just please keep it off of their page.  I don’t want them to shut this down.  I want the chance to interact with them and be a part of this community.  And with that I leave you. I got some orks to show off on the new community page.  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

Last Stand of the *Insert Imperial Army Here*

Quite a few weeks ago, when I found out that our brother Severus was leaving the state of Maryland to move to the state of insanity, I mean… Alabama, I challenged him to a mission I dubbed “The Last Stand of the Iron Hands”. I thought that this would be a fun and final way for our two armies to meet. Thinking we had more time, he challenged me to have my army fully painted. Now that he is leaving a month early, I fear that my part of the agreement will not be fulfilled.

It also happened that I described this mission to another player from our group, and he liked the idea. So I challenged him as well, except now it is the Sisters of Battles and the Carcharodons (which happen to be mine) facing my Tyranids. I decided to run this game earlier, before facing off against Severus, thinking it would be a great test for the scenario. I wrote up a list, with two CADs, and one I though would be able to put us a fight against my Tyranid list.

Now, why do I bring this up? Well, it looks like I will be getting both games in this coming weekend (the one against Severus may take place the following week). I would like opinions on this mission. Both opponents know what they will be facing, at least in the basic terms. And the Sisters have troops that I believe can fight what I have planned.

The mission has Hammer and Anvil deployment, meaning my bugs will have to march across the table while taking fire from the Imperials. There will be a “no man’s land” in the middle of the table, with no terrain for me to take cover in. Cover in my deployment zone will be sparse. On the imperial side, there will be some Walls of Martyrs Imperial Defence Lines, some Emplacements, and a Redoubt or two. And the Imperial player gets these at no additional cost. My army will have the Scythed Hierodule in it, which will only come onto the table on turn three. Also, any unit that has been completely destroyed by my opponent goes into ongoing reserves, and enters the board from my table edge.

Not to make it look like I am giving myself too easy of a mission, I have put a limit on the amount of flyers I can take. As in, I am not taking any. Both sides are taking 2500 points in their lists.

Now, what is my goal? I have to table my opponent, of course. I have to march across the table, taking fire, and hoping that I can get close enough to kill every last one of those tasty imperials. If I can table them by Turn 5, it is a win for me. If I table them in Turn 6, the result is a tie. If they last till turn 7, it is a win for them. This part of the game may require some changes

Of course, the main goal will be to have fun. I have the Scythed Hierodule, they have all of the cover. Hopefully it will balance out in the end. There can even be some fluff, the Sisters, protecting the Emperor’s faithful, called for help. While trying to save the citizens and the wounded, and giving them time to evacuate, the Sharks show up to give them aid. There alliance can even be called “Nurse Sharks”…

I know that I am probably the only one who laughed at that.


Don’t Feed The Trolls


Howdy everyone, Severus here.  I went on a sort of mini-vacation last week, which sort of threw off my writing lately.  I was completely disconnected from the hobby.  Sometimes it is a good thing to unplug and step back for a bit.  When I plugged back in this week I discovered that the world of 40k is ending…again.

Let me explain.  Early rumors for the new eldar book came out this week.  I say rumors, but realistically, we are talking about images from the coming white dwarf, so they are probably pretty solid.  If you want to read all that, check out spikey bits or bols.  The specifics is not what I am here to talk about.  In short, the internet is up in arms over the changes to eldar.  They appear to be getting a boost power wise again.

Now I ,like many of you, had a fit of nerd rage when I read everything.  I though, “GW doesn’t give a shit about balance”.  I was looking forward to eldar making a come back in our local meta (they have been harassed so much due to their book’s strengths that they have stopped showing up).  Now I feared that this new book would suffer the same fate, shunned by anyone that doesn’t play them.

After letting all these rumors stew a bit, one of my friends suggested going on to the forums to see some of the guys reactions.  I flat out refuse to do this.  Why?  Reading all that negative stuff on those forums make me feel negatively about the game.  I do this for fun, I don’t want to get depressed by a new book.  So why should I feed into it?

I would caution anyone from forming early decisions about the eldar right now.  Wait a few weeks until we get the full book.  Who knows what is in it?  More importantly, who is to say how it will affect your regular gaming?  I know that in my local meta, none of the eldar guys are going to run out and buy 10 new jet bikes to get all those sexy scatter lasers.  Distort weapons were ridiculously strong to begin with, so what if they are a little stronger.  And a wraithknight was a really tough target to bring down.  That will be still be the case.

In short, don’t feed the trolls.  By that I mean both the internet ones and the little ones in your head that make you start to panic.  Give this some time.  Yes, it is possible that GW is making the eldar codex better than it was.  So what?  They were tough before, and they will be tough after the new book.  That doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy the game.  Roll dice and have some fun. Until next time this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

Bloody Long Game

This weekend I got in a team game with the Lord Primarch (Ultramarines) and Augustus the Arcane (Minotaurs) vs. Severus the Uncompromising (Orks) and me (Tyranids). It was a fun game that ended with a one-point loss for the Orks and Nids. And I did learn a few things from this game.

  1. When you have a team game with 2000-point per player lists, and not play Apoc rules, you are in for a long day. The game lasted at least 6 hours.
  2. I need to learn how to accurately measure. Somehow, I had an eleven-inch charge in turn 1, which should have been a twelve-inch charge at best. Outcome didn’t matter as I failed the charge and the Raveners died in second half of turn one anyway. I really didn’t intend to cheat, but I admit it, I miss measured something.
  3. Centurions can wreck a Hierodule. In turn one, while I was trying to keep my dule away from the monster killers, I had a very poor run role, followed by another one, keeping the dule out in the open. Yea, it died pretty quickly.
  4. When you are having serious back issues, playing warhammer doesn’t help. This is not an old man’s game. I need to hire some youth (preferably of the opposite sex) to move my models for me.
  5. The weirdboy can actually be productive! How weird is that?
  6. The Lifta Droppa is hilarious when it works. And in this game, it worked very well. In theory it should hit a third of the time, but I swear that in a six turn game this thing took out at least 2 Drop Pods and a hovering Stormtalon. I think it took out even more than that, but still.
  7. The Biovore is not as bad as I feared. In fact, the one I used performed so well that I am building another one now. I will probably do a more through review later.
  8. I am getting old. Ok, I didn’t learn that in the game, but the point still stands.
  9. Drop Pod Assaults are worse in team games. There was a wall of them. Well, there was till the Lifta Droppa threw a few out of the way.
  10. I wanted to play a large game against Serverus once. Something like 3000 points per side. After this game, I now longer want to play that. I would need to nap after that game.

So that is it. A few of the things I learned from a very long, but very fun game played this weekend.

Shorereaper out.

Now… where is that bed?

A Warhammer New Years Resolution List: Severus Edition

2015 New Year celebrationHappy 2015 everyone!  It is I, Severus, and today I wanted to lay down a list of resolutions for myself for the new year.  I know, it’s kind of cliche to do, but if it keeps me focused for the year then I am all for it.  So, with that in mind, lets dive in!

1.  Be more consistent with the blog.  We started this blog last year and had a good time with it.  I burned out around August and have had real trouble getting motivated to write again.  I have plenty of crap to talk about now, just no motivation.   This year I am making a serious effort to stay on top of this blog.

2.  Complete a 2000 point force of Tau.  This one is a bit odd.  I have 2000 points of painted Tau, just not in a cohesive force that I want to play on the table.  I want to iron out a list that I like and paint that list to completion.  I managed to turn out 2000 points of Iron Hands last year without much trouble, so I think this is a do-able goal.

3. No new armies.  I have plenty to work on.  I have more orks than I can shake a stick at.  I have the Iron Hands force that I can expand on.  I have plenty of tau to work on.  I have an ever growing legion of undead for fantasy.  My hobby plate is full, so no adding new armies.  2015 is going to be about making the armies I have better on the table top (through some new additions) and painting models I already have.

4. Find a way to run orks that I enjoy.  I mean this in a competitive sense.  There are plenty of opportunities for me to bring out the boys when my opponent wants to run softer/fluffier lists.  When my opponents want to run harder lists, I really can’t get a good game in with the orks.  I have seen lists out there centered around a green tide.  Honestly, that doesn’t seem like that much fun to me.  I have played green tides before and it can be a tedious affair.  So I want to find that list that is fun for me to play and can hang in there with some tougher lists.

5. Go to a large tournament/convention.  I want to get out there and meet a large section of the community.  Shorereaper and I looked into going to Adepticon, but it was not feasible this year.  We are in the Baltimore area, so we may try to get to the NOVA open.  I don’t think I will actually play in any large competitive tournament.  I just want to go and meet guys, maybe get some casual gaming in, maybe a hobby class.

6. Continue to improve my painting skills.  Last year I started working on better line-highlighting with the Iron Hands.  I am not quite sure what area of my painting I will focus on.  There are lots of things thrown around like blending which I have no idea how to do.  Maybe something like that.

I think that is a decent set of goals to stick to.  I could list a few more,but I want to keep the list attainable.  What are you guys working on for the new year?  The Hobby Progress Challenge put on by the Independent Characters is an always popular goal.  I have thought about entering, but my hobby mojo tends to come and go.

Up next, I am thinking of doing a unit review on the two experimental riptides from forgeworld.  I already have the R’Varna (it is up next for the painting block) and the Y’Varha is on its way now. Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

Severus’ is back…again.

lazy-gamerHowdy everyone.  Guess the ork broke the news to you all that I was on my way back.  Well, here I am.  There is no fancy excuse.  I was being super lazy (see above related picture).  Good news is that I have been active hobby wise and have plenty to talk about.

Kaptain Klaw already brought you guys up to speed on what has been happening in the GW world.  I can fill you in on what is happening in our little local group.  I finished up my original 2000 point Iron Hands lists.  Completely painted to a standard I am happy with.  I will try to setup the army for some photos one of these days.  They have been my primary army over the last few months in terms of gaming.  I am hoping to transition to Tau soon.

I briefly considered re-basing my Iron Hands when the 32mm bases came out.  I got to say, I really like the way marines look on 32mm bases.  I was a little concerned about having to pop all my marines of there 25mm (some have finecast legs, the other I used plastic glue which can be a bear to break neatly).  Then the words of wisdom prevailed.  I would need new foam for 32mm based miniatures.  My current kr foam fits my 25mm bases very snug.  Since I hate buying foam and cases (even if they are a good product), I decided to hold off on re-basing the Iron Hands.

Our gaming group has been really into fantasy.  Mainly due to all the new end times content.  Guys have been dusting off old armies, adding new units, and expanding armies with the new end times army units.  I learned a lot.  Mainly that I love Manfred’s new rules.   He was a blast to play with, I may have to pick up that model eventually (I borrowed him the first time).  I was also gifted a box of Morghast Harbingers, which I have assembled and painted.  Going to test them out this weekend, so expect a little report.

We have even held a few small tournaments (put on by Critical Hit Games).  They are trying a new format that has been working well.  It is sort of a league.  Participants sign up and pairings are announced.  The games can be played anytime (as in through out the week or weekend) but must be played in the store.  It is a single elimination style.  Once the first round is complete, pairings for the next round are announced and it repeats.  A 10 person tournament took about 3 weeks.  A long time, but we ended up with a much higher turn out than when we hosted a single day 3 round tournament.

Personally, I would like to see the tournament format changed to a double elimination bracket.  It is possible to do, just takes a little bit more work to come up with the pairings.  That way you are less likely to get booted out of the tournament from some really bad luck or a poor match up.  Regardless though, they have been fun matches to watch and play in.  We even started a 40k one this last week.

We have had a few new faces in the 40k crowd.  Unfortunately, none of them have become regular players thus far.  There are about 6 of us there making up the core group.  Don’t get this wrong, I love my core gaming group.  I just really want to see more guys around playing.  The more variety, the better.  We are happy to play with new players or veterans.  If you are reading this and are in the Baltimore area, check us out some saturday.

That about wraps up what has been going on with me.  I have a few ideas for articles in the works (new year’s hobby resolutions, army on display for the iron hands, maybe a forgeworld unit review).  Until then gentleman, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.


Shorereaper’s Weekend in Review

I actually had a fairly productive gaming weekend. I got some work done on some models and I got two very fun games in at Critical Hit games. And to top it all off, I am happy to report that one of the games was a win.

The first game was against the Adepta Sororitas in a scenario from the “Shield of Baal” campaign. The scenario we played was “The Great Corral” and for those of you who don’t know, it is a very hard scenario on the sisters. The scenario special rules are that the sisters have limited ammunition, the Tyranid player has second and third waves, and the Sisters get “crawler-hulk weapon batteries.” The weapon batteries gives the sisters player S7 AP4 “snap shot” to any Tyranid units arriving via deep strike. Sadly, this rule did not come into play as nothing I had arrived via deep strike. As the Tyranid player, I had to divide my forced up into three waves, one which deploys normally, one which arrives in turn 1, and one which is placed in normal reserves.

The key rule to this game is the limited ammunition. The Sisters of Battle player rolls a D6 at the start of his or her turn (in this case his) and adds the result to the sum of the previous results. Once he reaches a sum of 12 or more, the Sisters player can only take Snap Shots for the rest of the game (meaning no template weapons so their flame throwers become useless).

In the game we played, my opponent asked me to not take any flyers, and I agreed knowing the Sisters’ struggles with them. Thanks to some lucky rolling, my opponent didn’t run out of ammunition until turn 5, which still was not enough to help him win. In this kill point game, my Tyranids tore through those squishy women. And the Swarmlord told me that they were very tasty.

The second game I played this weekend was an “Emperor’s Will” game with my Carcharodons against Severus’s dirty rotten Orks. And I wish I could say it went well. Heck, I wish I could say I even put up a fight. I made many tactical errors and went down with a whimper (kind of like the Bengals and the Steelers this weekend). I don’t want to get into the details of the game, but anyone who says that Flash Gits are a bad unit need to look at the remains of Tyberos’s unit. When they happen to roll a 1 for AP, a terminator squad is in a lot of trouble.

So, the week went average with one win and one loss. On top of that, I did manage to complete another Broodlord from the Baal box set, actually get some work done on the Alpha Legion (I based one bike), and I did build a Ravager for my new Dark Eldar army. I would say that it was a good way to start the New Year…

Well, except for those damn Bengals.

More Nids!

As every Tyranid player should know by now, GW has decided to bless us with another 2 new MCs. While I think the Tyranid Codex is lacking in certain areas, I am not sure that these new units fill any gaps. Just think about the MCs that are available to the Nid Players, the Swarmlord, Hive Tyrant, Carnifex, Hive Crone, Trygon, Trygon Prime, Mawloc, Tervigon. Did Tyranid players really need another two? And I didn’t even list them all! I am not going to jump on the “My codex sucks” bandwagon just because it may not be as good as the Eldar codex. I actually enjoy the Nid codex. But where old armies are in desperate need of new rules and new models, GW decided to release more Nids. But, since I know I will be getting these new models, I guess I should to a quick review of them. FYI – any information I got, I got off of facebook pictures, so I may still be wrong.

First, the Toxicrine is the venomthrope’s bigger and meaner cousin. The size of this monster’s tentacles really stands out in the pictures I have seen. The stat line reads as WS3, BS3, S5, T6, W5, I3, A6, Ld8, and Sv 4+. All of that for 160 points. With the WS of three, it will probably only hit half of the time on most models, but that seems pretty common in the Tyranid army. And being poisoned with a S5, most failed wounds will be rerolled. The Weapons and Special rules are Acid Blood, Choking Cloud, Lash whips (hey, now I can attack at initiative 6), Toxic Miasma, Fearless, IB of Feed, Poisoned (2+), and shrouded. The Toxicrene is also “Hypertoxic,” meaning that on a To Wound roll of six, the hit gains the Instant Death rule.

The chocking cloud has a range of 12”, S3, AP-, Assault 1, Ignores Cover, Large Blast, Poisoned (2+), and Predatory Sentience. Predatory Sentience gives the attacks by the Toxicrene against open topped vehicles or vehicles that have lost at least 1 hull point Armourbane. And, the cloud counts as being Hypertoxic too!

I already know I am going to order this model. I think it does look amazing. However, I am not sure that this unit would fit my current lists. I like it, I will field it, and I may even have fun with it. But I don’t think it was necessary. And the same goes for the Maleceptor.

Where the Toxicrene was the Venomthrope’s cousin, the Maleceptor is the Zoanthrope’s not so distant relative. The stat line is WS3, BS3, S6, T6, W5, I3, A3, Ld10, and a Sv of 4+ for 205 points. This new MC comes with talons and is a level 2 psyker. It is also a synapse creature and has shadow in the warp special rule. The Maleceptor is also the second Nid model with an invulnerable save (5+), not counting the Swarmlord who only has it in close combat. Ok, it’s the third.

The Maleceptor comes with a new psychic power called Psychic Overload. This is a Warp Charge 2 focused witchfire power that the Malecaptor can attempt to manifest three times in each of its psychic phases. It has a range of 24” and forces the target to take a leadership test on 3D6 (vehicles count as being Ld10). If the test is failed, non-vehicle models suffer D3 wounds (No Armour or cover saves) and vehicles suffer a single glancing hit (no cover saves). While the Maleceptor can attempt to manifest this power three times, it cannot target the same unit more than once each phase.

I do like the looks of these new models, and I will be getting as soon as I can. I just don’t think they were necessary. I would have liked to have seen a Hormagant spawner, or a drop pod, or maybe even a new Broodlord model.

But I will take what I can.

Severus’ Weekend Report: Rekindling the Fantasy Fires

naglog-672x372Howdy everyone, Severus here.  Time for a weekend report!  This is one for the books.  There was NO 40k played this weekend.  Generally speaking, there was very little gaming in our gaming group (more just sitting around talking).  The gaming that did occur was FANTASY!  Augustus and I broke out our armies and gave the Nagash Undead Legion a test.

DISCLAIMER:  I know next to nothing about fantasy.  I feel very confident in my understanding of 40k and it’s various armies.  I know crap about fantasy.  So keep that in mind with the following. Go listen to Bad Dice or Garagehammer if you want to hear opinions that actually carry some weight.

First off, it was my undead legion (formerly known as the vampire counts) vs some high elf shenanigans.  I guess for completeness I should give you a list.  This is from memory, so forgive any errors.

  • Master Necromancer: Lvl 4, lore of undeath, 4+ward talisman, dispel scroll
  • Vampire Lord: lvl 2, lore of vampires, Red Fury, Quickblood, Sword of Strife, Other Trickster Shard, 5+ward talisman, Dragon Helm, Hvy Armor, Shield
  • Wight King – BSB, heavy armor, shield
  • Wight King – Enchanted shield, Heavy Armor, Sword of Anti-Heroes
  • 40 Crypt Ghouls
  • 40 Skeletons, Full command, hand weapons, shields
  • 20 Zombies, Musician and Standard
  • 20 Grave Guard, full command, great weapons
  • Spirit Host
  • Spirit Host
  • Spirit Host
  • Mortis Engine
  • Terrorgheist

Now, I don’t have Augustus’ list or know high elves well enough to recreate it.  What is worth knowing is that he had some silver helms, phoenix guard (with that banner of the world dragon), a lvl 4 caster and a bsb hiding in the phoenix guard, and a lord level elf on a star dragon.  There were some shooty elements (sea guard I think) and 3 bolt throwers.

I don’t want to bore you guys with a likely inaccurate report of how things went turn by turn.  Let me give you the big lessons I learned (or in some cases re-learned).  Fiery Convocation sucks.  It burned down my horde of crypt ghouls and half my skeletons.  It was not that I let it go, it was irresistible both times (which didn’t do any damage to the caster or there unit thanks to that stupid banner).  I could have dispelled it in my turn, but then I would lose a lot of the dice I needed for my own spells .  I did try to dispel it once (off of the skeletons) and threw 6 dice at it, and failed to dispel it.  I rolled an 14.

No longer crumbling from general death is great!  I always felt like my Vamp lords were glass cannons.  They can deal out a boat load of damage but can’t take much in return.  Now if you do kill my vamp lord, my army can keep right on trucking.  I think this could lead to some reckless play on my part, but it is a lot of fun.

The lore of undeath is nice.  I fell in love with two spells.  The grave call and breath of darkness.  The grave call lets me make infantry (ghouls, zombies, skeletons, grave guard, ect) or monstrous infantry (crypt horrors, vargheists, or the new Morghast).  We all know the trick with raise dead, putting a unit as a speed bump or re-director.  When the Phoenix Guard broke through my lines and lined up to go after my skeleton’s rear  I was able to drop 4 crypt horrors in there way.  Takes a while to chew through them.

Now, breath of darkness is a unique one.  It lets you heal/raise D3+1 wounds.  Not that exciting compared to invocation of nehek.  But when you have a Terrorgheist with 5 wounds on it, you could potentially heal 4 wounds with one cast (and make a counter of the dead token).  It is a great heal spell for a single multi-wound target.

The biggest affect on the game was the 50% lord and 50% heroes.  For a 2500 point game, we had some craziness.  To lord choices a piece.  Plenty of heroes running around.  Lvl 4 casters, a dude riding a dragon, big choppy vamp lords.  In the end, it made the game feel a lot smaller with the big points being spent on single models.  Not a bad thing, just different.

The ultimate question though is how did it go?  I was crushed.  I killed like 500pts and lost over 2000.  We didn’t even add in banners or my general.  It was a massacre in his favor.  That’s about par for the course when it comes to me.  I always lose in a big manor.  So, I can comfortably say that I didn’t do worse with the Undead legion.

Now, moving forward from here.  Honestly, my hobby budget for this month was the Nagash books (plus a new pack of netrunner cards and Destiny for the Xbox One, if anyone wants to play let me know).  So, I don’t think I will be adding anything to my existing fantasy collection for a bit.  I really want Manfred on his new skull filled mount.  Nagash also looks great, but I am not sure how much I would actually play with him.  Currently I am working on painting up my Krell.  We are going to try to do more fantasy down at the store over the coming weeks.  Sort of ride the wave of excitement that the end times has brought us.

That about wraps it up for me.  Has anyone else given the Undead Legion a try?  How did it work for you?  If any of you fantasy guys are looking to play, we are trying to meet on Saturday’s at Critical Hit Games.  Until next time readers, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.



Severus Wanders the Warp



Howdy everyone.  It is I, the long lost Severus!  I am sure you are all wondering where I have been (my ego is pretty big).  Well the answer is not as fancy as you would expect.  I got burned out.  I was writing 3-4 articles a week for several months.  That sounds all easy and good, until you run out of material.

I flat out had nothing left to talk about.  I could also tell that may quality was dropping.  Reader response was WAY down.  There were not nearly as many views or comments anymore.  Honestly, that is the only way I can judge if what I am doing is having any meaningful impact.   Anyway, forcing myself to keep putting out three to four articles a week was starting to feel a lot more like a job and less like fun ramblings.  So I hung it up.  Now I am back.  I think from here on out, I will try to keep the quality up over quantity.  Expect less frequent post, but more within each.

It feels like I have been away for a while, but it has been only about 3 weeks.  Well, a lot has happened in our gaming world, so time for this wander to give his report!

Grey knights!  They happened.  Not sure how good or bad the new book was for them.  Never played as them.  Seems that it is purely grey knights.  The biggest gripe I have heard is the loss of psybolt ammo.  On the plus side, Draigo is still awesome and dreadknights got way cheaper.  Yay, more monstrous creature spam…

Fantasy!  End Times!  Nagash!  Booga Booga Booga!  The new fantasy supplement/campaign/army/9th ed preview dropped.  I picked up the books this last weekend and I got to say, it’s got my fantasy bug going again.  I think this is the spark I need to re-light those fires.  I still haven’t made any new connections to the local fantasy scene.  Guess I will dust of the former vampire counts and see if I can get someone to take on the new undead legion.

Game wise I have pretty much done a little of everything.  Prior to our tournament, I brewed up another attempt at a competitive ork list.  I played it against the Primarch’s ultramarines (now with shiny new grey knight allies).  Despite literally the best first two turns I could have asked for, I lost miserably.  I finished up my flash gitz, but I promptly shelved the orks for the time being.  I will have to come back to them with a fresh mind later.  And maybe some more money to invest in those damn mek gunz and mega nobz.

Yes I know I need to use a decent camera and lighting...

Yes I know I need to use a decent camera and lighting…

Shorereaper and I got our first official game of Horus Heresy in.  To sum up the experience, the devil is in the details in that game.  There are so many different little rule changes with each unit, army, wargear, weapons, ect.  It ends up giving the game a completely different feel.  Fury of the legion is huge for tactical squads.  I finally felt like bolters could truly conqueror the galaxy!  There is much more 30k in the works for us, but more forgeworld models must be acquired.  Proxying just feels weird now.

Last, but certainly not least, I have begun work on an Imperial Knight.  Randomly one day I was reading through some of there fluff when a single paragraph caught my attention.  It talked about a freeblade knight, named Justice, that worked with the Iron Hands.  Apparently he showed up in a battle against traitor forces and killed 7 enemy knights.  Since then he has continued to work with the Iron Hands, but information about his past is tightly guarded by the marines.

It was perfect.  Enough fluff for me to spring board off of.  There were no mentions of colors, heraldry, or history prior to the event.  So I could sort of fill in all the blanks how I saw fit.  Shortly thereafter, I had a knight in my possession.

Assembly was easy.  I love to assemble models.  Like seriously.  If someone worked out a deal where I could make a living building models, I may very well take that offer.  Anyway.  I magnetized the gun options (because magnets bitch!).  Took a little inventive work, but it got done.  I may have to increase the range of magnets I have at my disposal though if I try to do it again.  Mine feel a little weak for the job.

On to paint.  I decided I wanted to keep black and silver as part of the color scheme so he fit in with my Iron Hands.  I needed him to stand out though.  I ended up splitting most of his armor plates half black and half blue.  Throw some bronze and gold on the silver body and trim it all in silver.  Pretty quick and simple to accomplish with some dry brushing and an airbrush.

Pre-decal application

Pre-decal application

Now onto heraldry.  This is where his story starts to take shape.  The kit came with some pretty decals, so I could not pass up using them.  I decided to make one shoulder mechanicum symbols.  Likely, he started out as a knight from a mechanicum house who was attached to the Iron Hands.  Eventually he left his house becoming a freeblade.  Have not worked out why yet.

Anyway, to represent his new allegiance, I put a few Iron Hands symbols on him.  Nothing to giant or eye catching.  There is fluff from other knights stating that they will put a chapters symbol on there knight as a sign of respect after a notable battle.  With that in mind, I decided to use his shield.  I put a hand on it and 7 kill marks to represent the 7 knights he killed.  I also put a small clan sorgol symbol on him to help tie him into the rest of the force.

And that is about where I stopped.  I want to do some unique heraldry on his other shoulder and legs.  Problem is, I would need to free hand it.  Not good enough to do that well, yet.  So, Justice will wait at this stage for a bit.  In the mean time I am working on my Iron Hands.  Got a game in with him though.  Honestly, he whiffed pretty hard.  Out of three rounds of firing his rapid fire battle cannon, he only hit something twice (aka, 4 large blasts drifted off into space).  Then in close combat he proceeded to roll a boat load of 1’s for his D weapon effects and stomp effects.  We shall not judge him from this one outing though.

So, this is where I leave you.  I will try to keep more of a presence on the blog.  I don’t want to commit to a specific number of articles per week or anything like that.  I fear it will lead to burn out.  So I will just write when the mood is right and I have something I think is worth saying.  Until then readers, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.