Six Thousand Points

Shorereaper here, and I am in a state of shock. Today while waiting for my work computer to reboot for the third time, I decided to see how many points of fully painted Tyranids I could field if I chose too. Now, this is presuming unbound, and was more of a moment to see what I have done. Six thousand points. Let me say that again. I have six thousand points fully painted. And that’s not even including upgrades (except for some wings on Tyrants). Here is the list:

1 Hive Tyrant
3 Flying Hive Tyrants
Old One Eye
3 Tyrant Guards


2 Pyrovores
4 Zoanthropes

Brain Bug!

Brain Bug!

30+ Genestealers
2 Broodlords
30 Hormagaunts
60+ Termaguants (half with special weapons)
9 Warriors



39 Gargoyles
2 Hive Crones
9 Raveners
3 Spore Mines

2 Biovores
2 Carnifexes
Trygon Prime

Lord of War:

The lone firewarrior tries to delay the hierodules inevitable charge

Holy crap that is a lot of models. And all of that doesn’t even incude my unpainted and unbuilt models. I may have a problem.

And no, I do not have a photo of them all. I don’t have the time (or space) to put them all out. But one day, I must take pictures of this.

Sorry for the short post, but I just wanted this in writing.

Weekend in Review – Shorereaper

This past weekend was actually fairly productive for my 40K hobby and me. It started on Saturday when I figured the paint scheme for my Alpha Legion, I also got a game in with my Tyranids, and I made some actual progress with my Tyranids models. It’s been a few slow weeks for painting, so this was big for me.

Starting with a quick summary of the game, my mighty Tyranids snuck out a victory against the Greater Good this weekend at Core Worlds Games and Hobbies. It was another 2K game and I took a list that was similar to my usual list, I just changed my tactics a little bit. I had the Swarmlord, Flying Hive Tyrant, 30 Termagants, a Tervigon, a Carnifex, an Exocrine, a Tyrannocyte, and 6 Zoanthropes with one Neurothrope upgrade. My opponent had Fire Warriors, 2 units of Broadsides, 2 units of crisis suits, one of the flyers (why?) and a Riptide. We played an Eternal War game of the Emperor’s Will (with no Impearial army?) and deployed on the short table edges. I will say, I was a little nervous about this since I would have to take a lot of firepower just to get to my opponent.

Some key highlights of the game include me getting first blood in turn two, my Swarmlord failing a charge and dying, the Zoanthropes causing one wound to the Riptide and one wound to a Braodside (which did kill the Broadside). Actually, the Swarmlord didn’t do much but march across the field and then die, one of his worst showings I have experienced. The Zoantrhopes, arriving via Deep Strike in the Tyrannocyte, were cut in half thanks to Broadsides with interceptor. He got three wounds, and I failed all three invulnerable saves. The final tally was that I had my Objective and the Tau had theirs. In secondary objectives, my opponent had Slay the Warlord, while I had First Blood and Line Breaker. If the game went one more turn, I think that we would have either tied, or I would have lost. It was a fun and close game.

As I said earlier, the rest of my weekend was also productive. Our forge world order arrived last week and I got my new Alpha Legion shoulder pads along with my Hierodule. The pads rejuvenated excitement about 30K. I really decided to try and come up with a scheme I wanted to use. I trolled the internet, trolled facebook, asked questions of people posting on the Overlords page, and finally decided on a scheme I wanted to try. I decided to make a test model on a Space Marine to see how it would look. I tried using Vallejo’s Gunmetal Blue with a light glaze of GW’s Waywatcher Green. After it dried I gave it a quick gloss varnish. While it is a little greener than I wanter, I do think I like it.

Alpha Legion

Also of note is that made some progress on Old One eye. And yes, I put him on the new GW base and after getting used to it, I have to say that I actually like the base. Sure, it’s a little bigger, meaning that my opponent will be able to get more models into base contact, but with most MC’s being on oval bases, the Carnifex just seems to fit a little better.

Old One Eye

I will admit that I almost cried when I woke up on Friday morning to see Forge World has pre-orders up for more Alpha Legion products. Especially since I just got my order in, but I have a lot of stuff to work on right now. I have my Dark Eldar, which I bought another Ravager for. I have another Hive Tyrant that needs to be built (which is an example of a MC on a round base, I know). I have tons of models to finish painting in all of my armies.

I was also challenged to build a Tyranid list using units I have but almost never use. It looks like the Maleceptor will be returning to the table, as will my Gargoyles, my Mawloc, and some rippers. The list doesn’t look bad, but I cannot say that it’s good either. But at least I will be facing the Sisters, which means it may be a good game after all.

Severus’ Weekly Report: The Hobbying

Welcome back readers, It’s Severus here.  Time to bring you lads up to speed on what I have been doing, as well as few of the other legionnaires.

I have been in a hobby zone lately.  Lots of little projects getting wrapped up.  Since the nagash book dropped, my fantasy fire has been rekindled.  I had a lot of models that were in the middle stages of painting.  Like 20 skeletons, 10 ghouls, 3 crypt horrors.  They are all back on the painting table.  I also started and finished my Krell model.  I love him.  He looks sweet, has an awesome story, and recently got a little bit of new rules.  He is not the best on the table top, but come on.  Who can say “No” to that face?

Now, being the magnet fiend that I am, it was only a matter of time before I started magnetizing my miniatures to the movement trays.  I picked up some Gale Force Nine rubberized steel and went to town.  I am about 1/3 of the way through my painted models and am running low on magnets.  The trays look and work well.  I did about 7 trays with the one pack of rubberized steel.

I also acquired a metaphorical boat load of second hand vampire count models.  Long story short, a friend of the group was getting rid of a fairly large army he had bought but never really painted or used.  The lord primarch, who is starting an undead legion himself, and I decided to split the lot.  They were for the most part all assembled (except that damn crystallizing GW plastic glue meant that most of them now fell apart).  The big center piece for the lot for me was 15 blood knights.  They were in various stages of painting.  I decided to strip them and start from scratch.  Suffice it to say, my building and repair time will be full for a long time.

Now, outside of hobby land, there have been a number of games played.  The lord primarch and I had a fantasy game.  He used Critical Hit’s store army, Ogres.  I was testing out a krell lead undead legion list.  They game went decidedly in my favor.  Mainly due to some horrendous luck on the primarch’s part.  Like his right flank collapsing when I single spirit host charged 4 maneater’s, beat them in combat, who fled, and were ran down.  Shit happens like that in fantasy.  It was a discouraging game for the primarch, I hope this doesn’t hurt his new found fantasy enthusiasm.

Over the weekend we went to a new local store, Core World’s Games, ran by one of our very own legionnaires.  Now, I will be upfront with you readers, Josh is a friend and I am sure I am biased when it comes to reviewing his store.  That being said, I like his store.  The location is not that far off the main road for me, so it is a fairly easy drive.  The store has plenty of space.  Like 5 or 6 gaming tables with plenty of space for gaming.  Terrain is a little light right now, but I know he is working on that.  If I could give him one critique, his section of models is not the greatest right now.  I understand that takes capital to build a large inventory, so that will be something that comes with time.  I encourage all of you reading to go check it out.

Now, while at the new store, I got more gaming in.  A fantasy battle against the chaos worshiper, Greg.  His warriors took on the undead legion in a 2500 game.  It was a rough go.  He crushed my center fairly early on with his chosen and chaos warriors.  My new vargheists ran around like fools due to failing a frenzy check on turn one and died in short order.  Fortunately, the loss of my general in the center no longer sets off a crumble.  So I was able to hold on and take down a few of his units with my crypt ghouls and terrorgheist.  In the end, I was able to pull it back and earn a draw.

After that, Shorereaper and I decided to have a go with some 40k.  He brought his nids with the new big bug, the Dimachaeron.  I brought my iron hands with the new imperial knight, Justice.  We decided to do an altar of war mission from the iron hands supplement.  Essentially it was kill points with a modified version of slay the warlord for the iron hands.  Basically, I could earn five victory points if my chapter master could take down his swarm lord in a challenge.  So that is what we set out to do.  I bet big on that combat, and in the end lost.  Stupid big bug.  Justice managed to mop up a lot of the field for me along with my land raider crusader.  In the end it was 12-13, the Iron Hands had lost.

That’s about it for me readers.  Outside of the miniature land, I have been doing some netrunner and Destiny still.  Next weekend is probably going to be wargaming-free.  So probably not going to be much to report.  Maybe some hobbying.  Until then, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.


20140802-013057 pm-48657103.jpg

Hello everyone! The time has come to unveil my Space Marine: Minotaur collection. I chose this chapter mostly because I love the color scheme. Ideally I would have chosen an army with a Roman, rather than Greek background, but Ultramarines, who have the most clear Roman roots, do not have the gold/bronze and red that I was looking for. As for the specific paints to use, those were recommended by the Primarch, and I believe turned out to be a great combination.

I also wanted to use this opportunity to showcase Critical Hit’s new imperial sector scenery, made using the new GW tiles and existing building kits. All of the pictures you see here are taken with it as the backdrop.

Drop Pods
Let us begin with my Space Marine transport of choice. I wanted to build a Drop Pod army, because it is the most unique and powerful feature that this army has. As an opponent, I had felt the shock and awe of this tactic, and definitely wanted a piece for myself:

20140802-013923 pm-49163313.jpg

Besides the color scheme, I used both etched brass and transfers to make my minotaurs look unique. Both come with five greek letters, and it just so happens that there are 5 squads in my 2,000 point list. Therefore, each squad is assigned a letter, and matching drop pod.

Tactical Marines

20140803-044709 pm-60429282.jpg

This is my army’s basic color scheme, using Forgeworld transfers for the shoulder pads:

20140803-045359 pm-60839577.jpg

20140803-045359 pm-60839824.jpg


20140803-045510 pm-60910752.jpg

I really love the look of these models. The special weapons, unique shoulder-pads and tabards definitely make them unique. I decided not to use the Forgeworld shoulder pads on tactical marines, because I really liked how the transfers looked. Therefore, I kept the pads for my veteran units, starting with the Sternguard:

20140803-051339 pm-62019121.jpg

20140803-051339 pm-62019309.jpg

That’s it for now, see you next time for flyers and HQ!

Hobby Progress: Kaptain Klaw’s Freeboota Bike Nobz!

resizedSeverus here gang, and I actually have painted stuff!  I tend to be a very slow painter.  Working here and there after work at night tends to be my routine.  I am getting pump about getting my grubby hands on that new beautiful ork codex on friday.  With that renew enthusiasm I finally finished my nob bikers!

resized 2I converted these guys out of second hand models about a year ago.  They were of course not in the best of shape.  They are missing a few guns, but I am not to concerned about that.  The biggest work I did on the basic biker was to magnetize the arms and replace the boy sized torso with nob sized torso.  I find that the magnetized arms make it really easy to track wounds and letting me change there loadout.

resized 3The biggest piece I worked on was the painboy biker.  He is a kit bash for the most part.  His quad bike is made out of an old buggy (yeah, they really are that small)  I cobbled together a rear compartment where he would keep all his gubbins.  Then I painted it white and dirtied it up, right ork style.

resized 5Painting wise I did the basic style for my boys.  Everything on them is pretty much base coat and heavy was with nuln oil or agarax earthshade.  I like my orks to look nice and dirty.  The only thing that I did more than that on is the skin.  I like my orks to be nice and bright, so I base coat in waaagh flesh, wash in biel-tan green, then dry brush in warboss green and then moot green.

resized 4The last fancy bit I tried out is the new technical paint blood for the blood god.    Load it up on a brush and made some nice splatter affects on the painboy.  I am not sure I am sold on that yet.  I hate to say this, but I know what blood looks like and that ain’t it.  So, the search continues for a good blood affect.

Now, wouldn’t it be a shame if I finished the biker and then no longer run in my army when the new book is out.  Unlikely, I really like these boys.  Up next, a forgeworld warboss on a bike!  The nobz will be led by by Kaptain Klaw’s lieutenant, Warboss Waaaaaaaagh.  (Imagine the dopplar effect as a ork drives by screaming waaaagh).

Hobby Update: Clan Sorrgol

Well, after a weekend of gaming with the new army and writing a few articles on how they play, I guess it’s about time to show you how the painting is coming.DSCN7781

I have finished painting three tactical squads and there three rhinos.  I have worked on the basing, adding some crushed walnut shell for a rubble like effect.  I am really happy with how these guys turned out.

DSCN7780 DSCN7784 DSCN7783 DSCN7782The only thing I am not happy with is the decals.  I have never used them before.  Sometimes I get a wrinkle that I can’t get out.  Other times the layer of matte varnish doesn’t seem to dry right and I can see a boarder around the decal.  Sometimes everything works fine.  I think it is just going to take more practice

After finishing the tactical squads were done, I stared in on the dreadnought.  I have a magnetized iron hands contemptor that was begging me to paint it.  I already had him assembled and primed.  I managed to finish this guy in a single day.  Once again, I am happy with the results.  I even managed to hack up a decal so I could put his name on him “Ira”.

DSCN7775 DSCN7776 DSCN7774 DSCN7778 DSCN7777I really love this model.  It is super easy to pose this guy anyway you want.  I went with him walking over a wrecked ork vehicle.  I tried to weather him.  Generally I want my army to feel a little grimy and dust coated.

That’s all I have finished so far. I will probably do the dreadnoughts drop pod next.  I am running the dread as a venerable dread since I don’t have a lucious pattern drop pod.  Hence I can’t run him as a contemptor.

Let me know what you guys think.  I am having a good time chugging through these marines and I always love feedback.

Kaptain Klaw and his Freebootas

coverI figured it was time to do a formal introduction of my orks, Kaptain Klaw’s Freebootas.  The collection is getting out of hand, vastly out pacing the rate I can paint at.  So, it’s only going to get worse from here.

pantsThe theme behind the army is freebootas, aka ork space pirates.  Who doesn’t love that?  I wanted to do freebootas just so I could have a really varied collection.  It also opened up a few conversion possibilities.  The biggest problem I had was trying to tie the army together while still representing them as pirates.  I came up with the red stripped pants.

eyesOverall the paint scheme is very bright and I like it.  The only complaints I have are the eyes and the number of colors I put into each ork.  I can’t paint eyes well at all.  I can paint lenses, but I can’t paint eyes.  If anyone has a tip on painting eyes that looks good and doesn’t require me to break out a single hair brush, I am all ears.  I also went with a too varied color scheme.  It ends up taking me 20+ colors to finish a single boy.  Which is fine for a space marine army that may have only 30 tactical marines.  But I have over 200 boys…

nobzIn terms of conversions, I did a few simple ones and one or two complex ones.  My nobs were pretty simple, just some head swaps to pirate heads.  The heads are a little small proportionately, but they work otherwise.  As a side note, I am a magnetizing fiend.  All the arms on my nobs are magnetized, so I can switch out weapon options.  I also have some larger guns for them so they can double as flash gitz.

kaptain juniorUp next was the original Kaptain Klaw.  He is a kit bashed mess, but was such a blast.  He is based off a black reach warboss (because what ork collector doesn’t have half a dozen of those).  An arm swap to the nob biker big choppa and a bunch of hacking and chopping until I can throw a killa kan klaw on pretty much finished him out.  After I painted him up, I managed to get my hands on a hawk from the brettonian set, so the Kaptain got his parrot.

kaptain gunThe next conversion was the kaptain with a big freakin gun.  A campaign game put on by one of our own basically called for each army to have a sniper character.  Take another black reach warboss, chop up his gun and add a fusion blaster, a big shoota, and a missile launcher scope, then cover up the mutilated arm with a green stuff bandana.

kaptainThe last conversion I have painted up is the big kaptain klaw in power armor.  I got my hands on a metal ghazzghul.  I prefer metal to finecast.  I repositioned his arm, left off the big metal jaw and tusks.  Then I made a green stuff great coat.  Pretty simple stuff overall, but it works.

I have another battlewagon and dakka jet painted up that aren’t pictured.  My orks are probably my closest army to the mythical 2000 point painted army (a level I can’t seem to break in 40k).  I have close to 8000 points of orks, and their numbers keep growing.  I keep finding deals, or taking some off a friends hands, or finding that model I wanted, etc.

The army will keep growing.  I hear rumors that there will be a new book around June.  I am sure with a new book will come new models, so there I will go, buying more orks.  I still have a few gaps in my collection, mainly storm boys.  And I could always use more trukks.  And maybe some meganobz.  And I really like that forgeworld mega dread.

Keeping at the Painting Grind

I must confess, I have only one fully painted army (my vampire counts).  My orks are about 30% painted.  I had planned to get about 2000 points finished before the new codex drops eventually, but they have been off the painting table as of late.  My tau are about 25% complete.  They are a simpler paint scheme and I was able to base coat most models with an airbrush.  I even started an escalation painting league to help motivate me to finish the army.  Yet still I failed.

Recently I have started my Iron Hands, they can be seen here.  I got through there first tactical squad and rhino (I finally got a top hatch for it btw) in about 2 weeks.  I have literally been painting one marine at time to completion before moving on to the next.  Right now, this feels like a comfortable pace for me, but I am all too aware that I have failed before.

The only tactic that seemed to keep me motivated to paint was what I used with my Vampire Counts.  I would not let myself buy another box until I painted the previous.  It worked well, and I didn’t play fantasy often.  I just haven’t been able to exercise that level of self control with my purchasing of 40k.

I may not have succeeded in painting a 40k army to completion yet; but I have read about many different strategies to keep one self motivated.  I figured I would give you a short run down and my experiences with each.

1)      Batch painting.  The idea is to take a large batch of models (10 or more usually) and paint one step or color at a time on each model before moving on to the next.  I discovered this tends to work well on units with very uniformed models and simple color schemes.  It did not work well with my orks.  There was far to much variation in how each army, boot, gun, ect had to be painted to fit my paint scheme.  This led to a lot of missed spots that I would have to go back on to fix.  Slowed everything right down.  It did work well on my tau though, since the models are all very similar and the paint scheme is very simple.

2)      Small Batch painting.  Similar to above, but small groups of models.  I found that 3-5 work best for me.  This is how the majority of my orks get done.  Probably the most common method I use.

3)      Painting on a schedule.  The idea being to set goals in terms of a calendar.  Like I need to finish the squad by the end of the month.  It all works groovy until you either A) get behind because life invades hobby time, or B) you work on a model or unit you don’t enjoy.  Then you are either forcing yourself to do something you are not enjoying or rushing through to try to catch up.  This happened with my tau crisis suits, and I feel the rush to get done had a noticeable drop in quality.

4)      Painting individual models.  Idea is to only paint one model at a time, allowing for more detail and focus on each model.  Results in good quality, but is a very slow process.  Better have some good pod casts or Netflix lined up.  I recommend the overlords or the independent characters.

5)      Painting a unit before buying the next.  See above.

In the end though, the best thing I can say is just keep painting.  Do a little bit here and there and it will all add up.  I get bored painting one unit, so I will switch to another unit or a whole new army.  Yes, it takes me longer to finish things this way.  But painting should not be work, it should be fun.

Current Project: Clan Sorrgul Iron Hands

resized squad 2Tonight I would like to share with you my current project, Clan Sorrgul Iron Hands.  They are the 5th battle company of the Iron hands.  I always fancied the iron hands fluff and thought they looked really good.  After the drop of the 6th ed space marine codex and they finally got some rules love (and awesome ones to boot), I decided I would take the plunge.

This is my first serious attempt at painting a good quality space marine army, and in my mind that starts from the ground up with good quality models.  In terms of marines, I am using the new tactical box with the fine cast upgrade kits.  The models look suitably Iron Hands with a dash of bionics throughout the squad.

This army has no goals of seeing the table anytime soon.  I want it to be a project where I get the models I want and paint them to a level I am happy with before I send them to the table top.  For me, that means taking it slow.  I literally painted this tactical squad one marine at a time.

Resized 3 manUltimately I am happy with the results so far.  My line highlighting needs work, but I think that will come with practice.  I am not entirely pleased with how some of the transfers look.  I am using the forgeworld transfer sheets on them.  My flesh tones really need work (I am literally too embraced to put close up pictures of them up yet).

This group is pretty much done.  I am still missing the storm bolter top for the rhino.  I confess I did acquire my rhinos and drop pod second hand.  The rhino in the picture was the worst conditioned of the lot.  Instead of moving on to tactical squad two and its rhino, I think I will take a break from them for a week or so.  Maybe work on my nob bikers.

Let me know what you guys think so far.  Excuse my ghetto rigged photo studio.  I guess if I get serious about taking these photos I should get one of those little photo booths.