Tau Empire: Stepping Stones

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On the outer edge of the Sorathian system, the Tau fleet surrounded a rocky and arid planet. Earth caste shuttles moved back and forth incessantly, ferrying construction materials, equipment and Tau colonists. Only a month had elapsed since Commander Shas’el Darkstar and Etheral Aun’ro had decided that this world would be the ideal staging ground for the Empire’s expansion in this system. In that time, several settlements had been constructed on the planet’s surface.

Fire Caste garrisons had also been built and teams of Fir Warriors stationed for planetary defense. Soon the world will be secure enough for Commander Darkstar to move the majority of his fleet onwards. All that remains if for him to decide what planet to liberate next. For the Greater Good!

Currently the known inhabited planets are as follows:

Tau scout teams initially reported that this world is a verdant paradise. However, reports were mysteriously cut short. Air Caste analytics find this is consistent with prior contact with Eldar Exodite worlds and advise caution.

This largely barren planet may have valuable resources to fuel the Greater Good. Unfortunately its space is guarded by Eldar patrols from an unknown Craftworld. Tau encroachment has not yet led to hostilities, so perhaps there is common ground to be found.

Cadia XIV
Abandoned by the Imperium of man millennia ago, the humans that inhabit this planet have forged their own path, with only vague remnants of the Imperium’s asphyxiating culture. Perhaps their hearts are open enough to Embrace the Greater Good.
If the New Cadian Republic agrees to the terms of annexation and becomes a client state of the Tau Empire, Commander Darkstar will be able to count on the aid of their Basilisk Artillery batteries.

Devilfish scout teams report that this tropical planet is completely infested with feral orks. Monitor drones reveal that most of the disparate ork tribes have recently been united under a single Warboss. The primitive gathering designation “Waaaaghhh” seems destined to bring the entire planet under a single rule. If he can find a way, Darkstar can trick the ork hordes into fighting amongst themselves and lead the survivors away from Tarandros so that the Earth Caste can begin the assimilation process.