Last Stand of the Nurse Sharks

It is a little late, but last Saturday I got my first chance to test my “Last Stand” scenario. And even though I lost, I had fun, and I learned some things to make the next game a little more even.

First, as you can see from the pic below, my army had an interesting fight ahead of them. I had to march my Tyranids across a No-Mans Land with very little cover. My opponent, fielding Sisters of Battle and Carcharodons, had an open field of fire. I actually wrote his list, so I should have known that I was in for a rough day.

That two feet of no terrain looked bigger in person

That two feet of no terrain looked bigger in person

And it really was a rough day. I gave him a unit of two thunderfire cannons, and they removed a swarm unit a turn. Sure, they just went into ongoing reserves, but they would just die again.

The Hierodule came on the board on turn three, like my rules stated, but that just didn’t give me enough time to do anything with him. He was only really productive in turn 5, and that just was not enough time.

So, the game ended up with the Nurse Sharks holding the line. The Nids, throwing themselves against the line…. And just dying in no mans lands. But it was fun.

Below are some further pictures….

I deployed on the 2 foot line, keeping my fastest units to the front. I wanted to get them to the enemy quickly.

I deployed on the 2 foot line, keeping my fastest units to the front. I wanted to get them to the enemy quickly.

Sisters hiding (smartly) in the trenches.

Sisters hiding (smartly) in the trenches.

A better picture of the Nurse Shark deployment. Tyberos "commanding" from behind the trenches.

A better picture of the Nurse Shark deployment. Tyberos “commanding” from behind the trenches.

Warriors and Raveners moving forwards. Raveners would be put into ongoing reserves at the end of my opponent's turn.

Warriors and Raveners moving forwards. Raveners would be put into ongoing reserves at the end of my opponent’s turn.

Here the lines are starting to separate. Faster units pulling away.

Here the lines are starting to separate. Faster units pulling away.

Sisters in the trenches (their right flank). In the distance you can see the Hierodule which took on the left flank... just before the game ended.

Sisters in the trenches (their right flank). In the distance you can see the Hierodule which took on the left flank… just before the game ended.


The Long Fight

Every now and then, Severus and I feel the need to cause mass death and destruction. We challenge each other to a battle of the swarms. He puts up his Orks up against my Tyranids. This past weekend was another one of those long battles. He brought tons of orks including 6 HQs and a lot of boys (and only one tank). I brought 188 models including the Swarmlord, a Hive Tyrant, Tyrant Guard, 9 warriors, 9 Raveners, a Pyrovore, 2 Biovores, 60 Termaguants, 40 Genestealers, 30 Gargoyles (who didn’t last long) and 30 Hormaguants.

Knowing this was going to be a fun blood bath, I decided to deploy everything onto the table. I didn’t even infiltrate the Genestealers. Gargoyles were on the left flank with the Warriors. Hormaguants, Biovores, Raveners, and the Hive Tyrant were on the right flank. Genestealers, Hormaguants, and the Swarmlord were the center of my army. Oh, and the Pyrovore was there with them in his first appearance.

I had no goal except to charge in and kill or be killed. Well, it turns out that it is fairly easy to be killed. Gargoyles killed a Deffkopta, and so did the Raveners, but from that point on, it was just a slow death.

The following are some photos of the action. You can just see the models being slowly pulled off the board.

1 Orks After Scout

Severus deployed his Orks in a similar way. Just get them on the board. He scouted his Deffkopta forward, and braced for the on coming tide.

2 Most of the orks

My view of what I would be facing.

2 Orks 1

And as you can see, some of these were members of the grey tide.

3 Genestealers

Some genestealers, preparing for the run forward.

4 Greenstealer

What do you get when on genestealer eats too many Orks? A greenstealer.

5 Orcs in the distance

Time to skitter forward.

6 Hive Tyrant

Filling up the right flank was a Hive Tyrant, making sure that none of the Raveners decided to fall to their instincts.

7 Close Combat 1

Not much later in the game, a close combat. One ravener and a few Hormaguants just couldn’t stand up to the clubbing that they received.

8 Pyrovore leading the charge

The Pyrovore, bravely moving forward. In this game, I have to admit that he did pretty good. Wasn’t an all-star, but he did take out a few models. And Pyrovores are considered terrible…

9 Orks Close the flank

Ork boys, having defeated the gargoyles, are seining in to slaughter some Warriors. I wish I could say it went well, but it really didn’t. Two units charged those warriors, and they didn’t last a turn of close combat.

10 Broodlords perspective

The Broodlord and his crew slowly moving up the edge. Someone had to try and save the Swarmlord.

11 Ignore the Pyrovore

This was one of the most entertaining points in the game. Two almost full units of boys decided to charge the Swarmlord. So they went around the Pyrovore. The wanted the Swarmlord.

12 And the beating begins

And now it started becoming a quagmire. Two units of boys charging in, and the Pyrovore with nothing to do. Shame I didn’t have “Supporting Fire”.

13 Ork Close combat

14 And the roll

This is going to hurt.

15 What is going on here

And the Orks are thinned out… but so are the Gaunts and the Genestealers.

16 Close combat 2

And finally the Flash Gits show up for some close combat. From here, it just went down hill. Severus slowly picked off the Genestealers, the Guants, and the Guard. In turn 6, the Swarmlord had one wound left. Then I dumped all of my psychic dice into Catalyst, knowing I would need Feel No Pain. And I periled. The Swarmlord took himself out of the game, causing me to be tabled.

Five hours. Lots of Death. A loss. Now that was a fun game.

A Distant Third

This weekend was an eventful one for my Tyranids and me. First, I got my first game in against the new Eldar codex, but I will get into that more in a later post. The bigger event was a tournament on Sunday at Critical Hit. While many of my friends have been play testing their lists for the last month, I wrote mine this week (play testing a variant once). It was an 1850-point tournament and I wanted to bring something competitive. I used the Hive Fleet Detachment from the Shield of Baal book. This is the list that I brought:

  • Hive Tyrant w/ Wings and 2 TL Devourers w/ Brainleech worms (230 pts)
  • Hive Tyrant w/ Wings and 2 TL Devourers w/ Brainleech worms (230 pts)
  • Hive Tyrant w/ Wings and 2 TL Devourers w/ Brainleech worms (230 pts)
  • Ripper Swarm w/ Deep Strike (45 pts)
  • Ripper Swarm w/ Deep Strike (45 pts)
  • Ripper Swarm w/ Deep Strike (45 pts)
  • Venomethrope (45 pts)
  • 5 Zoanthropes, Neurothrope, Tyrannocyte (400 pts)
  • Hive Crone w/ Stinger Salvo (165 pts)
  • Hive Crone w/ Stinger Salvo (165 pts)
  • 2 Biovores (80 pts)
  • Exocrine (170 pts)

The plan was to protect the rippers by keeping them in reserve. I could deploy the flyers in cover (if I was able) and keep the Venomthrope close in order to increase their cover save while they were on the ground, hopefully keeping them from having to jink. I felt that this was a fairly competitive list and I hoped I would have a decent showing.

Round one was against another Tyranid player. In his list was a Barbed Hierodule, 3 Flying HT’s, the Swarmlord, Rippers, a Malanthrope, and a few other units. The mission was the Relic with Hammer and Anvil deployment. My opponent deployed first and we had some fun Nid on Nid action. It really was a close game, his warlord trait (reducing my reserve rolls by 1) kept my Zoanthrope brood out of the game till turn four. He had the barbed Hierodule jump on the relic and just pick off units left and right. I did kill the Malantrope, the Swarmlord, a ripper swarm, a flying HT, and knocked down the Hierodule down to one wound. However, I couldn’t knock the relic out of the Dule’s grasp and he took the win. It was a fun game even if it was Nid on Nid action. I felt that my list had a decent showing, and I may have even been able to pull out a victory if I did a few things differently. However, I didn’t do those things, and round one ended in a loss.

Round two paired my bugs up against two Imperial Knights and the Iron Hands. My opponent brought two Thunderfire cannons, a Chapter Master, a Psyker, Tactical Squads, and some Scouts for his Iron Hands. The mission was Crusade (with 4 objectives) with Vanguard Strike deployment. My opponent really didn’t have much to handle my massive air attack, so he just wanted to put up a fight and have a fun game. Sadly, I am not sure he did. I surprisingly had an easy time with the knights. A flying HT and my Zoanthropes took down one Knight and the two Crones and another flying HT took down the other thanks to some great rolling, and this all happened in turn two. My Tactics were to ignore the Thunderfire Cannons, since they really couldn’t hurt much of my army, and pick off everything else. By turn three, the game was pretty much over and he conceded the game. I actually felt guilty, even in a tournament setting, I prefer have close games.

After that win, I found myself paired up against Salamanders in round three with Dawn of War deployment and the Scouring mission (all objectives worth 3 points). My opponent brought a drop pod assault with 2 more Thunderfire cannons, an assault squad, the Forgefather, a Sternguard squad, and a lot of Tactical Squads and Devastator squads. He won the deployment roll, and immediately went after my warlord with his Sternguards. And after 20 shots, and many hits, he knocked my warlord down to one wound, barely missing out on first blood and slay the warlord in turn one. He did end up killing the warlord, the biovores, the venomthrope, and a hive crone. I, however, managed to just pick off everything he had that could wound me (ignoring the Thunderfire cannons again). I did struggle getting my Zoanthrops out from reserves again, but this time thanks to just some poor rolling. However, while I couldn’t get my Zoanthropes onto the table, the rest of my rolling was incredible, much like the rest of the tournament. After a few turns, my opponent conceded, so I picked up my second win of the tournament (again feeling guilty because of how badly it went for him).

Thanks to kill points, I manage to slip into third place in the standings out of 8 players. The list performed about as I expected, if not a little better than I expected. I got to face three opponents I normally do not play, so I consider that a win as well. However, I must give a shout-out to Severus and A-Bomb for finishing first and second, as well as a thank you to my opponents for three great games.

Weekend in Review – Shorereaper

Another weekend, and another four 40K games played. This weekend was a weekend of one win and three significant losses. Two of the three losses were so bad that if I didn’t concede, I would have been tabled. In fact, one game was so bad that by the end of turn four, there were only four marines left on the table. They were in four different units, but still, only four marines.

The first game I played was with my Carcharodons against the Lord Primarch’s Necrons. My list was a very non-competitive list, and between that, some very poor tactical decisions, and my rolling, I had a very unlucky game. For example, Tyberos managed to kill two Necron warriors, and nothing else. And one of those warriors was killed by orbital bombardment. The second was killed in close combat, and that was all she wrote. I may have killed a few more models with the rest of my Army, but I do not think I even removed a complete unit. The Primarch’s Destroyer Overlord was nearly undestroyable. So, in the end, my Carcharodons did not have a good showing.

The second game, which was at Critical Hit, was that same Carcharodon list against some Tau. This game went much better for the Space Sharks, thanks to some poor reserve rolling by my opponent and another soft Tau list (yes, it is possible). For example, his Riptide didn’t come onto the board until turn four. A deepstriking unit of stealth suits misshaped, allowing me to place them in a position where it took two turns to get into a position where they would be able to do any good, and by that time I had it knocked down to just one model. This allowed me to rack up some easy kill points before the serious firepower game into play, and by the end of the game I had 7 victory points more than my opponent. And Tyberos actually did some work in this battle! He tore through some sniper drones, a hammerhead tank, and a unit of fire warriors. Not much, but much more than the two Necron warriors in Friday’s game.

The Third game I got in was my Tyranids against the Lord Primarch and his Ultramarines. I wrote a friendly list that was intended to try out my Sporocyst for the first time. My opponents list was also pretty soft, but by the end of turn one, I knew I was in for a struggle anyway. His bike squad (and one final bolter shot) managed to take out the cyst in turn one, so I didn’t even get to try out the new unit. His alpha stike and the rest of his army managed to collapse my entire left flank except for one lone Broodlord. My Raveners were cut in half, as well as my Hive Guard. My Exocrine was dead, as was the Sporocyst (which was the only unit on the right flank that was killed. Immediately I was facing an entirely new game, reacting to his deployment rather than being able to play offensively. I didn’t even make it into turn three without feeling that the game was lost. What I learned, or more accurately confirmed, is that taking 6 Raveners and 9 Warriors is not really a good plan, which was again confirmed in my fourth game.

The fourth game had my soft list of Nids face off against some Grey Knights, and again, it went badly. The Dreadknight, which I admit I was nervous about, killed my Exocrine, and then died. A unit of Palidins faced off against my Trygon Prime, and did kill it after a few turns. In a last ditch effort for some points I landed my Flying Hive Tyrant, which promptly died giving my opponent another objective and slay the warlord, which lead to me conceding again.

So, four games, three poor showings.

At least I know I can write a soft list.

Weekend in Review – Shorereaper

A “massive” snowstorm hit on Saturday, but before it did, I managed to get my first game in with my Dark Eldar. It wasn’t a large game, only 1300 points, but it was a good place to start. My list, basically everything I have assembled, consisted of an Archon, a Succubus, Bloodbrides in a Raider, Warriors in a Raider, Warriors in a Venom, 16 warriors on foot, 6 reavers, and 2 Ravengers with dark lances. Of course, I had upgrades with these each of these units as well.

I ended up facing a lot of Chimeras. And I mean a lot of them. Of course, there were some troops in them as well, but all I can remember were the tanks. And even though I had a lot of Dark Lances, I had a very hard time dealing with these tanks thanks to some unfortunate rolling. It didn’t help that he kept me jinking (just good tactics on my opponents part) or that he seemed to have no issues bringing down my Raveners.

In the end, I won the game. My opponent had First Blood (destroyed the Venom in turn 1), Slay the Warlord, and Line breaker while I had Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker, and all three objectives. I honestly believe that if the game went one more turn, or if my opponent played slightly differently, he would have easily taken the game. Still, with this being my first outing with the Dark Eldar, it was a success. And I don’t only mean that I won the game, I also learned some stuff. I may shift my 2K list from what I planned, but I may not. One game is not enough to judge.

I got a second game in this weekend with my Tyranids against Severus and his green tide. I changed my list up a little bit, adding in the Trygon Prime and a full Hive Guard brood while taking out the Swarmlord and his Guard. Of course, my favorite unit of Raveners made another appearance, this time without their rending claws and fully painted for a change.

To say this game went bad for Severus would be an understatement. He conceded in turn three. On my side, I lost a unit of Genestealers, the Raveners, a Carnifex, some Termagants (including some that I spawned), the Tervigon (which killed off some of those Termagants), and the Venomthrope. So, while I did lose a lot, nearly everything on his list was off the board except a painboy and the remains of his unit, some boys, and one ork with a claw that did a lot of damage to my MCs. His Flashgits (with his Warlord) failed a leadership test in turn two and ran right off the board. That gave me slay the warlord.

So, while the game went very well for me, I hate winning like that. I hate crushing wins. I would prefer to lose a close competitive game than have my opponent concede that early. Hell, I would almost prefer a crushing loss to a crushing win.

So, while I did have two successful games this weekend (with the latest snowstorm of the century sandwiched in between), I didn’t enjoy the bigger victory. And while I believe that my Nid list was less competitive than my usual list, I think I may need to tone it down even more for certain games.

The Myth of Old One Eye – Results

I lost. I lost bad. The Lord Primarch tabled me by turn three in my scenario with Old One Eye, but it was a lot of fun. I knew going into the game that the list I was taking was probably going to lose bad. Those who know the Tyranids will see a gaping whole in my list, but I wrote it only for fluff purposes. The list I brought consisted of:

Old One Eye
Venomthrope brood of 3
30 Termagants
30 Termagants
30 Hormagaunts w/ Toxin sacs
14 Genestealers w/ Talons
13 Genestealers w/ Talons
9 Ripper Swarm Bases
6 Raveners w/ Rending Claws
30 Gargoyles
1 Carnifex w/ Adrenal Glands

Old One Eye 5

The Primarch took Sgt Telion, a Culexus Assassin, Tyrannic War Veterans, three units in drop pods, a Bike Squad, a command squad, a psyker, a Stormtalon, and a Thunderfire Cannon. I am probably wrong on exactly what was in his list, but you get the idea.

Now, any Tyranid player will tell you that there is a serious lack of units with a synapse range. There is a reason for this. I thought that since Hive Fleet Behemoth was already defeated, only smaller creatures (except One Eye) would be left on the planets. I admit, I added one more Carnifex into the list, but I felt that lack of synapse creatures just added to the fluff of the game. This was a cleanup action for the Ultramarines. And boy did they clean up.


I had first turn, and it went bad right off the bat. Since I had no Synapse creatures, I had to take instinctive behavior tests on all my units except the genestealers. The gargoyles failed, and fled to the nearest terrain. The Raveners failed, but caused no unsaved wounds to themselves. The Venomthropes failed, using Old One Eye’s leadership, and fled off the board. That’s right, before the game really started, I gave up first blood and three additional kill points since they are an elite unit.

By the end of the game, I killed the Primarch’s bike unit, his assassin, and one tactical marine. He killed everything. I made him finish the game. I forced him to actually table me.

Not that it mattered, that was accomplished by turn two.

I already knew that I needed synapse creatures, but this proved how badly they are needed. But at least it was a fun game.

Weekend in Review – Shorereaper

It was another great weekend for gaming, and I got to try out a lot of Tyranid units I don’t normally use. I figure this post would be good to give my honest opinion on a few of those units now that I have another game under my belt with them.

The first game I played was a scenario out of the Leviathan book against the Adepta Sororitas. There were three large blast sized objectives. These objectives would move towards the Sisters table edge if the closet model to them was a Sisters unit, and if the closest unit were a Tyranid, it would move directly away from the Tyranid unit. Sister player scores the objective if they can get the objectives off of their table edge, and I would score them if I could harvest them (mmm… tasty). By the end of the game, I harvested all three markers (or would have had my opponent not conceded). My deployment zone limited my options, so a lot of my units were held in reserve. This was the game where I tried out the units I don’t normally use.

The second game was a quick 1500-point game against the Blood Angels, and again, the Tyranids were successful. The only surprise unit I took was Old One Eye, and this now makes him have a 2–0 record! Like I said, the game was quick. I had some incredible rolls, and even the rolls that didn’t go well probably ended up helping me in the long run (not running out of terrain). My opponent couldn’t make any of his invulnerable saves when he had them, and didn’t do all that well when it came to his armour saves. Old One Eye had three squads (2 Five-man assault and 1 Five-man Tactical) against him at one time, and they still only caused him one wound. He really held up better than I thought he would.

Now, on to some of those unit reviews I promised.

Old One Eye – This buffed up Carnifex is a lot of fun to use. And once he takes his first wound, he gains feel no pain at the start of his next movement phase (if he is your warlord). I do believe that Old One Eye could be a great unit in fluffy games, but I wouldn’t use him in games that I wanted to be highly competitive. There are better HQ choices. I do see me fielding him on occasion though.

Maleceptor – DO NOT TAKE THIS UNIT! Yes, he looks cool, and in this weekend’s game, he was actually a little more productive than in the previous fame, but only in close combat. The one time I got his psychic power off, he missed his shot. He did kill a unit of sisters and a tank, but in close combat. This is not what he is intended for. He also provided a synapse range, which in this list was uncommon, but there are so many better options. So my Maleceptor will be sitting on the shelf looking pretty.

Haruspex – DO NOT TAKE THIS UNIT! This may actually be worse than the Maleceptor, at least the Maleceptor has an invulnerable save. I can think of only two redeeming values of the Haruspex. 1. It looks really cool. 2. Most opponents, not knowing what it can (or cannot) do, will concentrate on killing it, freeing up the rest of your army. In three games I have used it in so far, its kill tally is one Ork Boy. That’s it. To get it anywhere, you need to give it adrenal glands so you can get fleet; raising it’s cost even more. It has one “shooting” attack that will hit 50% of the time. I’d rather have a Carnifex.

Tyrannofex – Honestly, I cannot say anything about this model. Due to the limitations of my deployment zone (3 inches on each long table edge), I had to put this unit into reserves. And due to some poor rolling on my part, he didn’t make his way to the table edge till turn 4. Once he came out, he got one shot off, killed one sister, and that was game. I still do not know how to use it, or if I even should. Maybe I will give a better report later.

Mawloc – I hate Moloc. I have used the Mawloc in three games thus far, and I have had no success with him. I always try for his special attack, and in all three games I have managed to mishap and roll a 1. I cannot blame the unit for my bad luck, but after three times, I am pretty sure that I am never meant to play this unit. I think it does have potential, and I will give it another shot, but right now I am just a bit disheartened.

Harpy – Ah, the other flyer. I cannot say, “Do not take this unit” as I think it does have it’s uses. I just would rather take the Hive Crone. The crone, with its template attack, it’s missiles, and its S8 vector strike is just more useful. The Harpy, with its blast weapon and its bombing capability is just more limited. And once your opponent makes you jink, it’s pretty much out of the picture. Again, it has its uses, but there are better options for about the same price.

So, that’s it for my report this week.

Weekend in Review – Shorereaper

This past weekend was actually fairly productive for my 40K hobby and me. It started on Saturday when I figured the paint scheme for my Alpha Legion, I also got a game in with my Tyranids, and I made some actual progress with my Tyranids models. It’s been a few slow weeks for painting, so this was big for me.

Starting with a quick summary of the game, my mighty Tyranids snuck out a victory against the Greater Good this weekend at Core Worlds Games and Hobbies. It was another 2K game and I took a list that was similar to my usual list, I just changed my tactics a little bit. I had the Swarmlord, Flying Hive Tyrant, 30 Termagants, a Tervigon, a Carnifex, an Exocrine, a Tyrannocyte, and 6 Zoanthropes with one Neurothrope upgrade. My opponent had Fire Warriors, 2 units of Broadsides, 2 units of crisis suits, one of the flyers (why?) and a Riptide. We played an Eternal War game of the Emperor’s Will (with no Impearial army?) and deployed on the short table edges. I will say, I was a little nervous about this since I would have to take a lot of firepower just to get to my opponent.

Some key highlights of the game include me getting first blood in turn two, my Swarmlord failing a charge and dying, the Zoanthropes causing one wound to the Riptide and one wound to a Braodside (which did kill the Broadside). Actually, the Swarmlord didn’t do much but march across the field and then die, one of his worst showings I have experienced. The Zoantrhopes, arriving via Deep Strike in the Tyrannocyte, were cut in half thanks to Broadsides with interceptor. He got three wounds, and I failed all three invulnerable saves. The final tally was that I had my Objective and the Tau had theirs. In secondary objectives, my opponent had Slay the Warlord, while I had First Blood and Line Breaker. If the game went one more turn, I think that we would have either tied, or I would have lost. It was a fun and close game.

As I said earlier, the rest of my weekend was also productive. Our forge world order arrived last week and I got my new Alpha Legion shoulder pads along with my Hierodule. The pads rejuvenated excitement about 30K. I really decided to try and come up with a scheme I wanted to use. I trolled the internet, trolled facebook, asked questions of people posting on the Overlords page, and finally decided on a scheme I wanted to try. I decided to make a test model on a Space Marine to see how it would look. I tried using Vallejo’s Gunmetal Blue with a light glaze of GW’s Waywatcher Green. After it dried I gave it a quick gloss varnish. While it is a little greener than I wanter, I do think I like it.

Alpha Legion

Also of note is that made some progress on Old One eye. And yes, I put him on the new GW base and after getting used to it, I have to say that I actually like the base. Sure, it’s a little bigger, meaning that my opponent will be able to get more models into base contact, but with most MC’s being on oval bases, the Carnifex just seems to fit a little better.

Old One Eye

I will admit that I almost cried when I woke up on Friday morning to see Forge World has pre-orders up for more Alpha Legion products. Especially since I just got my order in, but I have a lot of stuff to work on right now. I have my Dark Eldar, which I bought another Ravager for. I have another Hive Tyrant that needs to be built (which is an example of a MC on a round base, I know). I have tons of models to finish painting in all of my armies.

I was also challenged to build a Tyranid list using units I have but almost never use. It looks like the Maleceptor will be returning to the table, as will my Gargoyles, my Mawloc, and some rippers. The list doesn’t look bad, but I cannot say that it’s good either. But at least I will be facing the Sisters, which means it may be a good game after all.

Shorereaper’s Weekend in Review

I actually had a fairly productive gaming weekend. I got some work done on some models and I got two very fun games in at Critical Hit games. And to top it all off, I am happy to report that one of the games was a win.

The first game was against the Adepta Sororitas in a scenario from the “Shield of Baal” campaign. The scenario we played was “The Great Corral” and for those of you who don’t know, it is a very hard scenario on the sisters. The scenario special rules are that the sisters have limited ammunition, the Tyranid player has second and third waves, and the Sisters get “crawler-hulk weapon batteries.” The weapon batteries gives the sisters player S7 AP4 “snap shot” to any Tyranid units arriving via deep strike. Sadly, this rule did not come into play as nothing I had arrived via deep strike. As the Tyranid player, I had to divide my forced up into three waves, one which deploys normally, one which arrives in turn 1, and one which is placed in normal reserves.

The key rule to this game is the limited ammunition. The Sisters of Battle player rolls a D6 at the start of his or her turn (in this case his) and adds the result to the sum of the previous results. Once he reaches a sum of 12 or more, the Sisters player can only take Snap Shots for the rest of the game (meaning no template weapons so their flame throwers become useless).

In the game we played, my opponent asked me to not take any flyers, and I agreed knowing the Sisters’ struggles with them. Thanks to some lucky rolling, my opponent didn’t run out of ammunition until turn 5, which still was not enough to help him win. In this kill point game, my Tyranids tore through those squishy women. And the Swarmlord told me that they were very tasty.

The second game I played this weekend was an “Emperor’s Will” game with my Carcharodons against Severus’s dirty rotten Orks. And I wish I could say it went well. Heck, I wish I could say I even put up a fight. I made many tactical errors and went down with a whimper (kind of like the Bengals and the Steelers this weekend). I don’t want to get into the details of the game, but anyone who says that Flash Gits are a bad unit need to look at the remains of Tyberos’s unit. When they happen to roll a 1 for AP, a terminator squad is in a lot of trouble.

So, the week went average with one win and one loss. On top of that, I did manage to complete another Broodlord from the Baal box set, actually get some work done on the Alpha Legion (I based one bike), and I did build a Ravager for my new Dark Eldar army. I would say that it was a good way to start the New Year…

Well, except for those damn Bengals.

Shorereaper’s First Tournament of the Year

Yesterday, my Tyranids took on some Iron Hands in my first tournament and my first game of the year. The tournament is a “one and done” style tournament, and I am sad to report that I am done. It was a close game, and I cannot say how friendly the game was. For example, my opponent reminded me that I was skipping my psychic phase in one turn, and I pointed out to him that he should run some Terminators into cover so that my Flying Hive Tyrant would attack at the same initiative rather than going first when I charged him. I know that the psychic phase did help me, and I would like to believe that moving his terminators helped him (since they were armed with hammers and would go at initiative 1).

My list consisted of two flying hive tyrants, five Zoanthrops and one Neurothrope in a Tyrannocyte, 30 guants and a Tervigon as my troop choices, a Dimachaeron, a Carnifex, and an Exocrine. The Iron hands brought a Chapter Master, two Stormtalons, Centurions, Terminators, a Land Raider, Scouts, and Tactical Squads to the fight. I mat be forgetting some of the Iron Hands, being unable to remember exactly what I fought. And the game was fun and close. And I mean really close. We had three objectives and deployed on the short table edges. He won the roll off and let me deploy first.

Without going into too much detail, there were some interesting and entertaining points during the game. The Dimachaeron didn’t do much except die; he is so slow for being a fast attack choice. The Carnifex killed the Land Raider and then died to a scout in close combat. The Neurothrope and Zoanthrope brood was my all-star unit, and his one remaining terminator was his (in my opinion since it won him the game). My warlord failed his crash test after being wounded three times, causing him to lose his last wound, giving my opponent slay the warlord.

At the end of the game, I had one objective, my opponent had one objective, and the third was contested with his terminator facing off with a hive tyrant (and not dying). I had first blood and slay the warlord and he had line breaker and slay the warlord.

So we tied. In order to break the tie, we counted up kill points, which he had three more kill points than I did.

So, I am one and done.

My opponent advances to the next round.