A new author appears! An introduction and summary of the Legions jump into competitive play

A Primarch is reborn! Marines got taller, and all of the sudden Iron Hands are popular! 8th edition has been a blast, and I am here to write about it.

Greetings! This my first post on the site and I am excited to be a part of it. My name is JC- or as I will go by on here, Chapter Master Watts. In this post I want to cover 3 things

1) Who am I?

2) What is the Legion up to?

3) Where I see things going from here for both myself and the Legion

Number 1: Who am I?

I have been a member of Critical Hits wargaming community and the Legion for a while. If you have been to the store before, you have probably see me. My main army are the Salamanders, my pride and joy. From a hobby aspect they are not the best painted army I own- but they’re my first and I have over 10,000 points painted- easily my biggest accomplishment.

Green Bois featuring my armless Levi

I am also working on a Ryza AdMech Force, and a Flesh Tearers army at the same time. But without a doubt my best work of my collection are my Imperial Knights of House Hawkshrowd

I have a big fondness of big point games and will happily spend all day playing any points value. I could post a picture of my ugly mug but I’ll save you that horror until later in the post. In the last 18 months I have taken the plunge into competitive 40k, and to be honest I’ve enjoyed it a lot. It took some prodding from Ivan, the local TO but I took the plunge and its been an overall great experience, the DelMarVa area had a fantastic 40k community and I am glad to be a part of it. I travel a-lot with the other Legion members to events, which leads to…

Part 2: What is the Legion up to? In the first part where I talked about me I mentioned getting into competitive 40k, I wasn’t alone. I grabbed a few of the players from Crit and we formed a team. I wanted to represent where we came from so we took the name of the 21st Legion, had some jerseys mad and we jumped in!

Myself (Left) and Battle Brother Chris (Right)

As of right now, the team roster as follows: -Myself, as Team Captain -Mike Aigner and ShoreReaper as CoCaptains -Josh Huna -Ben Schanck -Chris Holdridge -Sam Frey -Jason Rumer -Brent Hitchcock -Christian Benware -Rob Sollars -John Lippins

Serverus may be in Alabama, in another team- but he is one of us far as I am concerned. However, I hereby challenge his new team to finish higher than us this year. We’re coming for you Dangli Boyz.

2019 was a great starting year, Mike won the Battle in the Warp Major GT in Richmond, and both he and I have preformed well at local events as well. I really feel like the Legion is prepared to make a splash this year, i have already had a few solid scores this year, taking Second at Titan Games and Hobbies Valentines RTT and Taking 16th in a Major. Tomorrow myself Mike, Josh and Ben are heading up to the Find the One For You RTT, in Middletown Delaware which is going to be a blast. Which is guess is a good segue into,

Part 3: Where I see things going from here for both myself and the Legion

2020 is going to be a blast. The 40k community in our area is alive and healthy as ever and I’m jumping in. Coming in May I will be taking over as TO for Bel Air games, and will be hopefully publishing battle reports for all the events I go to for the year. Starting with ‘Find the One For You’ As for the Legion, I want to grow the team and continue to have us show up to events, and hopefully do well. But most importantly I think that The Legion of Extraordinary Gentleman will finish the 2020 ITC season higher than the Dangli Boyz. This is going to be a fun year and I am excited to be sharing our adventures with you! Chapter Master Watts signing off