It’s Finally Happened. GW Returns to the Realm of Social Media

groundhog7Howdy everyone, Professor Severus here.  Today marks a moments occasion.  Games Workshop has finally returned to the realm of social media.  That’s right, like your grandparents, GW finally has a facebook page.  Unlike grandma, it looks like they might know what they are doing.

It popped up on my feed this morning. It is a community page for fans.  Basically the rules are be nice, only talk about 40k on the page, and if you want to post models, make sure they are citadel models.  I say that is fair enough. I mean, it is a page run by GW specifically to talk about 40k.  Doesn’t make a lot of sense to have stuff about other games on there or for other companies to have their models displayed there.

Based on the format of the page, it looks like the same social media team that is running Forgeworlds page.  They are clear upfront that they are not the design team.  Do not ask them rules questions.  So far, it looks like that team has kept the Forgeworld page on message and kept the community well managed.  So there is hope for this new GW page.

Now, this is going to really age me, but screw it.  Once upon a time, GW actually hosted message boards on their website.  At one point, it was a good community to be involved in.  Lots of back and forth from players of all levels as well as moderates and the occasional design team member chiming in.  But over time, the board was overtaken by the negative members of the community.  GW tried to get control of the boards, but eventually gave up and shut the whole thing down.  Since then they have not had many major attempts at social media or interacting with the community.

So, I want everyone to take a moment here and really try to think about this.  GW is trying to connect with the community.  They are like a shy animal finally coming out of it’s home.  If you scare GW with a bunch of negative feedback, they could pull the plug on the whole thing.  I understand that GW has not pleased everyone of it customers over the years.  They are reaching out here and trying to be more involved.  This could be a great thing.

Now, some people will feel they need to express themselves negatively about GW, which is fine.  Just please keep it off of their page.  I don’t want them to shut this down.  I want the chance to interact with them and be a part of this community.  And with that I leave you. I got some orks to show off on the new community page.  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

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