Building Towards a List

As many of you know, I have been putting a lot of time into my Alpha Legion as of late. However, with my mild ADHD, I haven’t even been able to concentrate on one list to build towards. I am a big fan of play testing which is why I bought outriders and a javelin without ever using them. So, after some thought, I decided to build one 2500-point list, using the “Coils of the Hydra” Rites of War, and work on completing that list specifically.

Now, in this list there is no Primarch, since Forgeworld has not produced a model yet. And don’t get me started that we have seen a model of Russ, and not even a hint of Alpharius. Also, what I like about this list, is that it is easy for me to switch out other units. For now (which will probably change before I actually post this), this is what I have:


Armillus Dynat
Exodus (No model, I will have to come up with something)
Legion Centurion (Saboteur) w/ Artificer Armour, Combat Augment Array

Iron Saboteur

Saboteur for when I play against the Iron Hands

10 Man Tactical Squad w/ Rhino
10 Man Tactical Squad w/ Rhino
10 Man Tactical Squad w/ Rhino
8 Man Support Squad w/ Meltas, Rhino


Apothecary w/ Artificer Armour
Darkwing Storm Eagle (“Borrowed” from the Raven Guard)

Fast Attack:
10 Man Headhunter w/ Combi-bolters, banestrike ammunition, heavybolter
Javelin Attack Speeder w/ Multi-Melta

Heavy Bolter Headhunter

Heavy Bolter Headhunter

Heavy Support:
Fire Raptor Gunship w/ Autocannon batteries, Armoured Ceramite
Land Raider Phobos w/ Multi-Melta, Armoured Ceramite, Auxiliary Drive

I plan to have Dynat, the Apothecary, and the support squad ride in the Land Raider. I could also place a Tac Squad, the Headhunters, or nothing in the Darkwing, depending on my mood or needs for the day. I have never used Exodus, so I am interested in how he will work, and putting him with the Headhunters seems to be the most logical place (rather than have him run around on his own).

I also like this list because I could easily swap units out. I could easily drop Exodus and the Javelin freeing up a lot of points. Also, if I drop the rites of war, I could reduce my army by dropping the Darkwing and a unit of Tactical Marines.

Finally, what do I have to get and build to run this list? Well, I need an Exodus model, which I may use a Recon Squad model until an actual character model is released, and I need one more Rhino. I have to build the Fire Raptor and the Storm Eagle, since I now have both of those.

This list brings some fluff, some punching power, a little too much air power (one flyer is usually enough), and the ability to hold some objectives. The Javelin (with outflank, deepstrike, and it’s speed) can be used to support troops in need.


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