I caved

That’s right, I caved. This past weekend I bought A devastator squad so that I can build some new marines with Grav-Cannons. But that is not what I really mean when I say I caved. I also bought a Command Squad and a box of bikers. I was doing so well on not spending money, but no, I had to cave. Why do I think I caved when I mention these?

Well, for the past couple of weeks I wanted to play test a command squad for Isurus and the second Company of Carcharodons. However, I was never actually able to get that game in. Every time I would come close, something would come up. Either I would play the Tyranids, or need to play a more competitive game, or just not even get a game in. So I caved, bought the two boxes, and began my conversions. Am I 100% happy with the conversions? No. But I am happy over all.

First, we have the Chapter Champion. I like his pose and that I was able to add the shield. The final goal, after some sanding, is to add the Carcharodon emblem to the shield.

Champion 2Champion 1

Second we have an Apothecary on a bike. Thanks to someone pointing it out to be, this unit will be 3+ Armour save, 4+ cover save, and now have a 5+ Feel No Pain, all with a toughness 5. I don’t like where the left arm ended up, but it could have been worse.

Apoth 1

Speaking of worse, now we come to the banner bearer. I really wanted my command squad to have one. But none of the banners looked correct. They all looked static. So I just tried to make it look like this one guy was carrying it off to the side. The final goal may be to get a banner from a Raven Wing bike squad and convert that into a Carcharodon Banner. But for now, this banner will have to do.

Banner 1

Banner 2

All that is left is for me to build a few more bikers, armed with power swords. Then, I will be happy with my command squad… well, maybe after they are painted.

Fear of the Unknown

This past weekend a friend from New Jersey decided to make a last minute trip to visit me and get in a game of 40K. Now, it’s been quite a while since I last played him, and he is the only person I play who uses the Space Puppies. I had no idea what I was getting into. I had no idea what the new codex plays like. I had no idea what units my friend likes to field. I had no idea how good he is.

I spent a lot of time writing lists for this game. I wrote very competitive lists. I wrote lists that were fun, but not competitive. I wrote lists for the Tyranids, the Carcharodons, and I am pretty sure I even wrote a list for my Tau. I really had no clue what to take into this game.

Sadly, I settled on taking the Tyranids and a very competitive list (not the most competitive, but close). Having no idea what I would be facing, I took a double CAD list that had 2 Flying Hive Tyrants, 2 Hive Crones, the Swarmlord and his Guard, a total of 40 Gaunts, 2 Venomthrope units, and Exocrine, and 9 Raveners with rending claws. The mission had three objectives… that never really came into play.

It really was a one sided game. We did make it to turn five, but it was turn five where I tabled him. You name it; I was able to remove the unit from play. 2 units of Terminators? Raveners and the Swarmlord took them out. Puppies to absorb some wounds? Hive Crone flame templates. He took Long Fangs for his anti-air and I proceeded to pick them off a little at a time with the Hive Tyrants. He did make some target priority decisions that I may not have made, but even if he did attack the units I would have, I am not sure it would have made much of a difference.

By the end of the top of turn 5, I had two of the three objectives, line breaker, and slay the warlord. The wolves took first blood. That last objective? The final terminator was standing on it, while in close combat with the Swarmlord. My opponent admitted that the last round of combat would have probably killed that terminator.

I over compensated, and I feel really bad about that. It was not my intent to have such a one sided game. Yes, I asked if he had flyers, and he said no, but he had said that he had anti-air. If I had known that it was just one unit of Long Fangs, I would have dropped two flyers at least.

Competitive games are what I like, not lopsided victories. I can’t even say “At least I took Raveners”, since those Raveners tore through 5 Terminators, one drop pod, and about 30 Blood Claws. Sure, then ended up feeling off the board in turn 5, but they more than tore through the marines.

Maybe next time I will take a softer list… or at least let him decide if my list is tougher than her want to face.

At least through out the game he kept his good humor.

Nurse Sharks vs. Tau

Today I got my first game in with my Carcharodon and Sisters allies lists. I did have to borrow the sisters from my opponent (I did have the Rhino and Immolater). This was my fluffy list, with the Sisters being sent by the Imperium to spy on the Carcharodons after the Badab War. My list consisted of the following (2000 points):

HQ –
Captain Isurus w/ Bike, Teeth of Terra, Artifcer Armour

Troops –
8 Bikers w/ 2 Grav-guns
Tactical Squad w/ Melta, Rhino
Tactical Squad w/ Melta, Rhino

Fast –
Stormtalon w/ Skyhammer Missiles

Elite –
Honorguard w/ 8 marines, Chapter Banner, Land Raider (w/ Multi-melta)

HQ (Allies) –
Canoness w/ Rosarius, Powersword, Book of St. Lucius
Sisters Command Squad w/ 4 Sisters, one Hospitaler, 4 flamers, Immolator (Multi-Melta)

Troops (Allies) –
Battle Sister Squad w/ Melta, Rhino

Our mission was Deadlock from the Malestrom mission set with the Vanguard Strike deployment map. I deployed first, and went first.

Since I didn’t take notes, I am going to have to go off memory here. Turn one consisted of my moving everything forward, getting off a few shots, killing a few models, and scoring a grand total of zero objectives. My opponent, however, was able to destroy two of my Rhinos, gaining first blood, shot up some other units, and scored four objectives. However, this is where the weird rolling started. The bike squad took a lot of firepower in turn one, but only lost one bike thanks to a combination of low hits, low wounds, and a lot of Armour saves. It was very much above average rolling for me and below for my opponent.

In Turn two, I was not able to draw any objective cards. Again, I moved the bike squad up and got them into range of the Riptide. In the shooting phase, I knocked the Riptide down 3 wounds (and knocked off the drones), killed the sniper unit, and took off a hull point off of the Hammerhead. This time, I was able to score 4 objectives. My opponent got one of his two drone units, his skyshark flyer, and a unit of Crisis Suits out of reserve this turn. I forgot about the sheer amount of firepower that the Tau can bring to bear. I lost a hull point on the flyer, took more hits to my bike squad (but thanks to some insane rolling, not that many wounds), lost a few more troops, and lost a large chunk of my Honor Guard.

From here, things get a little fuzzy with my memory. I know that my sisters charged the crisis suits. The Immolator was glanced out, but the Sisters Command Squad inside wrecked the drones that did it. Isurus and his bike squad caused the Riptide to flee off the table, but were finally put down by the Tau.

By the end of the game Tybers, the Land Raider, 5 Marines, the Canoness, and some sister will still on the board. My opponent still had the Broadsides, a lot of Firewarriors, and his HQ was still among the living. Even the Land Raider shows the luck of my opponent. In one turn he hit it with three rail guns from the Broadsides, but rolled three 1’s when rolling for armour pen.

The final tally was 9 (including line breaker) for me, and 7 (Including first blood) for my opponent. It was a close game, and a lot of fun.

Non-Competitive List (Nids)

Coming up next weekend there is a 1500-point tournament at the local store. It is supposed to be a “fun” tournament, and I have decided to fully embrace this. I decided to write a list that I felt I would have fun with. Is this my final list? Honestly, probably not. I may end up changing my mind and go into it more competitively. All it takes is one person to bring a competitive list, and that person will dominate the tournament. And once people realize that, you run into an arms race. But for now, I believe that this will be what I run.

HQ –
Hive Tyrant w/ Lash Whip and Bone Sword, and Adrenal Glands
Tyrant Guard w/ Adrenal Glands

Troops –
6 Genestealers
5 Genestealers
5 Genestealers

Elites –
Haruspex w/ Adrenal Glands

Fast Attack –
9 Raveners w/ Rending Claws

Skytyrant Swarm
Hive Tyrant w/ wings, Twin-Linked Devourers
15 Gargoyles
16 Gargoyles

There are a couple of reasons why I am taking this list. One, I have every single one of these units fully painted, and that is going to look awesome on the table. In fact, if I get more gargoyles painted, I am going to add them to the formation, and take out some genestealers. Two, most of these units can be taking down by bolters, even the Skytyrant Swarm. I have seen those 30 wounds just disappear during a game. Plus, with how the rule reads, I now have a flying Hive Tyrant that cannot fly (and if I am misreading the rule, please tell me). Three, while I will have a psychic phase, it isn’t going to be all that powerful. And finally, excluding the fact that I do not expect to win, I think this list we be fun for my opponents and me.

I would like some input on this list. Please feel free to comment.