Two House Rules

I have decided to add two new rules to the Casa de Shorereaper. I have a few house rules, most of them for entertainment purposes. For example, there is the house rule of Pyrovore. The Pyrovore’s special rule has it go nuclear when it’s killed with a weapon that causes instant death. Obviously it is not what was intended, but even the ITC addressed it in their rules. However, the two house rules that I am adding tonight are not as comical.

First, I want to address the grey tide. Actually, not just the grey tide, but all unpainted models. So, the first new rule is that all armies played in my house gain the “Preferred Enemy Unpainted Models” special rule. What qualifies as unpainted? If the model has at least a base coat, I will count it as painted. So, models must be more than just primed. This does give a serious benefit to those who have fully painted armies, but hopefully this will also motivate those other to actually paint.

The second rule addresses an issue I have with use of proxies. I don’t have an issue with proxies when it comes to weapons. For example, if a space marine is modeled with a melta-gun and my opponent wants to use it at a grav-gun, I would allow this. However, when someone wants to proxy an entire unit, I begin to have issues. So, rule number two is that if someone proxies more than 10% of their army, their opponent gains 6+ feel no pain on their infantry. This percentage will be based on the points. So, if someone fielded more than 200 points in proxies in a 2000 point list, the opponent will get the “Feel No Pain” rule on all infantry.

How would this affect me? Well, very few of my Dark Eldar are painted, and the same goes for my Alpha Legion. The Tyranids I usually field are almost always fully painted, so I don’t lose anything there. I also hardly ever proxy, so I will not have to worry about giving up the feel no pain that often.

I will also allow someone who wants to test new units a one-time bye on the Feel No Pain penalty. And even though I will allow the bye, I will not take it, even if I am trying a new unit to see if I want to buy it.

My house, My Rules.

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