The Last Stand of the Iron Hands – Severus’ Perspective

Howdy Everyone!  Severus here!  Sorry I have been absent as of late.  Life is moving fast for me with this move to Alabama.  Lots of stuff to deal with.  Luckily I was able to get some time this past weekend to get some final games in with my friends.  Among those was the Last Stand Scenario that Shorereaper wrote.  He wanted to run a 2500 point list, so I would need to bring allies for my Iron Hands to reach that points level.  I knew the scenario, so I wrote a thematic list.  Here is what I took:

4 Setup Iron Hands

  • Chapter Master – Terminator Armor, Gorgon’s Chains, Thunderhammer
  • Assault Terminators – 5 man with Thunderhammers and Stormsheilds
  • Sternguard – 10 man, Vet Sgt with Melta Bombs
  • Tactical Squad – 10 man with Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun, and Sgt with Melta Bombs
  • Tactical Squad – 10 man with Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun, and Sgt with Melta Bombs
  • Stormtalon – Skyhammer Missiles
  • Devestators – 10 man with 2 Missile Launchers and 2 Plasma Cannons
  • Vindicator – Siege Shield
  • Landraider Crusaider
  • Knight Paladin
  • Skitarii Vanguard – 10 man with an omniscope, Alpha with Taser Goad and Phosphex Blast Pistol
  • Skitarii Vanguard – 10 man with an omniscope, Alpha with Taser Goad and Phosphex Blast Pistol
  • Sicarian Ruststalkers – 5 man with Transonic Razors and Chordclaws, Princeps with Prehensile Dataspike

I deployed with a plan in mind.  The biggest trouble would be bringing down the Hierodule.  I put my Knight, Justice, along my left flank.  I put the terminators in the land raider with Iron Father Telavek on my right.  I put the vindicator along my left flank.  I deployed both a unit of tac marines and vanguard on each side of the defense line I was given.  I put the devestators in the middle.  The sternguard were deployed on the left flank as a support element.  The ruststalkers were deployed on the right flank as a counter attack element

If the hierodule came down the left flank, Justice and his D strength close combat attacks would be there to meet him.  If he came down my right flank, the thunderhammer terminators would be there to receive him.   I didn’t think they could take him down, but they could hold him long enough for Justice to come in and deliver the killing blow.  Everything else was there to try to keep the waves of tyranids pushed away from my defensive line so that the terminators and Justice could maneuver into position.

15 End Iron Hand Turn 1Turn one, Nids went first.  They covered the gap between our lines fast.  I had three units getting up close that could assault in turn 2 if I didn’t deal with them.  The ravengers, the hormagaunts, and the gargoyles.  I prioritized the ravengers and unloaded onto them, killing them to a man.  Up next were the gaunts, cutting there unit in half.  I did a small  amount of damage to the gargoyles, but nothing significant.  The tide was pushed back for a turn.

19 Getting closer Turn 217 Ravener vs Iron HandsTurn two, the nids advanced again.  The hierodule came out and started heading up the center with a 12 inch move and a 12 inch run.  It was going to be on my lines soon.  Warp blast tool out the vidicators demolisher cannon.  The ravenger made it into combat with one of my tactical squads (a 5 man combat squad with the plasma gun and sergeant).  They held.  The gargoyles shot off three of my vanguard on my right flank then tried to charge.  The vanguard stood tall that day and killed 7 in overwatch, preventing the charge.

On the Iron Hands turn 2, it was time to strike back.  The vindicator (now a useless moving box) moved up my left flank to try to funnel some of the gaunts towards my lines.  Shooting focused on the bigger bugs that were getting closer.  The swarmlord and his guard moved up the left center and the carnifex and hive tyrant moved up my right.  Shooting took down the swarmlords guard and put a wound on the beast himself.  The right flank focused on taking down the gargoyles and carnifex.  The vanguard did a stellar job once again, killing the gargoyles down to 2.  The rest of that flanks shooting chipped off a wound from the carnifex.  Finally, the Ruststalkers vaulted over the lines and charged into the carnifex.  They brought him down to one wound and lost one of there number in return.

Turn 3 saw the nids finally reach combat in significant numbers.  Everything moved up.  Psychic mind bullets from the Hive Tyrant popped the landraider on the right flank.  The Swarmlord and pyrove charged in against part of the vindicator on the left.  The hive tyrant and hormogaunts charged into the ruststalkers to try to save the carnifex.  In the end, the ruststalkers failed to killed the carnifex and died for their effort.  The vindicator survived with one hull point.

22 Swarmlord

We all know what is about to happen.

The Iron Hands retaliated in turn 3 with more concentrated fire power.  This time the fire power was focused on the hierodule, warriors, and the swarmlord.  Only a wound chipped off the hierodule.  The Swarmlord was brought down to a wound. Several warriors were killed and the hormaguants met their end.  Justice finally strode forth to take on the hierodule.  The right flank shooting took down the carnifex finally.  Iron Father Telavek and his terminators crawled out of the wreckage to seek vengeance on the Hive Tyrant that destroyed there beloved transport.  Justice failed his charge and now stood vulnerable in front of the iron hands lines.  Telavek and his terminators destroyed the offending hive tyrant.

24 Epic BattleTurn 4 was time for epic combat.  Swarmlord charged in against a unit of 5 sternguard supported by the pyrovore.  Finally, the hierodule charged in against Justice.  The swarmlord survived his combat with the sternguard and felled two of there numbers.  Justice put up a mighty fight with his reaper chainsword, dealing several viscous blows and bringing the mighty hierodule down to a single wound.  Then the hierodule shredded Justice.  In the resulting titanic explosion, Justice fell over and killed the Swarmlord, the pyrovore, and the sternguard.

The Iron Hand Devestators retaliated with concentrated missile fire in the bottom of turn 4, dropping the hierodule.  And with that the swarm was broken.  The bug started their retreat under the guidance of the warriors.  A victory for the Iron Hands, but at a great cost.

Overall the game was a blast.  Definitely a high note to go out on with Shorereaper.  I definitely felt the pressure of keeping all those nids off my lines.  The recycling unit mechanic never really came into play.  A unit coming on from Shorereaper’s board edge needs to cover 48 inches to get to my lines.  Most units can’t do that in 2-3 turns.  Maybe bringing the hierodule in on turn 1 could more pressure on the defenders.

Little narrative battles like this one are a lot of fun. Win lose or draw, you make a great story.  I am working on a little one from this battle.  Perhaps involving the saga of Shamus.  Until next time, Have a good one and take it easy.

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