A Journey of 1000 Miles Starts with a Single Step

lotr2Howdy everyone, Severus here.  I have some important news to share with you.  In the near future, I will be taking a position in Auburn Alabama and moving away from Baltimore.  This, while great for me professionally, is very bad for me in terms of the hobby.

Why you ask?  Well, I went to college and professional school in Auburn.  In my 7 years there, I never met a single 40k player.  I tried to teach my roommate once, but it never grabbed him.  Granted, I was not super active in my search for a gaming community back then.  Regardless, it is a bit scary to think I have become so deeply involved in this hobby, and now I may lose the very community that it needs to survive.

I have a lot of 40k and warhammer miniatures.  I mean A LOT.  It is a hobby I love and there is so much I want to do with it still.  I have armies to finish building, armies to finish painting, conversion ideas, table ideas, terrain ideas, campaign ideas, the list goes on and on.  Granted, I will probably have less hobby time in the future with the demands of my new job  This is still a hobby I want to stay active in.  I find the little bit of hobby time I get each night is a great way to relax my mind.

So, what is a gamer to do when he moves to the land of no games?  Why, try to build a community of course!  I have reached out to one person who is involved in a card shop there.  He said there was a 40k community, but they are mostly basement and garage gamers.  There are no stores to my knowledge that stocks GW products or have tables available.  There is a game shop with an active community about an hour away from where I will be living.  If I can get some time on a weekend, a trip over there could be a good idea.  What I really want to do though is find local gamers and build a community.

That feeds into the next part of my plan.  I need a gaming space.  Ultimately, I am sure I could find an area in our home to setup a table if I needed to.  Problem is I don’t have a table.  I have a couple of folding tables that could work.  I have some old beat up GW terrain (mainly craters and trees).  I need to get some buildings and a table top.  I have toyed around with the idea of building my own.  I think I may invest in a Fat Mat from Frontline Gaming.

Finally, what can I do to stay in touch my gaming group in Baltimore?  These guys have been the best gaming group I have ever been a part of.  It is what has driven me so deeply into this hobby.  I have a few ideas.  Meeting up at conventions is probably the first idea I had. Adepticon or Nova Open or the LVO all sound like options.  Plus, if I truly am in a land of no games, a weekend away with the friends gaming every few months would be worth it.  Some guys have purposed road trips to see each other.  Also another great idea.  Finally, I stole and idea from Garagehammer.  Skype painting sessions.  A good way to chat and hobby.

So, what does this all mean for the future of the Blog?  I am not sure.  I want to stay active in the hobby.  Maybe keeping the blog going will be the motivation I need to stay active.  You can also expect to see myself taking to all forms of social media to start trying to find some gamer contacts in Alabama.  Including this blog.

All is no lost though.  I still have two months here.  Plenty of time to get some epic games in with everyone.  I even purposed and apocalypse game with all my orks against all the imperial forces my friends can field.  The last stand of Kaptain Klaw.  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

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