Forgeworld Metalica Skitarii First Impressions


Howdy everyone, Severus here!  I have been working on building up my little skitarii force.  I now have all the models (20 vanguard and 5 ruststalkers).  I have finished the assembly process and have starting in on the painting process.  Progress is slow, I am finding the hobby mojo is harder to come by as of late.  I have managed to get two games in with them though.

Quick recap about the lists.  The skitarii are intended to be a small allied force.  The parent force in both games were my Iron Hands.  The Iron Hands list is undergoing a few changes, so I won’t list it here.  The skitarii themselves are broken up into the following:

  • 10 man vanguard unit, omniscope, Alpha with Taser Goad and Phosphex Pistol
  • 10 man vanguard unit, omniscope, Alpha with Taser Goad and Phosphex Pistol
  • 5 man ruststalker unit, all with transonic razors and cordclaws, princeps with a prehensile data spike

My goal was to run things as cheaply as possible (points wise) while still keeping them WYSIWYG.  The vanguard alpha does not have the option for the radium carbine on the spruen (bad GW, giving me options without the bits), hence the close combat weapon and pistol (the cheapest combo available).  The ruststalker princeps is modeled with the data spike, so it goes in as well.

Now as for performance, this is only my first impression (two games is by no means enough to judge them by).  My general thoughts are they are a very finesse force.  They CAN NOT take a hit.  Being toughness 3 with a 4+ armor save means they will not stand up to a lot of fire power.  Feel no pain (6+ for the vanguard and 5+ for the ruststalkers) is a bit of a help, but the T3 means you will only be getting it against small arms fire.

To combat the squishiness of the force, they rules make them a very fast force.  The ruststalkers get +3 inches to there move, run, and charge.  The skitarii maniple (the force org you take them in) gives all of them crusader and scout (but can not outflank).  That means they can all re-position prior to the game and get some reliable runs to get into the best position.  In otherwords, you can move pretty well to try to keep these guys away from anything very dangerous.

The damage output is decent on the right target.  The vanguard are great at killing light infantry.  There special wounds on 6 always causing 2 wounds trick really can pile the hurt on a lightly armored unit. If it has a poor armor save and depends on cover, the omnispec and phosphex pistol really help.  I have not had much luck with them against high toughness targets (monstrous creatures).  I think if you want to go that road, you need to have 2-3 full squads focus on one.

Now, I hear the internet screaming at me “Plasma Calivers”.  And to you, I say NO.  Look at it this way.  They are 30 points a piece for the weapon.  The guy carrying it is a 9 point, toughness 3, 4+ armor save, infantry model.  Do you know anyone that will let that guy live long enough to get his 18″ range weapon into position?  The internet screams “Drop Pods”.  I say that breaks the fluff.  Skitarii don’t use transports, they have bionic legs.  I am looking to make a fluff force, not a WAAC force.  So no transports for them.

The ruststalkers seem really good in close combat.  I just have been rolling HORRENDOUSLY with them.  They can deal out a punch, but really can not take one in return.  The problem I am running into is that the ap2 really only gets going in the second round of combat.  You need to live that long with decent numbers to be worth it.  I think a 10 man squad would preform better than a 5 man.

Overall, I like where I am at with the Skitarii.  They are a good little base force.  I need to learn to use them better.  Ultimately, I would like to expand them into a large force.  I am not sure how though.  My hopes is that cult mechanicus and skitarii get rolled into one list under Faction Adeptus Mechanicus or something like that.  If not, I will be force to decide on expanding the skitarii with more skitarii or starting another small allied force of cult mechanicus.  What do you guys think?  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

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