Oh Look, More Mechanicum…And Knights…And A Space Marine Book…

GW Rapid Release Schedule - Like Drinking from a Fire Hose...

GW Rapid Release Schedule – Like Drinking from a Fire Hose…

Howdy everyone!  Severus Here.  Today I wanted to update you guys on the project I started only a week ago.  Adding a force of Metalica Skitarii to my Clan Sorgol Iron Hands.  Would you believe that only a week into the project, and I am already considering changing some things?  Why you ask?  The answer is simple, the fire hose that is GW releases is not showing any signs of slowing down.

In the last week, a new Knight Codex has been announced.  Leaks for a Cult Mechanicum force have been seen.  Finally, rumors of a new Space Marine Codex for June have begun to circulate.  Basically, every asset in my force is potentially about to get re-done.  So, what is a hobbyist to do with all this change?

Forge on!  I have decided to start out with 3 units of Skitarii.  Two units of vanguard (10 man each) and a unit of ruststalkers (5 man).  This is a smaller purchase and gives me a good foundation to start with.  My hope is that the Skitarii will be incorporated into the Cult Mechanicum force.  Think of it like the Tempestus book and the Astra Militarum books.  If that is the case, then I hopefully already have a force that I could build on with the Cult Mechanicum units (which looks so cool!).

If the Cult Mechanicum force is a separate force from Skitarii, I may have a tough choice to make.  I really don’t want to start two new armies to support the Iron Hands.  I have WAY to much stuff for this hobby and my budget keeps shrinking.  We will have to cross that bridge if it ever comes.

Now, onto the Knights!  Honestly, I am not that interested in the new kits.  They look a lot like the Errant and Paladin kits.  I doubt I will add to my Knight force.  It currently stands as one Knight, the Freeblade Justice.  The fluff behind him being a Freeblade didn’t fit well with adding more Knights.  So, I will not expand here.  I will probably have to pick up the cards and the book though.

Now, with all that in mind, I began the construction of the Skitarii.  I picked up a box of Vanguard and Ruststalkers.  Long story short, I love those models but they are VERY limited in there poses.  All the Vanguard have specific torsos that go with specific legs and specific arms.  Same goes for the Ruststalkers.  Overall, they look great.  My concern is that a larger force of them would look weird, with the same 5 poses repeated again and again.

That about wraps it up for today.  I have started work on painting my Skitarii, hopefully I will have something to show you next week.  What do you guys make about all the rapid releases from GW?  Is it affecting your plans for various armies or do you say screw it and keep going with what you had already wanted to do?  Until next time this is Severus saying have a 

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