Skitarii and Iron Hands…A Bond of Steel

I know cheesy title, but I couldn’t resist.  Howdy everyone, Severus here.  I want to talk to you guys today about something that has re-ignited my hobby fires.  I will admit, over the past few weeks, the hobby has been less fun for me due to personal reasons.  I have been resisting looking at the Skitarii release because I knew I would fall in love with them.  I broke down and picked up the codex this weekend, and it was just what I needed.

First off, the fluff behind this is amazing!  The skitarii are the emotionless expendable troops that get the job done no matter the cost.  Just like my beloved Iron Hands.  The Iron Hands have a very close relationship with the mechanicum.  It is even speculated that the Iron Hands have avoided reprimand for there severe tactics because of the mechnicum’s backing.

My force is Clan Sorgol.  I want to ally them to Skitarri based out of Forgeworld Metalica.  Why?  Because I love metal and I could not pass that opportunity up.  So, to establish a connection, I needed to do a little fluff writing of my own.

Metalica is located across the galaxy from Medusa in the Ultima Segmentum.  Iron Father Telavek had been sent to answer a request for aid by the Ultramarines during their attempts to stop Hive Fleet  Behemoth.  During the numerous battles, a manipule of Skitarri from forgeworld Metalica were attached to Telavek’s command.  He was impressed by the resilience of this fighting force and there dedication to completing the mission, regardless of the cost.  The Tech Priests of Metalica were similarly impressed by Telavek’s strict adherence to the most logical plans of attacks and his reverence for gathering as much data about his foes as possible.

At the conclusion of the Behemoth Campaign, Telavek and the Tech Priests swore oaths of brotherhood to one another.  Either force would willing answer the call to war if needed.  This bond would stretch across the galaxy.  Telavek often would request aid from Metalica, even if other imperial forces were closer to lend support.  He knew he could trust these Skitarii to get the job done even if it meant there lives in the process.

So, with the fluff established time to actually move on to building a list.  Skitarii are a tricky bunch.  Generally speaking, they are fragile.  Toughness 3 for all the infantry and AV 11 for the vehicles.  I wanted a cohesive force that works fluff wise and still plays well on the table.  Here is what I have come up with.

Clan Raukaan Supplement

  • Iron Father Telavek – Chapter Master with Terminator Armor, Thunder Hammer, Gorgon’s Chains
  • Terminator Assault Squad – 5 Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
  • Tactical Squad – 8 Bolter Marines, Plasma Gun Marine, Sergeant, Rhino
  • Tactical Squad – 8 Bolter Marines, Plasma Gun Marine, Sergeant, Rhino
  • Tactical Squad – 8 Bolter Marines, Plasma Gun Marine, Sergeant, Rhino
  • Ferrum Rex – Land Raider Crusader
  • Ferrum Vindicae – Vindicator with Siege Sheild
  • Stalker (still working on a name)

Skitarri Maniple

  • Skitarii Vanguard – 9 with Radium Carbine, Alpha with Radium Carbine
  • Skitarii Vanguard – 9 with Radium Carbine, Alpha with Radium Carbine
  • Sicarian Ruststalkers – 4 with Transonic Razors, Chordclaws, and Mindscrambler Grenades, Princeps with the same
  • Ironstrider Ballistarii – Twinlinked Cognis Lascannon
  • Ironstrider Ballistarii – Twinlinked Cognis Lascannon

The idea behind this list is that the marines are there for anti-infantry and holding ground.  T4 with 3+ armor save and 6+ feel no pain is pretty good at standing on ground and not giving it back.  Telavek is with the terminators in the land raider.  They are more of an anvil unit.  They can certainly deal out some damage, but they are even better about soaking it up.  The stalker and vindicator add some supporting fire.

The Iron Hands portion of the list has two big weakness.  High toughness models (aka monstrous and gargantuan creatures) and flyers.  The skitarii fill that gap.  The Radium carbines on the vanguard can wound ANYTHING on a 6. Plus they cause 2 wounds per each 6 rolled.  That can help chip wounds off some big enemies.  The ruststalkers are very fast so hopefully they make it into combat.  Once in combat, they have a fleshbane attack (always wounds on 2+, even against a gargantuan).  Plus they always wound on a 6 and are ap2 when they roll a 6.  Top it off with haywire grenades, and they can tackle most any target in combat.

Finally, the Ballistarii.   This is the unit I am a little unsure about.  They have good shooting with a twinlinked lascannon with precision shot.  The cognis rules makes them BS2 on snap fires, so they actually have a chance at hitting a flyer as well. They are fast, so they can get around into vehicles flanks to make those lascannons better.  They just seem really light on defense.  I think they are more a finesse unit.

So, what do you think?  Are the Skitarii of Metalica worthy allies to Clan Sorgol?  What about this list?  I have never played nor seen skitarii played, so I am open to feed back.  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

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