Taking Down the Dirty D – Ork Style

wraithHowdy everyone, Severus here.  Like many of you, I am preparing myself for the release of the new Eldar codex and all the changes to come along with it.  The biggest issue most people are having trouble adjusting to is all the D-Weapons that the Eldar have now.  There was a very interesting article on Spikey Bits on how to deal with the D.  It is worth a read.  The take home points are lock the units with D weapons in combat and run MSU (multiple small units) to mitigate the effects of that shooting.

So, with all of the above in mind, I sat down to write an Ork list to take out the D.  First and foremost, i needed to stick with the MSU concept.  If one squad capable of killing a wraithknight or wraithguard was killed, I needed spares.  Secondly, I need klaws.  The only way my orks can hurt these constructs is klaws.  Third, I need bodies for the klaws to hide behind.  Last, I needed speed.  Eldar are very maneuverable, so I need to be quick if I wanted to catch them.


  • Grukk Face-Rippa (joins large mob of boyz in battlewagon)
  • Warboss with powerklaw, da lucky stikk, and warbike (joins warbikers)
  • 12 boyz with nob (powerklaw and boss pole) in a trukk
  • 12 boyz with nob (powerklaw and boss pole) in a trukk
  • 18 boyz with nob (powerklaw and boss pole) (takes a battlewagon as transport)
  • 8 warbikers with nob (powerklaw)
  • Battlewagon with big shoota


  • Big Mek with kustum force field (joins tankbustas in battlewagon)
  • Warboss with powerklaw, boss pole, and ‘eavy armor (joins boys in trukk)
  • 12 Tankbustas with 2 bomb squigs (go in battlewagon)
  • 12 boyz with nob (powerklaw and boss pole) in a trukk
  • 11 boyz with nob (powerklaw and boss pole) in a trukk
  • Deffkopta with twinlinked rokkit
  • Deffkopta with twinlinked rokkit
  • Deffkopta with twinlinked rokkit
  • 6 Lootas
  • 5 Lootas
  • Battlewagon with big shoota

In terms of the list, I have 4 mobs that I feel like I could throw into combat with a wraithknight and do some serious damage to it.  Even a unit of boys on its own could do a little damage with the nobz klaw.  I doubt that whatever unit makes combat with a wraithknight will live (stomps are brutal on orks), but they should do some damage before they die.

Every unit is very mobile.  Either in trukks or battlewagons or riding bikes or deffkoptas, everything can move a combined 12 inches and assault.  Throw in a run move on my waagh turn and the ‘ere we go re-roll and I should have a decent chance of catching a unit.  While on the subject of charges, small units (boyz or deffkoptas) can soak up overwatch.

For the most part, I made everything cheap and minimal upgrades.  Defense wise, most of these units will never have a save against decent shooting.  So why bother paying for it, just bring more bodies.  The only exception is the tankbustas.  Giving them a 5+invuln along with there vehicle is a good investment.  These guys are dangerous in both shooting and assault to wraith units.  They pack a lot of strength 8 ap 3 shots and have melta bombs in close combat.

Now, there are some obvious issues with my list.  Not a lot of anti-air.  Pretty much I am relying on luck rolls from the lootas, deffkoptas, or bikes.  Outside that, I am dead in the water.  Scatter laser spam would also screw this list up.  Since I didn’t buy saves for anything, all these little units would be eaten quickly by a few soucres of scatter lasers (war walkers, vipers, jet bikes, ect).  The problem I am running into is that in order to counter scatter laser spam, I need to buy saves (‘eavy armor and feel no pain).  These are wasted points against a D weapon (no armor saves and no feel no pain).

This is just the first attempt at taking out the eldars new dirty D.  I should get a game in this weekend against them, or at least watch one.  Hopefully I can test this list out.  Let me know how you think the list will do.  Until next time this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

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