Don’t Feed The Trolls


Howdy everyone, Severus here.  I went on a sort of mini-vacation last week, which sort of threw off my writing lately.  I was completely disconnected from the hobby.  Sometimes it is a good thing to unplug and step back for a bit.  When I plugged back in this week I discovered that the world of 40k is ending…again.

Let me explain.  Early rumors for the new eldar book came out this week.  I say rumors, but realistically, we are talking about images from the coming white dwarf, so they are probably pretty solid.  If you want to read all that, check out spikey bits or bols.  The specifics is not what I am here to talk about.  In short, the internet is up in arms over the changes to eldar.  They appear to be getting a boost power wise again.

Now I ,like many of you, had a fit of nerd rage when I read everything.  I though, “GW doesn’t give a shit about balance”.  I was looking forward to eldar making a come back in our local meta (they have been harassed so much due to their book’s strengths that they have stopped showing up).  Now I feared that this new book would suffer the same fate, shunned by anyone that doesn’t play them.

After letting all these rumors stew a bit, one of my friends suggested going on to the forums to see some of the guys reactions.  I flat out refuse to do this.  Why?  Reading all that negative stuff on those forums make me feel negatively about the game.  I do this for fun, I don’t want to get depressed by a new book.  So why should I feed into it?

I would caution anyone from forming early decisions about the eldar right now.  Wait a few weeks until we get the full book.  Who knows what is in it?  More importantly, who is to say how it will affect your regular gaming?  I know that in my local meta, none of the eldar guys are going to run out and buy 10 new jet bikes to get all those sexy scatter lasers.  Distort weapons were ridiculously strong to begin with, so what if they are a little stronger.  And a wraithknight was a really tough target to bring down.  That will be still be the case.

In short, don’t feed the trolls.  By that I mean both the internet ones and the little ones in your head that make you start to panic.  Give this some time.  Yes, it is possible that GW is making the eldar codex better than it was.  So what?  They were tough before, and they will be tough after the new book.  That doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy the game.  Roll dice and have some fun. Until next time this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

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