Bloody Long Game

This weekend I got in a team game with the Lord Primarch (Ultramarines) and Augustus the Arcane (Minotaurs) vs. Severus the Uncompromising (Orks) and me (Tyranids). It was a fun game that ended with a one-point loss for the Orks and Nids. And I did learn a few things from this game.

  1. When you have a team game with 2000-point per player lists, and not play Apoc rules, you are in for a long day. The game lasted at least 6 hours.
  2. I need to learn how to accurately measure. Somehow, I had an eleven-inch charge in turn 1, which should have been a twelve-inch charge at best. Outcome didn’t matter as I failed the charge and the Raveners died in second half of turn one anyway. I really didn’t intend to cheat, but I admit it, I miss measured something.
  3. Centurions can wreck a Hierodule. In turn one, while I was trying to keep my dule away from the monster killers, I had a very poor run role, followed by another one, keeping the dule out in the open. Yea, it died pretty quickly.
  4. When you are having serious back issues, playing warhammer doesn’t help. This is not an old man’s game. I need to hire some youth (preferably of the opposite sex) to move my models for me.
  5. The weirdboy can actually be productive! How weird is that?
  6. The Lifta Droppa is hilarious when it works. And in this game, it worked very well. In theory it should hit a third of the time, but I swear that in a six turn game this thing took out at least 2 Drop Pods and a hovering Stormtalon. I think it took out even more than that, but still.
  7. The Biovore is not as bad as I feared. In fact, the one I used performed so well that I am building another one now. I will probably do a more through review later.
  8. I am getting old. Ok, I didn’t learn that in the game, but the point still stands.
  9. Drop Pod Assaults are worse in team games. There was a wall of them. Well, there was till the Lifta Droppa threw a few out of the way.
  10. I wanted to play a large game against Serverus once. Something like 3000 points per side. After this game, I now longer want to play that. I would need to nap after that game.

So that is it. A few of the things I learned from a very long, but very fun game played this weekend.

Shorereaper out.

Now… where is that bed?

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