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This weekend I played a game against a chaos player whom I consider a friend. As we were setting up, I asked him about his list, knowing what I was planning on taking in my Tyranid list. However, after he gave me a rundown, I realized certain units I was planning on taking he would struggle against. Namely, I knew he would struggle against my Flying Hive Tyrant and my Hive Crone. The list was monster heavy, but it did have some units that I consider not very good (Raveners), but he decided to not take any anti-flyers in list.

After I told him that I was going to switch up my list, he told me not to. He wanted to see how his list matched up as it was. I actually felt a little guilty. Sure, there were some units of his that I did not know how they would do against me. I never faced most of his army, so I didn’t really know what it was capable of. However, I knew which units of mine would struggle against.

While he did kill my Tervigon pretty easily (turn two the latest), my Carnifex blew through his unit of chariots. The Flying Hive Tyrant slowly picked off a few units, but was basically untouched by the end of the game. The Hive Crone was killed in the last turn, but only because I put him on the ground to get a few more kill points. The Swarmlord and the Zoanthropes we very useful, causing his to take a lot of leadership tests.

But what this comes down to is that I hate being that guy. I want to play competitive games. Yes, I want to win, but I want competitive games. I don’t want a game that ends with my opponent having only two models left on the table. I want games that are close, games that come down to the final turn.

Yes, I realize in this case my opponent asked to face my more competitive list, and while I do not consider the list I played as very competitive, it was a strong list. I prefer to write my lists to my opponents. I’ve written lists where I was on the other side of being tabled, and I hated it. If my opponent has not flyers, and no real anti-flyer, I will drop them from my list and add other units.

I want my opponents to have fun. I want to have fun. A competitive loss is still more fun to me than a dominant win. I do not want to be that guy who only brings competitive lists and enjoys the suffering of my opponents.

2 thoughts on “That Guy

  1. I, wholeheartedly, agree with this belief. My best games are ones that come down to turn 5 and beyond. A constant back and forth is an exciting game. And tailoring your list to the opponent, can benefit both sides just as you suggested.
    Good on your opponent for having a good at your list anyways. I’m sure he learnt a lot, which I also factor I to whether I had a good game or not. I try to learn something new from every game I play as well. Whether it was about a new unit a new rule, a tactic, or how my opponent used his army. It’s all part of the enjoyment I get out of the hobby.
    Hopefully your opponent still had a good time with the game regardless.

  2. I believe he did. And I did learn some things, most of which I should have already have known. For example… the Tervigon, even though it is a MC, is terrible in close combat.

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