New Model Syndrome

Howdy everyone, Severus here.  I wanted to talk today about a common occurrence, New Model Syndrome.  We have all seen it in one form or another.  In short, it is when we have a new model or unit that we have been dying to play with.  When that model hits the table it usually dies in a horrific manner early in the game.  Our gaming group had three instances of this craziness in one afternoon this weekend.

First up, my beloved meganobz.  I got these guys a few weeks ago and have them built, magnetized, and primed.  I am not a stickler about playing only painted models, so I threw them in for there first game against blood angels.  Turn one this unit managed to get in range to charge a baal predator (that was about to burn up my whole left flank).  Need a 7 inch charge, rolled a six.  Even ‘Ere we go couldn’t save them.  They promptly died to three inferno pistol shots.  Three hits, three wounds, no save, doubled them out.  So I sadly put them back in my dead model tray.

Up next, my opponents unit of Sanguinary Guard.  He had just finished painting them.  He doesn’t play unpainted models, so this was their first game.  After seeing off the meganobz with some amazing shooting, they were charged by some boyz and Grukk Faceripper.  The guard themselves killed 2 boys.  Then they lost 9 guard to boyz and Grukk.  That left Dante and one guard left, who promptly hit and ran away.  That combat went the exact opposite way everyone thought.

After these two events happened back to back I declared to the other gamers that all new models will die in a fire if they play them today.  Shorereaper did not heed my warning.  He wanted to try out his new sporocyst against the lord primarch’s ultramarines.  I joked that the primarch would kill it turn one with bolters.  Guess what happened.  Died to bolter fire from bikes and a storm bolter on a drop pod.

I could go on.  Plenty of us have stories about similar event. It seems the harder we work on a new model the more spectacular the death.  I had a conversion I worked on end up having the building he was standing on get blown up and he fell to his death back in 6th edition.  The good part is that once these models die, they seem to get over there bad luck.

How about you guys?  Have you seen new model syndrome rear it’s ugly head before?  Share some stories.  Until next time this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

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