Weekend in Review – Shorereaper

Another weekend, and another four 40K games played. This weekend was a weekend of one win and three significant losses. Two of the three losses were so bad that if I didn’t concede, I would have been tabled. In fact, one game was so bad that by the end of turn four, there were only four marines left on the table. They were in four different units, but still, only four marines.

The first game I played was with my Carcharodons against the Lord Primarch’s Necrons. My list was a very non-competitive list, and between that, some very poor tactical decisions, and my rolling, I had a very unlucky game. For example, Tyberos managed to kill two Necron warriors, and nothing else. And one of those warriors was killed by orbital bombardment. The second was killed in close combat, and that was all she wrote. I may have killed a few more models with the rest of my Army, but I do not think I even removed a complete unit. The Primarch’s Destroyer Overlord was nearly undestroyable. So, in the end, my Carcharodons did not have a good showing.

The second game, which was at Critical Hit, was that same Carcharodon list against some Tau. This game went much better for the Space Sharks, thanks to some poor reserve rolling by my opponent and another soft Tau list (yes, it is possible). For example, his Riptide didn’t come onto the board until turn four. A deepstriking unit of stealth suits misshaped, allowing me to place them in a position where it took two turns to get into a position where they would be able to do any good, and by that time I had it knocked down to just one model. This allowed me to rack up some easy kill points before the serious firepower game into play, and by the end of the game I had 7 victory points more than my opponent. And Tyberos actually did some work in this battle! He tore through some sniper drones, a hammerhead tank, and a unit of fire warriors. Not much, but much more than the two Necron warriors in Friday’s game.

The Third game I got in was my Tyranids against the Lord Primarch and his Ultramarines. I wrote a friendly list that was intended to try out my Sporocyst for the first time. My opponents list was also pretty soft, but by the end of turn one, I knew I was in for a struggle anyway. His bike squad (and one final bolter shot) managed to take out the cyst in turn one, so I didn’t even get to try out the new unit. His alpha stike and the rest of his army managed to collapse my entire left flank except for one lone Broodlord. My Raveners were cut in half, as well as my Hive Guard. My Exocrine was dead, as was the Sporocyst (which was the only unit on the right flank that was killed. Immediately I was facing an entirely new game, reacting to his deployment rather than being able to play offensively. I didn’t even make it into turn three without feeling that the game was lost. What I learned, or more accurately confirmed, is that taking 6 Raveners and 9 Warriors is not really a good plan, which was again confirmed in my fourth game.

The fourth game had my soft list of Nids face off against some Grey Knights, and again, it went badly. The Dreadknight, which I admit I was nervous about, killed my Exocrine, and then died. A unit of Palidins faced off against my Trygon Prime, and did kill it after a few turns. In a last ditch effort for some points I landed my Flying Hive Tyrant, which promptly died giving my opponent another objective and slay the warlord, which lead to me conceding again.

So, four games, three poor showings.

At least I know I can write a soft list.

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