Time to Prepare Me Waaaagh!

Ork_Freebooterz_WarbossOy, listen up ya gitz!  Kaptain Klaw is takin’ over again.  It’s time I gotz da rust knock off of da boyz and put a proper waaagh together again.  Now den, da first step to makin’ a waagh is makin’ sure ya got da right boyz for da job.  Dat is what we iz goin’ do today.

Severus breaking in here.  I promised the ork I would translate for him.  Basically he wants to go over his new list idea with you.  Try to bear with him.

Damn hummie, shut up.  Da gitz know what I am doin’.  Anyway, havin’ had plenty of time to sit on my kroooza and think ’bout what I wantz, diz iz what I come up with.  Diz here group of boyz is meant to be tough as nails, like me!  It is composed of two of dem combined armz detachmentz, whatever dat meanz.

  • Grukk Face Ripper (goes with boyz in battlewagon)
  • Big Mek with Mega Armor and Kustom Force Field (goes in flash gitz)
  • Pain Boy (Goes with grukk or flash gitz)
  • Pain Boy (Goes with mega boz)
  • Mega Nobz, 3 with dual kill saws in a trukk
  • Tankbustas, 9 with a nob (goes in battlewagon)
  • Boyz, 11 with a nob (power klaw and bosspole) in a trukk
  • Boyz, 11 with a nob (power klaw and bosspole) in a trukk
  • Boyz, 11 with a nob (power klaw and bosspole) in a trukk
  • Boyz, 11 with a nob (power klaw and bosspole) in a trukk
  • Deffkopta with twinlinked rokkit
  • Flash Gitz, 9 with a kaptain
  • Mek Gunz, 3 traktor kannons
  • Battlewagon, big shoota, extra armor, grot riggers (grukk and boyz)
  • Battlewagon, extra armor, grot riggers (tankbustas)

Total 1996

I like dis list.  Da meganobz sound like dey would be great for throwing at da enemy, cause lots of fun and chaos.  All dem boyz in trukks is great for running around and makin sure we get da charge we wantz.  Grukk iz a proper killy lad, and with all dem boyz he should definitely makez it into da scrap.  Da tankbustas are in a battlewagon since a trukk diez way to easily for dem ladz to get anythin’ done.  Da mek gunz and da flash gitz give da boyz some covering fire and keep da back field secured. Da lone deffkopta is dere just because we could fitz him in.

I tried to talk da kaptain into dropping the deffkopta and put in a few meks to soak up challenges.   His response was that wasn’t very orky in his mind.  I will see if I can’t convince him yet.

What do ya ladz think?  Pretty snazzy, right?  Model wize I haz a lot of dat stuff.  Just need some more mega nobz (so I can buildz a megamek) and more mek gunz.  Until next time diz iz da kaptain saying have a good one and WAAAAAAGH!!

Uh, yeah, what he said.  

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