Weekend in Review – Shorereaper

A “massive” snowstorm hit on Saturday, but before it did, I managed to get my first game in with my Dark Eldar. It wasn’t a large game, only 1300 points, but it was a good place to start. My list, basically everything I have assembled, consisted of an Archon, a Succubus, Bloodbrides in a Raider, Warriors in a Raider, Warriors in a Venom, 16 warriors on foot, 6 reavers, and 2 Ravengers with dark lances. Of course, I had upgrades with these each of these units as well.

I ended up facing a lot of Chimeras. And I mean a lot of them. Of course, there were some troops in them as well, but all I can remember were the tanks. And even though I had a lot of Dark Lances, I had a very hard time dealing with these tanks thanks to some unfortunate rolling. It didn’t help that he kept me jinking (just good tactics on my opponents part) or that he seemed to have no issues bringing down my Raveners.

In the end, I won the game. My opponent had First Blood (destroyed the Venom in turn 1), Slay the Warlord, and Line breaker while I had Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker, and all three objectives. I honestly believe that if the game went one more turn, or if my opponent played slightly differently, he would have easily taken the game. Still, with this being my first outing with the Dark Eldar, it was a success. And I don’t only mean that I won the game, I also learned some stuff. I may shift my 2K list from what I planned, but I may not. One game is not enough to judge.

I got a second game in this weekend with my Tyranids against Severus and his green tide. I changed my list up a little bit, adding in the Trygon Prime and a full Hive Guard brood while taking out the Swarmlord and his Guard. Of course, my favorite unit of Raveners made another appearance, this time without their rending claws and fully painted for a change.

To say this game went bad for Severus would be an understatement. He conceded in turn three. On my side, I lost a unit of Genestealers, the Raveners, a Carnifex, some Termagants (including some that I spawned), the Tervigon (which killed off some of those Termagants), and the Venomthrope. So, while I did lose a lot, nearly everything on his list was off the board except a painboy and the remains of his unit, some boys, and one ork with a claw that did a lot of damage to my MCs. His Flashgits (with his Warlord) failed a leadership test in turn two and ran right off the board. That gave me slay the warlord.

So, while the game went very well for me, I hate winning like that. I hate crushing wins. I would prefer to lose a close competitive game than have my opponent concede that early. Hell, I would almost prefer a crushing loss to a crushing win.

So, while I did have two successful games this weekend (with the latest snowstorm of the century sandwiched in between), I didn’t enjoy the bigger victory. And while I believe that my Nid list was less competitive than my usual list, I think I may need to tone it down even more for certain games.

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  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who hates to beat the stuffing out of my opponent. I really would rather lose the win by landslide. Unless the win was bad generalship. You make bad calls and I make you pay, ok, but dice and luck leading to a pounding? No thanks

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