Changing Gears to Avoid Burnout


Howdy everyone, Severus here.  Today I wanted to talk about gaming burn out.  It happens to all of us at some point.  For me, I could really start to feel the burnout recently on my Tau project.  I have been focused on painting a 2000 point force of tau that is fun to play as well as play against.  I have made some serious strides painting wise, finishing a riptide, a r’varna, and 20 kroot.

I was definitely not feeling into it.  The games I have been playing are all with the same list.  That is all well and good if you are practicing for a tournament.  I get bored playing the same list week after week.  The painting was also feeling like a grind.  I was not feeling particularly inspired by any single model in the list.

The best thing I have found for dealing with burn out is walk away from it.  In this case, it means setting the Tau project aside for a bit.  I have plenty of other armies to play, and plenty of time left in the year to complete my 2000 point painted goal.  I have no idea how long the tau will be on the shelf.  This is a hobby after all, we do it for enjoyment.  I expect to pull them out when I am no longer having fun with my current project.

So, with all of that in mind, I wrapped up my kroot this week and started in on the planning of my next project.  ORKS!  This was not a surprised, I have been wanting to pull the greenskins out for weeks.  I have been reading the sanctus reach campaign books.  It was a conversation on an overlords thread that finally pushed me over the edge.

As previously stated, I have A LOT of orks.  The problem I have had with the new codex is that I don’t have large amounts of anything I want to run.  I want to try to run mega nobz, mek gunz, storm boyz, and battle wagons.  Maybe not all in the same list, but those are what I want to try more of.  There is a flea market at a local game store next week, so maybe I will get lucky there and pick up a few.  In the mean time I have plenty of list to try out that don’t feature many of those units.

Overall, my goal is to find an ork list that is not terrible that I enjoy playing.  I have heard good things about a greentide list, but I do not like to play that many boys.  It just slows the game down for me.  Right now I am messing around with lists from the Ghaz supplement.  I want to use the big boss pole, which gives a unit fearless.  I would love to try out some formations as well, but I am short a few models to run the ones I want.

So, until next time everyone, this is Severus saying have a good one and WAAAAAAAGH!

2 thoughts on “Changing Gears to Avoid Burnout

    • ‘Eavy armored nobz used to be my go to unit in the last codex. Give them a painboy and cyborg bodies and they could wreck a unit. The problem now with that unit is that they can still get feel no pain and a 4+ armor save but no invuln. That makes them a lot easier to kill. Plus points wise, a nob with a power klaw and ‘eavy armor is like 3 points less than a mega armored nob with a power klaw.

      Bike nobz have been a better unit so far. That toughness 5 really helps, plus the jink save helps make sure they reach combat. They get expensive though, points wise.

      That’s is what is bringing me to mega nobz. They are less points than a bike nob with a klaw and just barely more expensive than a ‘eavy armor power klaw nob. The 2+ save should help survivability. They are most definitely going to need a transport, probably a trukk.

      As for a nob tide, I am not sure it will be better than a green tide of boyz. When you get down two it, both are toughness 4 and can have a 6+ save or 4+ save. The nob is a little bit better offensively with more attacks and strength 4. My understanding about a green tide is that with 100+ boys with some 4+ saves mixed in and feel no pain, that unit is more about durability. The nobz within the tide (10 with power klaws) are what do the heavy lifting.

      Point being, I have tried out all the nobz but the mega armored variety, so I want to try them. As for a tide of nobz, I am not sure it will be more effective than a true green tide, but it would be less models. Worth looking at, maybe I will hammer out a list later.

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