The Epic Saga of Shamus – Arachnophobia!

ShamusHowdy everyone, Severus here.  Last week, Shorereaper and I did a little one off narrative battle report.  As usual, the comments from the Overlords made the narrative spin off in a totally random direction.  I decided to expand on that narrative.  I now introduce you men to Shamus, who will hopefully turn into a re-occurring character in our narratives.

Shamus was a fifth generation farmer sent to the eastern fringe agriworld of Verdan III. His family had sown there seeds throughout the galaxy, from his uncle on Balaam, his grandfather on Deneriar, to his father on Gath.  He got up early that morning to tend to his crops and feed the livestock. As he was preparing to head back to the house to have breakfast with his family, he noticed a glimmer or green on the horizon.

Soon, massively armored suits of a strange alien race were moving into his families homestead. He thought them attackers at first. That was until he saw what was chasing them. Flashed of bright blue light erupted from the xenos guns into the masses of charging creatures. The calm of the early morning was broken by the chaos of battle.

He didn’t understand the strange language of the armored green xenos, but he understood there intent. His homestead was where they would make their last stand.  Shamus never did like xenos, but in this case he was glad to make an exception.

Shamus hurried inside.  He shouted to Bridgette, his wife, to get everyone into the vehicles and head for Macone.  It was the nearest large city, and home to a garrison of planetary defense forces.  It was the safest place Shamus could think to send them.

That dealt with; Shames went to the chest in his bedroom. He unlocked it. Inside was the shotgun his father had kept from his time in the Adeptus Arbites. He had never thought he would need to use it, but was glad he had listen to his fathers lessons on the weapon now.

Shamus calmly walked back out of the house and to the edge of the homestead. Shots rang out from all around him. He saw a multiarmed red creature running through a field of grain towards him. As the creature lept free of the grass, Shams raised and fired the weapon, taking the creature head off in mid jump.

Another creatured broke out of the field but hesitated in surprise to see Shamus. Shamus racked the slide on the old shotgun, chambering a new round. Looking the creature in the eye, Shamus growled “Get off my god damned lawn!”

Shamus began to unload round after round into the charging creatures.  Behind them he noticed a shimmer in the air followed by burst of blue fire.  The creatures were being cut down from behind by an unseen foe.  The lead creature was enraged by the attack from the rear and turned to face it.  Good thought Shamus, let the damned thing chase after shadows.

Shamus returned to the house to make sure his family had gotten clear of the battle.  There was no sign of the family or the vehicles; he had to assume they were gone.  The strange green armored xenos were making a good showing for themselves.  They were effecting a fighting retreat, and making the bug like creatures pay for every step they took.  Shamus grabbed a handfull of ammo and went out the back of the house.

Just as it looked like the bug creatures where about to be broken, a massive behemoth emerged from the trees.  Easily twice the size of his harvester units, the massive creature began to charge through the fields at the homestead.  The xenos opened fire with everything they had.  The homestead errupted with the sounds of explosions and bright blue light as a large heavily armored suit target the creature.  The resulting explosion briefly blinded Shamus.

Blinking to get his vision back, Shamus struggled to see across the field.  Surely no creature could have survived such punishment.  As his vision cleared, he was meet with shock.  Onward the creature limped, several broken areas of armor leaking a black blood.  Guess these xenos guns weren’t all they were cracked up to be.  Shamus had a trick up his sleeve.

Leaving the green armored xenos to there fate, Shamus ran for the tool shed.  Being on an agri world means you need to learn to take care of your own.  Stock piled in the back of the shed were several large drums of promethium, used to run the farm equipment.   He loaded them onto a powered hand cart. 

Shamus stuck his head out the door to check on the battle.  The large bugs we tearing one of the large armored suits to pieces, greedily trying to reach the pilot.  The xenos were continue to fall back and direct there fire at the big bugs.  Fools, thought Shamus.   He could see the leader bug moving up there flank around the house.  The four armed beast looked more than capable at dispatching the lot of the xenos.

Shamus opened the door to the shed.  He activated the motor on the hand cart and pointed it towards the house.  The cart began to roll forward, bouncing along the ground through the chaos of battle.  No one seemed to notice the little cart.  The cart rolled up and hit the house, spinning its wheels as it stuck in place.

The xenos finally dropped the big bugs with there constant fire, but Shamus knew the leader bug was moving in for the kill.  Shamus shouted at the xenos “If yall want to live through this I suggest you get away from my god damned house!”  The xenos turned to look in the direction that Shamus was pointing, just in time to see the lead bug break from cover.

It was incredibly fast.  The xenos were to slow to react, battle weary like they were.  Not Shamus though.  He raised the gun and racked the slide, loading an incendiary round they used for burning crops. He aimed at the hand cart and pulled the trigger.  The cart and the barrels on it went up in a massive explosion that knocked Shamus of his feet.

Shamus pulled himself to his feet.  Flaming debris was scattered over his whole homestead.  He looked around for the lead bug.  The beast still lived, pulling itself from the fire.  Most of its legs were burned off as well as a few of its arms.  Shamus picked up the shotgun and started slowly walking towards the beast.  The green armored xenos began to pick themselves up and start a full retreat.  Cowards.

Striding up to the beast, Shamus looked it in the eye.  It tried to lift its one remaining sword arm, but Shamus pinned it to the ground with his boot.  He racked the action of the shotgun.  Aiming at the creatures head, Shamus laughed.  “And people say that a farmers life is boring.”  Pulling the trigger, Shamus turned the creatures head into a pile of black ichor.

Looking around at the fire and devastation of his farm, Shamus sigh.  Guess it was time to go see what became of his family.

And there you have it.  Part one of the Epic Saga of Shamus.  Let me know what you guys think.  I am not much of a creative writer, but these seemed like a fun project to try. Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

3 thoughts on “The Epic Saga of Shamus – Arachnophobia!

  1. Hey man! For not being a creative writer you tell one heck of a fun story! Seriously delightful. Keep it up! It would be awesome to see him turn into a guardsmen that climbs the ranks in defense of the empire. Will he feature into any narrative campaigns or is it just a story?

  2. Honestly, my plan with Shamus is to make him a bit like Ciaphis Cain. He just happens to keep falling into these bad situations. I would expect him to somehow end up as part of my next narrative battle report.

    And don’t tempt me with the guardsmen thing, I would probably end up with a guard army after all that. Thanks for the feed back though!!!

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