The Dirty Truth – I Proxy…

The mini cooper sets its sights on a fire raptor...

The mini cooper sets its sights on a “fire raptor”…

Howdy everyone, Severus here.  Today I wanted to bring you an opinion piece on proxying within warhammer 40k.  Now, like many of you, I tend to cringe when I hear the idea of proxying.  It conjures up images of neck beards proxying models with odd models that have no place in the game in order to field the latest net list they found.  I want to take a moment to go out on a limb here to defend the use of proxies within our game.

First off, let’s face it.  This can be an expensive hobby.  Most of us have some sort of budget to keep to.  Proxying a unit can allow you to avoid investing in a model that once you get it on the table, you find does not live up to your expectations.  Sometimes a model seems like it will be a good fit with an army.  Then it turns into a dead fish on the table and you regret your choice. Soon it is retired to a shelf somewhere like an odd trophy, a reminder of a poor decision.

Often times, we forget models or they break during play.  Proxying is a great way to get your game in with your friend even with the missing models.  Yes it is possible to glue the broken guy and hope he holds while play continues, or you can drive home and grab the model your forgot.

A number of factors today went into making the interesting image at the start of this article.  Shorereaper and I are looking to invest in Horus Heresy (as mentioned before).  We wanted to play a game with our 2500 point list to see how they worked.  My list featured 2 land raiders.  Since I only had one, we lined up a loaner from the Lord Primarch.  I forgot to pick it up.  Rather than cancel the game, we found an oddly appropriate sized proxy and played the game.  Now that I have a game under my belt, I feel much better about investing in the models I am missing to complete the list.

Now, proxying can have it’s dark side.  Personally, I am against proxying if the intent is to never buy the model.  If you are playing me, you either need to have forgetten/broke the model, or want to test it out before buying it.  I made this hard rule after going off the deep end a few years ago.

I played with a few highschool friends.  We were under very tight budgets at the time, so we fielded large numbers of proxies.   The issue became that some guys felt there was no need to ever buy the physical model. They could play the game with the proxies they had, and they enjoyed it.  Those games though were filled with oddities.  Plastic cups as drop pods, boxes as vehicles, paper circles with units written on them.  It prevented any immersion in the game.  Something I never appreciated until I started playing against non-proxy armies on nice tables.

That about wraps it up for me today.  How do you guys feel about proxying?  Do you prefer to only play WYSIWYG?  Or do you proxy on occasion to test out new models?  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

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