Nowhere to Run – Tau Vs Nids Special Scenario

20150207_153139Howdy everyone!  Severus here (and Shorereaper adding some input as well), and I have a special battle report for you today.  Not that long ago, Shorereaper got himself a scythed hierodule. He has finished it’s assembly and painting.  For it’s first game we made up a little narrative and rules to go along with it.  The Tau have attempted to capture an imperial agriworld.  Everything was going well for the greater good until the tyranids showed up. With access to plentiful biomass on the agriworld, the nids began to run rampant.  The tau never mount static defenses, they prefer to retreat and retake the lost land later.  Unfortunately for Darkstar and Aun’Ro, they have literally run out of ground to retreat to and are waiting on air evac off the continent.  The hive mind, knowing it’s prey is finally cornered, sends in a force to deliver the killing blow.

Mission wise we randomized the deployment and got hammer and anvil (which seemed fitting).  Victory conditions were set as such.  The tau are going to try to break the tyranid swarm by killing all the large creatures.  If the tau can kill all the monstrous creatures by the end of the game (random game length), then they can successfully disengage from the tyranids and make it to there transports.  If they leave any of the monstrous creatures alive, then the tau can not disengage and are overrun.

As a secondary victory condition, we decided to keep track of a modified kill points.  The idea being if it came down to a close game, then we could have a different method of determining the fate of the tau.  We settled on the following.  HQ’s are worth 5 points, Elites are worth 4, Heavy Support are worth 3, Fast Attack are worth 2, and Troops are worth 1.

Now for the army lists.  Knowing this would be the first game for either of us with a hierodule, we decided to make it a suitably epic game.  We settled on 2500 point lists.  Here is what I fielded:

  • Commander Darkstar – Iridium Battlesuit, Puretide Engram Chip, Command and Control Node, Multi-Spectrum Sensor Suit
  • Aun’Ro – Ethereal
  • Stealth Suits – 5 man with Shas’vre, all with counterfire defense systems
  • Riptide – Heavy Burst Cannon, Stimulant Injector, Velocity Tracker
  • Crisis Team – 3 man with Shas’vre, all with twin-linked missile pods and plasma rifles
  • Fire Warriors – 12 man with Shas’ui
  • Fire Warriors – 12 man with Shas’ui
  • Fire Warriors – 12 man with Shas’ui
  • Tetras – 4 tetras
  • Vespid Stingwings – 11 man with Strainleader
  • Y’varha – Stimulant injector
  • Hammerhead – Railgun with submunission rounds
  • R’varna- Stimulant Injector
  • Broadsides – 3 man with Shas’vre, all with high-yield missile pods, counterfire defense system, and 6 missile drones

Shorereaper here, I brought out the following:

  • Swarmlord w/ 3 Hive Guard
  • Hive Tyrant w/ wings and two TL devourers w/ Brainleech worms
  • 14 Genestealers w/ Broodlord
  • 14 Genestealers w/ Broodlord
  • Venomthrope
  • Hive Crone
  • 6 Raveners w/ Rending Claws
  • Dimachaeron
  • Exocrine
  • And of course, the Scythed Hierodule

Set up 1

Back to Severus

Now onto deployement.  We rolled off and the Tau got the first choice.  I decided to deploy right on the line.  My reasoning was that as the nids advanced, I could slowly retreat deeper into my deployment zone.  As soon as I ran out of room to retreat, I would be in big trouble.  I anchored the left flank with the riptide and vespid.  I put the hammerhead, r’varna, ethereal and 2 units of fire warriors on the right flank.  The center I placed the broadsides, the commander with them, a unit of fire warriors, the 4 tetras, and the unit of crisis suits.  I held the y’varha in reserve and infiltrated the stealth suits to harass the nids.


The tau deployement


The Riptide supporting the left flank


The R’varna supporting the right flank

And back to Shorereaper for his Deployment.

So, since my Tyranid Army was based heavily for close combat, I also decided to deploy as close to the Tau as possible. I knew that there would be a couple of turns trying to advance through a lot of fire power. I also knew that the Tau would slowly fall back making it harder for me to close in on them.

Set Up 3

I placed the Swarmlord right in the center of my deployment zone. I knew that I would need his synapse range to cover most of the board since the only other synapse creature was the Flying Hive Tyrant and he would advance up the board quickly. With the Swarmlord I placed the Raveners, the Venomthrope (for that added cover), the, Dimachaeron, and the Exocrine to sure up the center. The Crone and the Hive Tyrant I placed on my left flank with the hope of softening up that side on my initial run. The Hierodule was also placed on that side as well. I decided to infiltrate my Genestealers, one unit on each flank. The one unit was the only unit on the my right flank, which I hoped would be able to slow any Tau that tried hit that side, knowing that the Raveners could get there to support them if needed. The plan was to hit the Tau’s left flank (from my perspective) and sweep in across the table.

Set Up 5

Set up 4

Set up 2

And there we have it.  The stage is set for an epic battle.  Will the tau hold out long enough to be evacuated?  Or will the nids overwhelm them and consume there biomass?  You will just have to wait for next time.  Until then this is Severus (and Shorereaper) saying have a good one and take it easy.

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