Taking the Iron Hands Back to the Past…AKA Horus Heresy!

40kHeresyHowdy everyone, Severus here.  I wanted to take a break from Tau today and talk about my other on going project.  Getting more into 30k, aka Horus Heresy.  As I have mentioned previously, I have a 40k force of Iron Hands.  My goal is to take that army and make it 30k compatible.  What I mean by that is try to use the existing models I have as a basis for an army.  Yes, I intend to use GW plastic models in the place of most of the forgeworld options.  I will explain more later.

First off, writing an army list in 30k is a very different experience.  It is essentially a whole new system of wargear and weapons.  The quick reference books (the small red ones) are a life saver.  There were a few areas I wanted to focus on when it came to the list.  First off I love Ferrus Manus and the Gorgon Terminator models.  They were a must.  I like the Medusan Immortal models, but in the end I just couldn’t fit them in this list.  Second, I wanted to feature the Iron Hands own rite of war.  That meant replacing rhino’s with land raiders.  Finally, having recently read Angel Exterminatus, I fell in love with the Storm Eagle, so that had to make an appearance.

Here is the list:

  • Ferrus Manus (with Forgebreaker) (Joins Gorgon Terminators)
  • Legion Praetor – Iron Father with Cataphractii Armor, Cyber-familiar, Digital Weapons, Iron Halo (Joins Tactical Squad in Storm Eagle or Gorgon Terminators)
  • Legion Tactical Squad – 10 man with Sergeant
    • Landraider Phobos – Armoured Ceramite
  • Legion Tactical Squad – 10 man with Sergeant
    • Landraider Phobos – Armoured Ceramite
  • Legion Tactical Squad – 10 man with Sergeant (Rides in Storm Eagle)
  • Contemptor Dreadnought – Multimelta, Heavy Flamer
  • Gorgon Terminators – 10 man with Hammerbearer
  • Legion Storm Eagle Assault Gunship – Twin-linked Multimelta, Two Twin-linked Lascannons

Total: 2485pts

There is still some work to be done with the list.  It has 15 points to spare (Shorereaper and I agreed to build to 2500, we hear that is the normal size game for horus heresy).  I would like to squeeze in a drop pod for the contemptor, I don’t think he will fair to well walking around.  The list concept is Ferrus and the Gorgons start on the field and basically walk straight at the enemy.  The landraiders can be deployed normally or outflank with the Iron Hands rite of war.  The Storm Eagle can provide ranged anti-armor.  The embarked tactical squads can add some fire power if needed, but are mainly there for objective grabbing.

Model wise, I have a good start on the list.  The only things I don’t own are a second landraider, 5 more Gorgon Terminators, a Storm Eagle, and Ferrus Manus.  You will note that the majority of that list is forgeworld models.  My goal is to complete this list, then as my budget allows, go back in and replace the tactical squads and landraiders with the forge world variants.  This should allow me to get a functioning army sooner, then I can go back and make it more period accurate.

There is only one fly in the ointment.  I have gone through several different list in our play testing.  I don’t have the models to proxy this list to test it out.  As Shorereaper and I have found, play testing is key.  There are so many cool things in 30k, but in the end they may not all fit your army theme or function like you thought.  I will try to borrow some models to proxy the storm eagle and ferrus so I can give this list a proper test.

That about covers it.  How many of you play 30k?  Did you try to convert a 40k force into a 30k force, or did you pull a Tuttle and go all forgeworld?  How has your experience with 30k games been compared to 40k.  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

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