The Myth of Old One Eye

Last week Severus posted a blog about a campaign that he was creating. While he was doing working on that, I was trying to write a scenario around Old One Eye and his story in the Tyranid Codex. As I have posted on this blog before, I have been working on the Old One Eye model for a couple of weeks now, and I finally completed him. After completing the model, I decided that I wanted to play a fluffy game against the Primarch and his Ultramarines, but I wanted the game to be something different. I wanted to limit both him and myself in the units we were able to take. The following is what I came up with. Oh, and there are some pictures of my Old One Eye.

Old One Eye 5

Echoes of War: Cleansing of Calth

Following the Tyrannic War of the Ultramar System, the Ultramarines received a distress signal from the plant of Calth. Sargent Telion heeded their cries for help; little did he know he would end up as part of the legend of Old One Eye…

The Armies

One player is the Ultramarine player, and his opponent is the Tyranid Player. All units must be from their respective faction.
The Ultramarine player must include Sgt. Telion and one unit of Tyrannic war veterans. *It is preferred that drop pods not be used.
The Tyranid player must include Old One Eye and cannot include flying Monstrous Creatures, the Swarmlord, or Gargantuan Monstrous Creatures.

The Battle Field

Deploy using the Dawn of War Deployment Map, and set up terrain as described in the 40K rulebook.

Old One Eye 2


The Ultramarine player deploys first anywhere in his deployment zone. The Tyranid player deploys second, anywhere in his deployment zone.

First Turn

The Tyranid player can choose to go first or second. If they decide to go first, the Ultramarine player can seize the Initiative on a 4+.

Primary Objective

Modified Kill Points

At the end of the game, each player scores victory points for each enemy unit that has been completely destroyed or is falling back at the end of the game. The following are the point values scored:

Troops – 1 Point
Fast – 2 Points
Elite – 3 Points
Heavy – 4 Points
HQ – 5 Points

If Old One Eye is alive at the end of the game, the Tyranid player scores an additional 2 points.
If Sgt. Telion causes the final wound on Old One Eye, the Ultramarine player scores an additional Victory point.

Secondary Objectives

First Blood, Linebreaker, Slay the Warlord

Special Rules

Night Fighting, Reserves

*Editor’s note – This is for fluff purposes only. Tyranid player should keep his list secret from the Ultramarine player, but Tyranid list should consist of at least 1 unit of Termagants, 1 unit of Genestealers, and no more than 3 Monstrous creatures.

Old One Eye 1



3 thoughts on “The Myth of Old One Eye

  1. Sounds like it could be a fun scenario game, which I tend to prefer over the simple setup games. I shall add this to the collection, if you don.t mind. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Thank you. The list I plan on taking, which will be posted after the first game, will probably end up with me being tabled, but that is because I am taking a very fluffy list.

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