Getting into the Greater Good – Y’varha Field Test List and Fluff

Howdy everyone, Severus here.  It has finally come time to shelve my Iron Hands and begin work on my Tau again.  The Iron Hands have reached there initial goal of 2000 points painted.  The next step is building them a Horus Heresy list, which I will save for another post.  Now is the time of the Tau.  I have tons of models for them, almost all of which I have airbrushed the base coat.  It is time to get them out and start finishing them up.

The first step to this army is settling on a list to play for a while.  That should cut down on the number of models I need to paint and give me some focus.  I am sure there will be some variation to the list depending on my opponent and how tough a list they want to face.  But I wanted a nice core place to start.  I also wanted it to have some strong fluff to base the army around.

Way back when (aka like 2 years ago), we had a little campaign run by Ralshenik.  I played my tau in it, and I needed to give my Shas’o (battlesuit commander for those of you not familiar with tau ranks) a name.  I read through as much as I could on names of commanders.  Generally they get a nickname based on there fighting style or personality.  I settled on Darkstar.  My lists also feature an ethereal usually.  I settled on Aun’ro.  I have yet to settle on a sept name yet.

Now for my list.  I have several of the forgeworld suits and wanted to work them into the fluff a bit.  The core list I wanted to feature the Y’varha in.  The concept is that since the Y’varha’s fighting style is so different from the normal tau strategy of waging war, Darkstar and Aun’ro order a field test upon receiving one from the Empire.  These specialty suits are in short supply.  Darkstar wants to know it’s capabilities and weakness so he does not squander this resource.

With that in mind two forces were deployed from Darkstar’s main force.  A scout cadre composed of kroot, pathfinders riding in tetras, and stealth suits.  They were tasked with locating a suitable target (most likely a group of tyranids drawn off from there main force).  A second cadre of mobile units were deployed as an escort to Darkstar and Aun’ro.  It is composed of a unit of crisis suits as a body guard for Darkstar, a unit of fire warriors in a devilfish as an honor guard to Aun’ro, a hammerhead gunship, a skyray, and a pack of vespid.  The Y’varha is deployed in an Orca and will await permission from Darkstar and Aun’ro before deploying to the field of battle (aka deepstriking).

Nuts and bolts wise, here is the list:

  • Darkstar – Commander with 2 missile pods, puretide engram chip, shield generator, velocity tracker, and Iridium Battlesuit
  • Aun’ro – Ethereal with homing beacon and blacksun filter
  • Stealth Team – 5 man with Shas’vre, all with burst cannons and positional relay
  • Crisis Team – 3 man with Shas’vre, all with 2 missile pods and velocity tracker
  • Firewarrior Team – 11 man with Shas’ui, all with pulse rifles and bonded, devilfish with disruption pods and sensor spines
  • Kroot Carnivore Squad – 10 man with sniper rounds
  • Kroot Carnivore Squad – 10 man with sniper rounds
  • Tetra Scout Speeder Team – 4 Tetras with disruption pods
  • Vespid Stingwings – 12 man with Strain Leader
  • XV109 Y’varha – Stimulant Injector
  • Hammerhead Gunship – Disruption pods, Railgun with Submunission rounds, Smart missile system
  • Sky Ray Missile Defense Gunship – Disruption pods, smart missile system

Total: 1997

Generally speaking, I like the list design.  I enjoy playing a more mobile army and avoiding the standard tau tactic of castling up in the back field.  I want this list to also be fun for my opponent.  Around my local group, riptides of any sort have earned a bad reputation.  I wanted to still play the Y’varha but in a manner that gave my opponent the chance to take it down.  Hence it is the only riptide or riptide variant in the list. Broadsides have also left a few guys with hurt feelings, so they didn’t make the list (along with there lack of mobility preventing them from keeping up with the rest of the force.)

There are still plenty of area’s of fluff for me to explore as well.  Darkstar’s background has yet to be fleshed out.  Based on his preference for mobile armies and experimental weapons and tactics, I get the impression that he is falling from the Ethereal council’s good graces.  I feel that the name is fitting.  In terms of his stance on Farsight, I have not decided on that yet.  His tactics seem to be similar to Farsights.  There is a secret group within the Tau Empire that still think he is a great commander and support him.  Perhaps Darkstar will discover this group in the future.

That about wraps it up for today.  I will try to get some pictures of my tau up for a more painting focused article next time.  What do you guys think about the fluff so far?  Do you think the field testing of the Y’varha will be a success?  Does the list sound like something you would want to play?  Until next time everyone, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.


3 thoughts on “Getting into the Greater Good – Y’varha Field Test List and Fluff

  1. *I play Imperial Fists so grain of salt lol* Maybe Darkstar doesn’t know of the cabal of Farsight supporters and is just fighting what he sees to be the best way possible? Granted its the same, but it also gives you fluff reasons to have a Tau on Tau fight

    • I haven’t decdied which way to go there yet. Honestly, I think he will probably fall in with Farsight’s supporters. I have the farsight enclave supplement and I really enjoyed the story. Aun’va and Shadowsun just don’t appeal to me as well as characters.

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