A Warhammer New Years Resolution List: Severus Edition

2015 New Year celebrationHappy 2015 everyone!  It is I, Severus, and today I wanted to lay down a list of resolutions for myself for the new year.  I know, it’s kind of cliche to do, but if it keeps me focused for the year then I am all for it.  So, with that in mind, lets dive in!

1.  Be more consistent with the blog.  We started this blog last year and had a good time with it.  I burned out around August and have had real trouble getting motivated to write again.  I have plenty of crap to talk about now, just no motivation.   This year I am making a serious effort to stay on top of this blog.

2.  Complete a 2000 point force of Tau.  This one is a bit odd.  I have 2000 points of painted Tau, just not in a cohesive force that I want to play on the table.  I want to iron out a list that I like and paint that list to completion.  I managed to turn out 2000 points of Iron Hands last year without much trouble, so I think this is a do-able goal.

3. No new armies.  I have plenty to work on.  I have more orks than I can shake a stick at.  I have the Iron Hands force that I can expand on.  I have plenty of tau to work on.  I have an ever growing legion of undead for fantasy.  My hobby plate is full, so no adding new armies.  2015 is going to be about making the armies I have better on the table top (through some new additions) and painting models I already have.

4. Find a way to run orks that I enjoy.  I mean this in a competitive sense.  There are plenty of opportunities for me to bring out the boys when my opponent wants to run softer/fluffier lists.  When my opponents want to run harder lists, I really can’t get a good game in with the orks.  I have seen lists out there centered around a green tide.  Honestly, that doesn’t seem like that much fun to me.  I have played green tides before and it can be a tedious affair.  So I want to find that list that is fun for me to play and can hang in there with some tougher lists.

5. Go to a large tournament/convention.  I want to get out there and meet a large section of the community.  Shorereaper and I looked into going to Adepticon, but it was not feasible this year.  We are in the Baltimore area, so we may try to get to the NOVA open.  I don’t think I will actually play in any large competitive tournament.  I just want to go and meet guys, maybe get some casual gaming in, maybe a hobby class.

6. Continue to improve my painting skills.  Last year I started working on better line-highlighting with the Iron Hands.  I am not quite sure what area of my painting I will focus on.  There are lots of things thrown around like blending which I have no idea how to do.  Maybe something like that.

I think that is a decent set of goals to stick to.  I could list a few more,but I want to keep the list attainable.  What are you guys working on for the new year?  The Hobby Progress Challenge put on by the Independent Characters is an always popular goal.  I have thought about entering, but my hobby mojo tends to come and go.

Up next, I am thinking of doing a unit review on the two experimental riptides from forgeworld.  I already have the R’Varna (it is up next for the painting block) and the Y’Varha is on its way now. Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

One thought on “A Warhammer New Years Resolution List: Severus Edition

  1. That looks like a solid list of resolutions. I feel you pain with the paint Tau problem as I have the same one for my space marines and Daemons. Sure I’ve got 3k painted, but not a list that I would want to use regularly.

    If you are going to Nova but not to participate in the Open, you may want to look into the narrative and Trios. Both are a little more relaxed and a lot of fun. That said, after 2 or 3 games in the Open you start to find yourself playing people of your skill level and that makes the rest of the tournament a lot of fun. Other than the Nova if I were on the East Coast I would want to play in Battle for Salvation or Da Boyz. Just my $0.02

    Here’s hoping you keep your resolutions.

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