Severus’ is back…again.

lazy-gamerHowdy everyone.  Guess the ork broke the news to you all that I was on my way back.  Well, here I am.  There is no fancy excuse.  I was being super lazy (see above related picture).  Good news is that I have been active hobby wise and have plenty to talk about.

Kaptain Klaw already brought you guys up to speed on what has been happening in the GW world.  I can fill you in on what is happening in our little local group.  I finished up my original 2000 point Iron Hands lists.  Completely painted to a standard I am happy with.  I will try to setup the army for some photos one of these days.  They have been my primary army over the last few months in terms of gaming.  I am hoping to transition to Tau soon.

I briefly considered re-basing my Iron Hands when the 32mm bases came out.  I got to say, I really like the way marines look on 32mm bases.  I was a little concerned about having to pop all my marines of there 25mm (some have finecast legs, the other I used plastic glue which can be a bear to break neatly).  Then the words of wisdom prevailed.  I would need new foam for 32mm based miniatures.  My current kr foam fits my 25mm bases very snug.  Since I hate buying foam and cases (even if they are a good product), I decided to hold off on re-basing the Iron Hands.

Our gaming group has been really into fantasy.  Mainly due to all the new end times content.  Guys have been dusting off old armies, adding new units, and expanding armies with the new end times army units.  I learned a lot.  Mainly that I love Manfred’s new rules.   He was a blast to play with, I may have to pick up that model eventually (I borrowed him the first time).  I was also gifted a box of Morghast Harbingers, which I have assembled and painted.  Going to test them out this weekend, so expect a little report.

We have even held a few small tournaments (put on by Critical Hit Games).  They are trying a new format that has been working well.  It is sort of a league.  Participants sign up and pairings are announced.  The games can be played anytime (as in through out the week or weekend) but must be played in the store.  It is a single elimination style.  Once the first round is complete, pairings for the next round are announced and it repeats.  A 10 person tournament took about 3 weeks.  A long time, but we ended up with a much higher turn out than when we hosted a single day 3 round tournament.

Personally, I would like to see the tournament format changed to a double elimination bracket.  It is possible to do, just takes a little bit more work to come up with the pairings.  That way you are less likely to get booted out of the tournament from some really bad luck or a poor match up.  Regardless though, they have been fun matches to watch and play in.  We even started a 40k one this last week.

We have had a few new faces in the 40k crowd.  Unfortunately, none of them have become regular players thus far.  There are about 6 of us there making up the core group.  Don’t get this wrong, I love my core gaming group.  I just really want to see more guys around playing.  The more variety, the better.  We are happy to play with new players or veterans.  If you are reading this and are in the Baltimore area, check us out some saturday.

That about wraps up what has been going on with me.  I have a few ideas for articles in the works (new year’s hobby resolutions, army on display for the iron hands, maybe a forgeworld unit review).  Until then gentleman, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.


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