Zog it! Where did dat hummie runz off to now?



Listen up ya gitz.  It’z Kaptain Klaw here.  Seemz dat da little hummie, Severus, has wondered off again.  Don’t fret, me boyz say he will be back shortly.  Some fing to do wit him being a lazy git, I can never read ‘iz notes.

Well, I guess da Kaptain iz gonna have to fill in for now.  Let’s see, when waz da last time we heard from dat git? Hmm, looks like back in Orktober?  Ya meanz to tell me dat idiot didn’t do a big Orktoberfest thing?  I iz gonna krump him when I seez him next.

Well dere waz a ton of dem bug thingz.  Like some big brain bug and some strangle tentacle bugz.  Da had big onez and small onez for each.  Then dey had diz big egg sac lookin thingy.  Da bug boyz tell me dey really like diz unit and dat us orks should be afraid of it.  But orks iz da best, so I don’t listen to dem gitz.

Dere waz a bunch of stuff for dem square based gamez.  Some fing to do wit da end timez.  Dat don’t make no sense to me.  It’s ain’t da end until da Kaptain makez it da end.  Whatever it iz, da fantasy ladz have been having a blast wit it.  Good on dem!

Den came da vampire space marinez.  I always love krumpin dem gitz.  Dey always know how to have a good fight.  Not like dem other sissy marinez dat try to dakka ya to deff.  Deez lads always like to get in close to do da krumpin.  Da new book dey got really turned it up a notch.  Dem boyz is right tough now.  Now I just need to get some boyz together to have another good scrap wit dem.

Dat about covered da last two months.  Da lazy git will be back shortly to give ya gitz some more on what he has been upto.  Diz iz da Kaptain sayin WAAAAAAGH!

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