Oh and Six

As I said in my post on the 26th, I wrote a few new Tyranid lists based solely around close combat. For example, when I take 9 warriors, I take additional talons for the extra close combat attact. I actually wrote three of these lists. A 1500-point list and two 2000-point lists where the entire list is centered on close combat. In the 2K lists, the only shooty unit that I have included is one Hive Crone to deal with flyers if my opponent takes them. My 1500-point list doesn’t even have that.

Now, while I wrote these lists knowing that they wouldn’t be competitive, I didn’t think that they would be as uncompetitive as they turned out to be. Let me sum up the six games I played these lists.

1. 1500 Vs. Daemons. Tabled in turn 5.

2. 1500 Vs. Minotaurs. I conceded in turn 4. I would have been tabled in Turn 5.

3. 1500 Vs. Eldar. I conceded in turn 5. I would have been tabled in Turn 6.

4. 2000 Vs Orks. It was a blood bath. I can’t even remember how this ended, except it ended in a loss.

5. 2000 vs. Ultramarines. I conceded in Turn 4.

6. 1500 vs. Space Marines. Played to the end. Lost a kill points game by one point.

So that is six games played, and six losses to go with them. I knew these lists were bad, I just didn’t realize they were that bad. I have had a lot of fun playing them. That was actually the intent of the close combat lists. But I had hoped that they would be a little more competitive.

There are some good things about the lists. First, I have no choice about what to do in my shooting phase. Everything runs. And since most units have fleet, I can usually get a good run off. Second, I like playing this list against newer players. It gives them a chance since I am not monster heavy or a lot of flying MCs. Third, it really is entertaining. I can play the list like I would love to play the Tyranids. I am going to get in my opponents face. Well, I am going to try.

I will say this. In all six games I ended up with the psychic power of Onslaught. So I can allow one of my units to run and shoot in the shooting phase. I get this six times with an army that does not have a single shooting unit.

These lists may be fun, but I think I need to go back to my older, more winnable lists.

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