Mingling Tournament (Shorereaper’s perspective)

This weekend I entered a “mingling” tournament at Critical Hit games. The intent of this was more to meet and greet new players than to play competitively, so I decided to write a list that was fun to play. And it was, but it really was not competitive, not even close. I decided to bring my Tyranids so I would at least know the army.

The List consisted of (1500 Points):
3 Tyrant Guard
Tyranid Prime w/ Lashwhip, bonesword, extra talons, and adrenal glands.
8 Warriors w/ extra talons and adrenal glands
7 Ripper swarm bases
28 Hormagaunts
6 Raveners w/ Rending claws
Carnifex w/ Adrenal glands

What I liked about the list is it game me a chance to learn about some units that I hardly ever take. I really gained an appreciation for the Prime and the warriors. I never take the prime, and I limit my use of warriors. The rule allowing the warriors to use the Primes BS and WS helps them significantly (although, in this list they had nothing to shoot). Because of my lack of ranged weapons, this list also forced my decisions on what to do during the shooting phase. I had nothing to shoot, so my units always ran.

I admit that there were some significant issues with this list. First, I only had two synapse units (ok 3, but the prime joined the warriors). Second, I had nothing to handle flyers. Third, in objective based games, I had a list that had to get into close combat, so I had to leave all objectives behind. Actually, while the objectives were ignored, that tactic did seem very Tyranid.

Knowing how bad my list was, I changed my goals for the tournament. Goal number one was what my goal should always be, just have fun. I didn’t care about winning the tournament. And I did have a lot of fun. Yes the list was bad, but it was fun to play. My second goal was to just not be tabled by turn 3, and I was successful in this as well. Yes, I was tabled in turn 5 once, conceded in turn 4 once, and just lost a game because it went to turn 6 (where I would have been tabled), but I was never tabled by turn 3. Yes, I lost all three games, but I achieved the two goals I had.

Having said all of this, I actually believe that all of the units I brought can actually be really good, but not in the combination I brought them. Each of them would need to be supported with different units.

I enjoyed a list created for the sole purpose of close combat. In fact, after playing this list, I may create a 2K list that is geared for the exact same purpose, only adding in a flyer for the “Just in case my opponent has more than one flyer” scenario. I mean, I need something that can handle flyers bouncing around taking out my models.

In short, one should always when playing one’s opponent. Bring a list that you want to play and have fun with. Yes, winning is important, but having fun should be more important.

Ok, maybe not in a tournament setting, but in most cases.

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