A Tale of Some Druken Elves

I must spin you a yarn. It is a tale of some drunken elves who fought and army of the undead. It is a tale of Elves who showed up for a fight, well, supposedly they showed up for a fight. They didn’t really fight all that hard.

Actually, that is the tale. There was nothing to the game worthy of a full tale. I got my tale handed to me by the Lord Primarch and his army at Critical Hit Games. I couldn’t even tell you what was in his army, but I can try. He had a unit of three chariots, a large unit of bowman, a Terrorgheist, a unit of Hexwraiths, and Arkhan. He may have had more, but this is what I can remember.

I brought a unit of 40 spears, 2 units of 12 darkshards, 2 bolt throwers, a level 4 supreme sorceress, Hellebron and a Couldron of blood, and 2 units of Doomfire warlocks. It was not a great list, but I thought it would hold up.

I didn’t realize how bad it could be facing an army that keeps summoning more and more units. I can tell you that he summoned two 200-point units of skeletons, another terrorgheist, a vampire, and so much more. It ended up that my 2K list had to face an additional 1300-points.

Yes, I know I should have dispelled some of those summoning spells, but the dice gods were not with me. I have never rolled so many 2’s, nor have I seen so many successful channeling rolls (on my side as well). It just was an ugly battle that only lasted three and a half turns.

So, the Guinness Elves will not be returning for round 2.

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