Warhammer Fantasy Hidde Gems

The following is a by a legionnaire known as Julius the Austere; Guardian of the Battle.  This is his first article for our blog, so please leave him some feed back.  Severus out.

Well hello, new blogger here! I do not currently have a cool name such as Severus or Shorereaper but I am hoping the honorable founders of TLOEG will come up with something for me. My goal is to provide a little Warhammer Fantasy reading to the awesome gaming group known as The Legion! With that said let me get right in to what I hope will be a series of blogs about hidden gems (relatively speaking) in the current Warhammer army books. These “hidden gems” refer to units, magic items and characters that are seen less often in lists but can still be effective and have huge potential on the battlefield.

The first such hidden gem comes from the Dark Elf book. I am, of course, referring to Sisters of Slaughter! Yup, that’s right! So what is so good about S3 infantry with 2 attacks a piece that comes out of the same section of the book as perhaps the most overpowered unit in the game (Warlocks)?

Well, first of all they are Dark Elves so ASF and murderous prowess. Secondly (and coz I cant be arsed to keep going down the line this includes everything else), a 4+ ward save in combat, allowing no parry or rank bonus to an enemy in base contact and plus 1 to hit and wound against anything with either higher S or WS. The beauty of the plus 1 to hit and wound rule is that barely anything will have higher WS than them as they are at WS 6. Plenty of units will have higher strength than them so they are very likely to get the bonus. This of course means they will likely be hitting on 2s with a reroll and wounding a great deal too, despite only being S3. So what is there ideal use in a game?

The most optimal use I can think of for the SoS is to combat S4 great weapon infantry. A horde of S4 great weapon infantry are one of the scariest unit types in the game. Think White Lions, Executioners, Grave Guard and Bestigor (only made less scary by the fact the rest of their book is so underpowered). All of these units are reasonably pricey for a horde, hit like a ton of bricks and have no better than a 5up armor save in combat, all which plays in to the sister’s play style. The SoS will hit all of the aforementioned units on 2s with a reroll (think of this as every attack is going to hit) and will wound a good amount due to receiving plus 1 to wound and murderous prowess. Additionally, I suggest taking the razor banner to help them punch through even more wounds (heavy armor save reduced to a 6). Then the opponent will strike back. They will hit on about half, wound on most of their hits and then the SoS will disregard about half the incoming damage with their ward saves. It all adds up to a war of attrition that the Horde of Great Weapons is unlikely to survive. It is my hypothesis that a unit of 25 SoS in bus formation will systematically destroy a horde of 40 White Lions (not counting for other variables such as magic help). I am fairly certain of this despite not having really crunched the numbers. Hypothetically, it just seems likely that if we both wound a bunch of times and I save 1/2 and you save 1/6, I get a rank bonus and you do not, I have a good chance of winning that combat.

All of the above doesn’t appeal to you? How about hitting Plaguebearers or mark of Nurgle warriors on 3s with a reroll? How about getting rid of those skeleton warriors who never seem to crumble fast enough (no parry and no rank bonus really helps here)?

If you made it to this point, thank you for reading my first blog! Hopefully this provided a fairly in depth unit review and at least gives players a second thought before they auto-include a bunch of warlocks in their DE list. As with everything in the game (well, most things), there are counters to the SoS. However, it is my contention that more often than not they will prove their worth in battle by dealing with some of the toughest units you may come across. With all this said, I am a Vampires player! Thanks again and happy gaming!

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