Severus’ Weekly Report: The Hobbying

Welcome back readers, It’s Severus here.  Time to bring you lads up to speed on what I have been doing, as well as few of the other legionnaires.

I have been in a hobby zone lately.  Lots of little projects getting wrapped up.  Since the nagash book dropped, my fantasy fire has been rekindled.  I had a lot of models that were in the middle stages of painting.  Like 20 skeletons, 10 ghouls, 3 crypt horrors.  They are all back on the painting table.  I also started and finished my Krell model.  I love him.  He looks sweet, has an awesome story, and recently got a little bit of new rules.  He is not the best on the table top, but come on.  Who can say “No” to that face?

Now, being the magnet fiend that I am, it was only a matter of time before I started magnetizing my miniatures to the movement trays.  I picked up some Gale Force Nine rubberized steel and went to town.  I am about 1/3 of the way through my painted models and am running low on magnets.  The trays look and work well.  I did about 7 trays with the one pack of rubberized steel.

I also acquired a metaphorical boat load of second hand vampire count models.  Long story short, a friend of the group was getting rid of a fairly large army he had bought but never really painted or used.  The lord primarch, who is starting an undead legion himself, and I decided to split the lot.  They were for the most part all assembled (except that damn crystallizing GW plastic glue meant that most of them now fell apart).  The big center piece for the lot for me was 15 blood knights.  They were in various stages of painting.  I decided to strip them and start from scratch.  Suffice it to say, my building and repair time will be full for a long time.

Now, outside of hobby land, there have been a number of games played.  The lord primarch and I had a fantasy game.  He used Critical Hit’s store army, Ogres.  I was testing out a krell lead undead legion list.  They game went decidedly in my favor.  Mainly due to some horrendous luck on the primarch’s part.  Like his right flank collapsing when I single spirit host charged 4 maneater’s, beat them in combat, who fled, and were ran down.  Shit happens like that in fantasy.  It was a discouraging game for the primarch, I hope this doesn’t hurt his new found fantasy enthusiasm.

Over the weekend we went to a new local store, Core World’s Games, ran by one of our very own legionnaires.  Now, I will be upfront with you readers, Josh is a friend and I am sure I am biased when it comes to reviewing his store.  That being said, I like his store.  The location is not that far off the main road for me, so it is a fairly easy drive.  The store has plenty of space.  Like 5 or 6 gaming tables with plenty of space for gaming.  Terrain is a little light right now, but I know he is working on that.  If I could give him one critique, his section of models is not the greatest right now.  I understand that takes capital to build a large inventory, so that will be something that comes with time.  I encourage all of you reading to go check it out.

Now, while at the new store, I got more gaming in.  A fantasy battle against the chaos worshiper, Greg.  His warriors took on the undead legion in a 2500 game.  It was a rough go.  He crushed my center fairly early on with his chosen and chaos warriors.  My new vargheists ran around like fools due to failing a frenzy check on turn one and died in short order.  Fortunately, the loss of my general in the center no longer sets off a crumble.  So I was able to hold on and take down a few of his units with my crypt ghouls and terrorgheist.  In the end, I was able to pull it back and earn a draw.

After that, Shorereaper and I decided to have a go with some 40k.  He brought his nids with the new big bug, the Dimachaeron.  I brought my iron hands with the new imperial knight, Justice.  We decided to do an altar of war mission from the iron hands supplement.  Essentially it was kill points with a modified version of slay the warlord for the iron hands.  Basically, I could earn five victory points if my chapter master could take down his swarm lord in a challenge.  So that is what we set out to do.  I bet big on that combat, and in the end lost.  Stupid big bug.  Justice managed to mop up a lot of the field for me along with my land raider crusader.  In the end it was 12-13, the Iron Hands had lost.

That’s about it for me readers.  Outside of the miniature land, I have been doing some netrunner and Destiny still.  Next weekend is probably going to be wargaming-free.  So probably not going to be much to report.  Maybe some hobbying.  Until then, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

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