Severus’ Weekend Report: Rekindling the Fantasy Fires

naglog-672x372Howdy everyone, Severus here.  Time for a weekend report!  This is one for the books.  There was NO 40k played this weekend.  Generally speaking, there was very little gaming in our gaming group (more just sitting around talking).  The gaming that did occur was FANTASY!  Augustus and I broke out our armies and gave the Nagash Undead Legion a test.

DISCLAIMER:  I know next to nothing about fantasy.  I feel very confident in my understanding of 40k and it’s various armies.  I know crap about fantasy.  So keep that in mind with the following. Go listen to Bad Dice or Garagehammer if you want to hear opinions that actually carry some weight.

First off, it was my undead legion (formerly known as the vampire counts) vs some high elf shenanigans.  I guess for completeness I should give you a list.  This is from memory, so forgive any errors.

  • Master Necromancer: Lvl 4, lore of undeath, 4+ward talisman, dispel scroll
  • Vampire Lord: lvl 2, lore of vampires, Red Fury, Quickblood, Sword of Strife, Other Trickster Shard, 5+ward talisman, Dragon Helm, Hvy Armor, Shield
  • Wight King – BSB, heavy armor, shield
  • Wight King – Enchanted shield, Heavy Armor, Sword of Anti-Heroes
  • 40 Crypt Ghouls
  • 40 Skeletons, Full command, hand weapons, shields
  • 20 Zombies, Musician and Standard
  • 20 Grave Guard, full command, great weapons
  • Spirit Host
  • Spirit Host
  • Spirit Host
  • Mortis Engine
  • Terrorgheist

Now, I don’t have Augustus’ list or know high elves well enough to recreate it.  What is worth knowing is that he had some silver helms, phoenix guard (with that banner of the world dragon), a lvl 4 caster and a bsb hiding in the phoenix guard, and a lord level elf on a star dragon.  There were some shooty elements (sea guard I think) and 3 bolt throwers.

I don’t want to bore you guys with a likely inaccurate report of how things went turn by turn.  Let me give you the big lessons I learned (or in some cases re-learned).  Fiery Convocation sucks.  It burned down my horde of crypt ghouls and half my skeletons.  It was not that I let it go, it was irresistible both times (which didn’t do any damage to the caster or there unit thanks to that stupid banner).  I could have dispelled it in my turn, but then I would lose a lot of the dice I needed for my own spells .  I did try to dispel it once (off of the skeletons) and threw 6 dice at it, and failed to dispel it.  I rolled an 14.

No longer crumbling from general death is great!  I always felt like my Vamp lords were glass cannons.  They can deal out a boat load of damage but can’t take much in return.  Now if you do kill my vamp lord, my army can keep right on trucking.  I think this could lead to some reckless play on my part, but it is a lot of fun.

The lore of undeath is nice.  I fell in love with two spells.  The grave call and breath of darkness.  The grave call lets me make infantry (ghouls, zombies, skeletons, grave guard, ect) or monstrous infantry (crypt horrors, vargheists, or the new Morghast).  We all know the trick with raise dead, putting a unit as a speed bump or re-director.  When the Phoenix Guard broke through my lines and lined up to go after my skeleton’s rear  I was able to drop 4 crypt horrors in there way.  Takes a while to chew through them.

Now, breath of darkness is a unique one.  It lets you heal/raise D3+1 wounds.  Not that exciting compared to invocation of nehek.  But when you have a Terrorgheist with 5 wounds on it, you could potentially heal 4 wounds with one cast (and make a counter of the dead token).  It is a great heal spell for a single multi-wound target.

The biggest affect on the game was the 50% lord and 50% heroes.  For a 2500 point game, we had some craziness.  To lord choices a piece.  Plenty of heroes running around.  Lvl 4 casters, a dude riding a dragon, big choppy vamp lords.  In the end, it made the game feel a lot smaller with the big points being spent on single models.  Not a bad thing, just different.

The ultimate question though is how did it go?  I was crushed.  I killed like 500pts and lost over 2000.  We didn’t even add in banners or my general.  It was a massacre in his favor.  That’s about par for the course when it comes to me.  I always lose in a big manor.  So, I can comfortably say that I didn’t do worse with the Undead legion.

Now, moving forward from here.  Honestly, my hobby budget for this month was the Nagash books (plus a new pack of netrunner cards and Destiny for the Xbox One, if anyone wants to play let me know).  So, I don’t think I will be adding anything to my existing fantasy collection for a bit.  I really want Manfred on his new skull filled mount.  Nagash also looks great, but I am not sure how much I would actually play with him.  Currently I am working on painting up my Krell.  We are going to try to do more fantasy down at the store over the coming weeks.  Sort of ride the wave of excitement that the end times has brought us.

That about wraps it up for me.  Has anyone else given the Undead Legion a try?  How did it work for you?  If any of you fantasy guys are looking to play, we are trying to meet on Saturday’s at Critical Hit Games.  Until next time readers, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.



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