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Howdy everyone.  It is I, the long lost Severus!  I am sure you are all wondering where I have been (my ego is pretty big).  Well the answer is not as fancy as you would expect.  I got burned out.  I was writing 3-4 articles a week for several months.  That sounds all easy and good, until you run out of material.

I flat out had nothing left to talk about.  I could also tell that may quality was dropping.  Reader response was WAY down.  There were not nearly as many views or comments anymore.  Honestly, that is the only way I can judge if what I am doing is having any meaningful impact.   Anyway, forcing myself to keep putting out three to four articles a week was starting to feel a lot more like a job and less like fun ramblings.  So I hung it up.  Now I am back.  I think from here on out, I will try to keep the quality up over quantity.  Expect less frequent post, but more within each.

It feels like I have been away for a while, but it has been only about 3 weeks.  Well, a lot has happened in our gaming world, so time for this wander to give his report!

Grey knights!  They happened.  Not sure how good or bad the new book was for them.  Never played as them.  Seems that it is purely grey knights.  The biggest gripe I have heard is the loss of psybolt ammo.  On the plus side, Draigo is still awesome and dreadknights got way cheaper.  Yay, more monstrous creature spam…

Fantasy!  End Times!  Nagash!  Booga Booga Booga!  The new fantasy supplement/campaign/army/9th ed preview dropped.  I picked up the books this last weekend and I got to say, it’s got my fantasy bug going again.  I think this is the spark I need to re-light those fires.  I still haven’t made any new connections to the local fantasy scene.  Guess I will dust of the former vampire counts and see if I can get someone to take on the new undead legion.

Game wise I have pretty much done a little of everything.  Prior to our tournament, I brewed up another attempt at a competitive ork list.  I played it against the Primarch’s ultramarines (now with shiny new grey knight allies).  Despite literally the best first two turns I could have asked for, I lost miserably.  I finished up my flash gitz, but I promptly shelved the orks for the time being.  I will have to come back to them with a fresh mind later.  And maybe some more money to invest in those damn mek gunz and mega nobz.

Yes I know I need to use a decent camera and lighting...

Yes I know I need to use a decent camera and lighting…

Shorereaper and I got our first official game of Horus Heresy in.  To sum up the experience, the devil is in the details in that game.  There are so many different little rule changes with each unit, army, wargear, weapons, ect.  It ends up giving the game a completely different feel.  Fury of the legion is huge for tactical squads.  I finally felt like bolters could truly conqueror the galaxy!  There is much more 30k in the works for us, but more forgeworld models must be acquired.  Proxying just feels weird now.

Last, but certainly not least, I have begun work on an Imperial Knight.  Randomly one day I was reading through some of there fluff when a single paragraph caught my attention.  It talked about a freeblade knight, named Justice, that worked with the Iron Hands.  Apparently he showed up in a battle against traitor forces and killed 7 enemy knights.  Since then he has continued to work with the Iron Hands, but information about his past is tightly guarded by the marines.

It was perfect.  Enough fluff for me to spring board off of.  There were no mentions of colors, heraldry, or history prior to the event.  So I could sort of fill in all the blanks how I saw fit.  Shortly thereafter, I had a knight in my possession.

Assembly was easy.  I love to assemble models.  Like seriously.  If someone worked out a deal where I could make a living building models, I may very well take that offer.  Anyway.  I magnetized the gun options (because magnets bitch!).  Took a little inventive work, but it got done.  I may have to increase the range of magnets I have at my disposal though if I try to do it again.  Mine feel a little weak for the job.

On to paint.  I decided I wanted to keep black and silver as part of the color scheme so he fit in with my Iron Hands.  I needed him to stand out though.  I ended up splitting most of his armor plates half black and half blue.  Throw some bronze and gold on the silver body and trim it all in silver.  Pretty quick and simple to accomplish with some dry brushing and an airbrush.

Pre-decal application

Pre-decal application

Now onto heraldry.  This is where his story starts to take shape.  The kit came with some pretty decals, so I could not pass up using them.  I decided to make one shoulder mechanicum symbols.  Likely, he started out as a knight from a mechanicum house who was attached to the Iron Hands.  Eventually he left his house becoming a freeblade.  Have not worked out why yet.

Anyway, to represent his new allegiance, I put a few Iron Hands symbols on him.  Nothing to giant or eye catching.  There is fluff from other knights stating that they will put a chapters symbol on there knight as a sign of respect after a notable battle.  With that in mind, I decided to use his shield.  I put a hand on it and 7 kill marks to represent the 7 knights he killed.  I also put a small clan sorgol symbol on him to help tie him into the rest of the force.

And that is about where I stopped.  I want to do some unique heraldry on his other shoulder and legs.  Problem is, I would need to free hand it.  Not good enough to do that well, yet.  So, Justice will wait at this stage for a bit.  In the mean time I am working on my Iron Hands.  Got a game in with him though.  Honestly, he whiffed pretty hard.  Out of three rounds of firing his rapid fire battle cannon, he only hit something twice (aka, 4 large blasts drifted off into space).  Then in close combat he proceeded to roll a boat load of 1’s for his D weapon effects and stomp effects.  We shall not judge him from this one outing though.

So, this is where I leave you.  I will try to keep more of a presence on the blog.  I don’t want to commit to a specific number of articles per week or anything like that.  I fear it will lead to burn out.  So I will just write when the mood is right and I have something I think is worth saying.  Until then readers, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.


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