Weekend in Review

So, it’s been a while since I have posted a weekend in review. Actually, I have to admit that our postings have been extremely limited as of late. Severus has been burnt out, Augustus has been extremely busy with actual work, and I just have had a terrible case of writer’s block. That being said, I got three games in this weekend and had some success.

The first game was a game of my Tyranids taking on some Blood Angels. The game was a kill-points game, a scenario I seem to be having to deal with a lot lately. And while the game was surprisingly close, I did pull out the win. I’ve said it before, but the Blood Angels need a new codex. I also find that the BAs do very well in maelstrom games, at least against me. Their ability to scout forward gives them an advantage. Now while my Genestealers can infiltrate, sometimes right on top of objectives, they sometimes don’t even survive long enough to finish a turn on an objective.

The second game I played was against Severus and his Iron Hand (with a special appearance by Justice, his Imperial Knight). I decided that I needed a short break from playing the Tyranids, so I broke out the Carcharodons. I am not afraid to admit that I was terrified of Justice. In fact, part of my strategy was to…. tactically retreat away from it. Well, that strategy didn’t work so well as I disabled my own land raider. By the end of the game Tyberos had to go head to head with Justice. Tyberos and his squad of Terminators held up against Justice, and by the end of the game actually killed it. That, and my super captain on a bike, allowed me to just get a draw. The captain, with the teeth of terra and artificer armour, just chewed through Severus’s troops and got me first blood.

The final game I played was my Tyranids against some Daemons of Chaos. The game was Big Guns and it was a stressful game. I managed to get first blood, line breaker, and two of the three objectives. I was actually worried facing the Daemons, having never really played them in seventh edition. The Dimachaeron and the Swarmlord were tied up in combat with two Soul Grinders for most of the game. Neither side seemed to be able to do anything there. And with my Tervigon sitting on one objective, and a Flying Hive Tyrant taking another one, the final game was mine.

So, with two wins and a tie, plus my NFL team (as if it was really mine) pulling out a win, I would say this was a good weekend.

3 thoughts on “Weekend in Review

  1. Love these reports. I totally understand writer’s block and work getting in the way. Just wanted to encourage you to press through and keep it up. I’ve only been following your blog since the summer but I really enjoy your batreps and reviews of units and whatnot. Any luck with building a better Ork list lately?

    • Honestly Jay, the orks are getting shelved for the time being. I can build fun ork lists with my collection. If I wanted to build a tough ork list, I would need to invest heavily in the mek gunz and mega nobz. I have some list ideas, but it revolves around 5 mek guns and 5 mega nobz. My hobby budget is not going to handle that right now. I have the Iron Hands bug, so I am working on them currently.

      • I hear you. I had some great fun using a Mek Gun kit and a Trukk kit and bashing out four mek guns for… cheaper than buying four mek guns kits, but it still adds up. I’m going the same route and have started working towards the Bully Boyz formation. I proxies against a pretty beefy Tyranid list and cleaned house. Best of luck with the IH, and thanks for the reply!

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